“they say tell God what you want. I said I want a king…I mean — like a chunk of You inside of a body if that’s not too much to ask.”

—m.t. | (You told me not to settle. this is me not settling.)

socially-misanthropic  asked:

Hi, I just wanted to ask if you or if any of your followers tried installing double ended dreads? I don't want real dreads and locs just take too long and I'm extremely lazy. It just looks like the double ended synth dreads will be easier. I'm rambling, anyway has anyone tried it?

what you’re referring to is the ‘white girl version’ of faux locs. (trigger warning: appropriation )

I strongly do not recommend doing this shit to your hair. not only is it damaging (you literally tie your hair into a knot) but it’s extra as fuck. there are other methods where ppl braid one end of the…”dread” with their hair and let the other end hang down- which is less damaging but still looks a hot mess. if that’s your aesthetic then go for it.

If you’d rather not look like a derelict motherless child, here’s a short list of tutorials on installing faux locs that will give you pretty manicured locs that will not only look better over time, but also save your hair from unnecessary breakage, allow for proper hygiene, and promote growth/length retention (as a protective style should). Each girl listed gives a slightly different technique.

Loc Extensions Tutorial by MELifestyle installed over natural hair (no extensions to create foundation braid)

Faux Locs Tutorial by Maryam Hampton installed over natural braids  (no extension to make foundation braid)

DIY Marley Faux Dreads by Meekfro installed over yarn braids

How To: Faux Loc Extensions by LiveNatruallyLove installed over box braids:

If you need more tutorials: youtube faux locs, yarn locs and loc extensions.

please love yourself and stay away from those double ended whatever they’re supposed to be.