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I was tagged by @lenariggisand probably others but i always forget to do these

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 you’d like to get to know better.

Name: jessie
Nickname: jess
Zodiac sign: capricorn
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw (apparently)
Height: five foot three(ish)
Sexual orientation: lesbian. im hecking gay, my dude
Ethnicity: white + inuit
Favourite fruit: blackberries
Favourite season: fall/winter
Favourite book series: grishaverse; the winterkill trilogy; monstress; anything by valente
Favourite fictional character(s): lisa reisert; meela nais; lydia martin; matisa; aila; dwayne hicks; inej ghafa; ect.
Favourite flower: idk man i like em all
Favourite scent: rain before the fall; perfume (i have specifics but there are too many to name); fresh snow; roses
Favourite colour: rose gold + #bf8a9f
Favourite animal: cats i guess
Favourite band: i love lots of music but overall green day has been my favorite since i was a baby so
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
Average hours of sleep: 4-7 hours
Number of blankets: the comforter + 1 quilt in the summer & +3 more blankets in the winter
Dream trip: i dont really have one in mind rn. maybe alaska or northern canada
Last thing I googled: jon bernthal
How many blogs I follow: 203
Number of followers: 274
What I usually post about: hbo war; rwby; star wars; various films/film franchises, lisa resiert (exclusively), ect.
Do I get asks regularly: not really

I tag: @delphinelasalle @fulljetalmacket @psteezy @monstress @aesterea + anyone who wants to do it (just say i tagged you)

sooo i know i did a follow forever last month but this is exclusively a shout-out to my amazing mutuals and friends on here! i love you guys so much!! i hope the world is treating you kindly today and every day  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

NOTE: im like 90% sure i didnt miss anyone but tumblr will never let me not miss someone on these & if ur not on here im so so sorry pls kno that i love u no matter what !

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