meep shot

Mini update:

Sorrynotsorry for the spam. Got bored. Lol

Its Monday. Breakfast was ¼ a Grapefruit and 2 egg and cheese wraps. Im bloated so time to chill out on the salty food. Hate feeling like this. Just blah. It’s like gravity just increased. Umm wait.. that’s just weight force and physics.. i can feel gravity… Woooowwww… sips Coffee… mind fucked… Lol back to clean eating for a few days. No biggie. Its easy at this point. Ummm…

Round 3 of Coffee in hand. Time for work. New job search continues, per the norm. Very lovely and cool outside with a small breeze. Very spoopy. I love this kind of weather.

My daughter made Dark Chocolate Truffles and zucchini bread on Saturday and gave me only 2 truffles and 1 slice of bread yesterday at the shelter for a surprise visit lol. Diet life. Ugh. But she’s getting very good at baking. So proud of her.

Anyways… Not gonna bore y'all..

be saucy and peachy today! 💖✌️