Friendship Friday | @valencia_valencia learning to #surf with friends! 🌊🏄🏾 | Sydney, Australia

Her words about their experience & friendship are EVERYTHING: “I’m laying under these white sheets, admiring our view of Sydney’s skyline. How did we end up in Australia? Before we grew up to be the queens that we are today, we were the girls who were neglected and forgotten, how did we make it here? I can answer my own questions. For one, Shelly (@ms1stlady) you have a strength and determination that I have yet to see in any other woman. You challenge yourself to the highest of expectations and nothing less. Meekz (@br00klynbetty) your gift of wisdom and foresight is a blessing to all that you allow the privilege of being in your immediate circle. And you always, always push us to embrace our individuality as leaders. These are the reasons I love you both. These are the very reasons that we are here.” #FriendLove

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Darkness creepin to my head, in the form of nightmares.. you know dark fucked up dreams, make you loose sleep, laying awake in your bed.. I find my self dealing with that at this moment, happens more often than I would like it to but fuck it.. you see the nightmares tripp me out, wake me straight, drippin tears and swet..
The thing that tripps me out, I lay awake, nightmares start to fade away..I find myself alone and deep thoughts start to settle in.. like where the fuck is my fuckin support, someone to wake me least someone to wake up to, feel secure and put my fears to rest, let me know everything will be ok..that it was just night terrors, bad dreams trying to feed off pass the bong and take a hit with me, smoke out all that’s mean, show me some affection, while in relaxation off the weed.. to scratch my head and put me back to sleep while I’m laying on her titts..
-Just saying..