meee meeee

if you don’t have a boyfriend/gf at the moment, please don’t be desperate in trying to get one. this is YOU time. time where you might not be ready to have someone dependent on you, no matter how ready you feel. time to make you a better person. time to find your priorities and learn how to keep them. time to create standards, instead of accepting any guy/girl that might find interest in you. time to learn to be content with yourself, instead of finding self worth in your significant other. believe me, when you are fully ready, (s)he will come. and the timing will be perfect.

I K E B U K U R O • D A T E 

Sentence starter meme

based off of shit i’ve said (gaming or otherwise)

•  ❝ GoodBYE ______ . Good FUCKING *bye*– ❞
•  ❝ You’re a BITCH of a queen! ❞
•  ❝ OH G–od… …*Beautimus.* ❞
•  ❝ Fuckin’–  fiiiiIIIIIINAlly. ❞
•  ❝ naaAAAASty. ❞
•  ❝ Why can’t I charge?? ❞
•  ❝ nnoooOO– YOU made me *dizzy!* ❞
•  ❝ WOW. I *ram* him and *I* get hurt ? WHAT. THE F U C K ? ❞
•  ❝ REST IN FUCKING PEACE, ______ .
•  ❝ I have to learn what this beast’s tactics are… ❞
•  ❝ There’s an egg down here… ❞
•  ❝ Helloooo… ______ ? ❞
•  ❝ YOU– can die. :) ❞
•  ❝ Hoooold on, *I* got it.. ❞
•  ❝ aaaAAW, don’t *TELL* ME– ❞
•  *in a cuddly cute persuasive tone*  ❝ LOOOK AT HIIIIMMM~ ❞

Gryffindor Boy Dorms
  • Dean: Is this the real life?
  • Ron: Or is this just fantasy?
  • Neville: Caught in a landslide
  • Harry: No escape from reality
  • Seamus: Open your eyes, look up to the skies and seeeeee
  • Harry: I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.
  • Everyone else: because I'm easy come, easy go. Little high little low
  • Harry: Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to meeee, to meee
  • *every burst into song*
maizawa for your (my) soul

• He doesn’t know when it started, but Aizawa keeps finding himself staring at Hizashi’s hair. In class, they sit next to each other but Hizashi likes looking out the window so Aizawa has all the time he wants to stare at his impossibly blond hair without being caught. When they spend time together, it’s usually Hizashi who does the talk and he answers every now and then, agreeing or shooting sarcastic comments, so he doesn’t quite find the right way and moment to ask Hizashi what his hair routine is. He’s genuinely curious about how much time he spends on them every morning, but knows for sure he’s not going to ask.
• One day, they stay at school after class to catch up with few assignments (Hizashi helping Aizawa with his terrible English and Aizawa /trying/ to explain maths to Hizashi) and, out of nowhere, after asking a question and leaning closer to him to listen, Hizashi kisses him on the lips. They barely touch, but Aizawa finds himself kissing back without a second thought and since he knows Hizashi’s going to freak out, he puts a hand on the back of the other’s neck to prevent him from pulling apart. That’s when it hits him: right then and there he can touch Hizashi’s hair. And if he’s right about where this is going, he’ll be able to do it as much as he wants.
• According to plan, Hizashi starts to freak out the moment they pull away. “W-w-what was that?” “You’re asking me? It was you.” “BUT YOU KISSED ME BACK, SHOUTA IS THIS A DREAM” “No, it’s not. We wouldn’t be in front of maths homework if it were… now calm down.” “How can you be so calm we just kissed!!!!!!” That’s a good point, actually. The thought makes Aizawa realize he’s not calm at all… he’s literally shaking but is pretty good at hiding his state. “Wait…” And Aizawa dreads what’s going to come out of Hizashi’s mouth. “What does this mean? I mean… I–” “Why did you do it?” “Why– uh… that’s ‘cause y'know…” “No, I don’t.” “Aw c'mon Shouta!” “Say it.” “OKAY FINE IT’S BECAUSE I LIKE YOU BUT I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO FUCK THIS UP Y'KNOW AND I TOLD MYSELF TO SUPPRESS IT CAUSE IT WAS GOING TO RUIN OUR FRIENDSHIP BUT APPARENTLY I HAVE ZERO FUCKING CONTROL OVER MYSELF SWEET LORD WHAT IS WRONG WITH M-” “Hizashi.” “WHAT” “I kissed you back.” “…yeah I know, I kinda feel like I’m not going to forget that anytime soon” “Looks like you’re forgetting it now.” “What-” “I think I like you too.” “…” “Hizashi?” “…you think?” “Look I didn’t even think about it until you kissed me but since we already agreed on the fact I kissed you back without a second thought, I’m assuming I like you too.” “…Shoutaaaa” “What no stay away from me” “But we kissed we like each other lemme hug you” “No, go away I swear I’m going to punch you.” “NO YOU WON’T CAUSE YOU LIKE MEEE~ SHOUTA LIKES MEEEE MEEEEE THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!” And Aizawa almost (almost) regrets it, right then and there but he’s pretty sure he can deal with whatever this is if the other’s with him.
• Oh and one day, sooner or later, he doesn’t know (or even care), he’s going to ask “HIS BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!” about his hair routine.
• “Ah, just so you know, what happened made me forget everything I thought I was getting about those maths problems.” “Whatever, just fail, you idiot.” “Ehhh don’t be so meeeean!”