*immediately covers* g….g..general yamuriha what are you doing here!?

…well this is awkward!

Quickly rushes to close the door because she had no idea the baths were occupied and she herself is far too embarrassed to utter any proper words “I-I’m so sorry G-General Koumei I didn’t—-I didn’t know…sorry!”


//d e a d

just a sketch lmao i didn’t even bother to lineart omg but it’s almost midnight and my bed is calling meee

i might properly do this later but for now have some shinichi dropping his jaw bec his future wife is so goddamn byootiful

also a reminder: i’m going to be a mermaid on saturday

in a pool

for children

i tried the tail out at the pool yesterday and oh MY GODddDddd it’s awkward but fun and my dolphin kick is hella basic oops. But I also tried out my waterproof makeup and it was a success! No scary running mascara for meee

I’ll try to get some pictures of the whole thing at some point! Gonna finish up my additional props tonight. FANCY SHELL HEADBAND / BELT / NECKLACE