So Zuko either has to decide to grab a snack from the fridge or wait longer, because Meelo’s busy making something with the kid oven for himself. And I’m thinking, “Hey, since we know Meelo grows more hair, maybe I’ll change his haircut so I can tell him apart from Rohan.” And then I look in the background and realize:

This is Rohan.

So nevermind for now.

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I loved Wei and Wing's pj's too! Frankly, all the sleep attire in this show is awesome. The airbabies and their pj's in the fourth season (in Zaofu, the place of pj's, apparently) was very cute and we also got a nice, beautiful shot of tired-and-grumpy-Huan. And the bending bro's in nothing but boxers and tee's is never not a welcomed sight in my book. Hehe. Korra's sweatpants and Asami's luxurious looks were very welcomed, too.

Huan’s glorious tropical bird plumage bedhead and his bare feet is one of my favorite things about the entire series. (Also, I did not fail to note that he apparently does not sleep with a shirt on. Righty-o, Huan. Righty-o.)

Oh, when Meelo is in his sleeper jams, crawling over his sleeping parents (including his pregnant mother) to answer the phone early in the morning in Book One? I FELT THAT TO MY CORE.

I loved Meelo and Ikki in their jammies in Book 4. I had this image of Pema carefully packing them into bags as they were off to find Korra. Because, you know, the kids would need their jams when sleeping rough who knows where, right? God. Such a Mom thing to do. I feel that one, too.

I loved the touch of Mako’s shorts having vertical stripes and Bolin’s being horizontal. Such a little thing, but so expressive of their personalities. Mako being conventional; Bolin, not so much.

The Legend of Jammies, obviously.

There are little poofs running around the yard, tripping over themselves and yipping. And kids giggling and talking. The Irosami house is so quiet and still and this one is so busy, like kudos to Lin for trying to find sanity in it:

Why did she even move in here? It’s an awful match for her. I guess that’s why Zuko’s heading upstairs to… do homework??

But naaa, Runi’s gonna stop that nonsense and intercept him with talk about comics.

Baby’s turning into a nerd, I’m so proud. :,)

So Tenzin is legitimately super helpful and lets Ryu nap on his shoulder while his parents are occupied. I love it when things just works out smooth on its own, it’s great.

Mean while, Aruna and Atka take turns socializing with Rohan, who’s busy thinking of how nice his clean clothes are.

And theeeen once Korra returns to earth, I get her to phone up a babysitter, because it’s TIME FOR A PARTY!


Korra and Runi head to the backyard to play, but riiiight as they’re about to start, Korra calls it off to head around front because Tenzin, Meelo and Rohan have arrived (and Rohan’s long hair is gone awww I thought that was funny).

On the one hand, it’s crappy timing because they were about to have some Mother-Daughter pigskin bonding and missing out on that is sad. But on the other hand, the timing is perfect, because Korra’s been wanting to do this all morning:

And now Tenzin’s HERE!

Unfortunately, I try to make Korra start a pillow fight, and she ended up sort of staring at her mailbox until the wish disappeared.

(Clenches fist.) Next time…