OMG I am so old. SO OLD. Guys, I have to preface this by saying I am sincerely still as cute as the proverbial button, because otherwise you guys will think I am so old that I might crumble into dust before your eyes, but–GUYS. 

I have been cleaning out my file cabinets this weekend, and I found an envelope of fanfiction awards that I won in the 1990s back in the days when if you didn’t show up at the con THEY MAILED YOU THE PAPER CERTIFICATE. PAPER. CERTIFICATE. TO YOUR HOUSE. I have like a whole bunch of these! –Huggys, Z-con awards, etc. Young ‘uns, this is how we did it 15 years ago or whatever–note that I am the winner above in several “on line” categories because of course there were awards just for zine fic, right? right. down there.  Why I don’t have these up I don’t know!  (Come on, that wolf/panther ship was fierce!)

Also I seem to have a signed copy of the script of The Sentinel’s final episode–where did I get that? 


Happy 92nd Month, dee @mhykeangelgo! Super thank you for everything that you have done for me and for our Colo and Mica. You’re everything I ever I wanted and I thank God for answering all my prayers through you. We might be having hard times, but you never failed to encourage me and be strong for us. Thank you for always supporting me. You are my strength, my wish, my love, and my life. Happy 92nd! ILYSM! ❤️❤️❤️ #lovelovelove #Fabulously30 #Turning30 #9DaysTo30 #JustLoveNoRegrets #LoveAlvi #MeeDee #asian #pinoy #couple #asiancouple #pinoycouple #asiangaycouple #gaycouple #partners #boyfriend #love #happiness

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Marnet, Mamethyst, and Mearl, and Meven! Meridot, Mapis, Masper, Mellow Diamond, Monyx, Mreg, Mose, Mismuth, Mion, Marnelian, Meedee, Mardonyx, Mugilite, Malexandrite, Muby, Mapphire, Mard, Magate, Mentipeetle, Matermelon Mourmaline, Mtevonnie, Malachite--wait

wHAT ?

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that was annoying lmao - mod garnet