hey college freshmen!

HerCampus is an amazing website specifically designed and written for college girls, though of course anyone can use it. I recommend following them on Facebook and/or Twitter, because they’ve got a lot of useful content.

They have a lot of style & beauty articles, but a lot of their content is focused on making the most of college: studying advice, dorm decor, internship advice, where to get student discounts, etc. 

They also have a lot of funny, relatable posts similar to Buzzfeed that are a good stress reliever to read. They also have articles that discuss social and political issues of everyday life: how the gender pay gap affects women of color, the social stigmas involved in being an out bisexual woman, and why Instagram is banning hashtags like #curvy and #goddess.

Even better, the articles are written by actual college students who are HerCampus representatives at their universities. There are sections dedicated to health and fitness, to love and relationships, to careers and internships, and to LGBTQ+ related topics, and their #feminism tag is a+.

It’s a good read, and at some point during your first year, you will probably end up there looking for advice or whatnot, so go ahead and start now!


Yay, happy ace visibility day! I’m an asexual panromantic  ♥

I didn’t quite understand what I identified as for a long time. I established late into my teens that gender never bothered me, but I never quite grasped sexuality. But one day I read around about asexuality, I no longer felt alienated, it finally clicked for me. And so the moral of the story here is that visibility matters.