Yes, this is a trend that has taken over! The next time you see someone with dreads (man or woman), you might want to take a second, close look! They could be dread extensions. This is also known as “faux dread locks.”

Mainly, this protective style (styles that give your real hair a rest and protects your hair from the weather) is done with Marley Braid hair or Afro Kinky hair. Your real hair is braid with yarn or cheap braiding hair, and the marley hair is wrapped around to give off the dread effect.

Marley hair comes in all colors, but to make the look believable, you’ll want to choose browns, blondes, blacks, dark browns, etc. You get the picture. Of course, if you are feeling bold, go for the loud, vibrant colors. Try highlights. Mix red hair with blonde, blue with purple, pink with silver, etc.

Now, the cheapest way to achieve this style is by buying a large bundle of acrylic yarn from Wal-Mart for about $2-$3. Use this to braid your hair down and then buy the marley hair to wrap around it. The marley hair total rises fast depending on the amount of packs you buy. Some people purchase 6-11 packs of marley hair to achieve the look, but save money by just using yarn as your braid base. Afro kinky hair can be on the expensive side so try and stay away from buying that.

Start your fall season out with this protective style. Prepare yourself for many compliments and questions. This hairstyle always turns heads and sparks questions/conversations. Remember to hold your head and work this hairdo. Wear a smile with it. Work it!

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- Mykel Trent