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you know I spotted something this play through, If y'all have noticed this and discussed it already, feel free to ignore;

When Damas is going into the whole “didn’t your father teach you to pick your battles”

Daxter quickly makes the whole “IXNAY” movements with his hands at him over Jak’s shoulder

And then Jak turns away and says in that kind of slightly weak voice “I didn’t know my father…”

Wondering now if maybe Jak grew up with at least a bit of that daddy complex and if it actually really affected him not knowing his real family as a kid(compounded perhaps by the developments in Jak 2??)

I mean if anyone knew about that, it’d be Dax.

And Dax jokes a lot about a lot of things, including the whole Dark Jak thing, and for the most part that works for Jak, but Dax was like “uh uh no don’t say that” because obviously it took some sort of affect on Jak when it was said, unlike a lot of things that roll off him. (Later parts in the game with Daxter being a further protective friend too!)


Meeko and daddy playing. #Raccoon #animalsofvine #wildlife #crazycoon

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ok, so I created another new world today but I found the customization area and got it in my head to turn the water-level way up

So I

I think I might have inadvertently created a simulation of global water levels rising??!


(I mean just look at how close the clouds are to the water! Also the water is HELLA deep and I lost some good wool down there when I killed a swimming sheep.)

All of the animals have evolved to be part Mountain Goat Since all of the land that’s left is basically steep-ass cliffs and stuff.