meeah is the best troll

Fluffy bebe Meenah X3

Been working on this girl off and on, a little every day for a spell. Isn’t she just precious? X3333 I attempted to “fake quilt” the tail (based upon a design from the wonderful asktheHeiress blog) and well that was a nightmare, but I managed it eventually! XD;; And I realized too late I made her horns too big…but you know what Meenah is epic at any age/size and should look it with epic horns XDD

Made from some raspberry colored material, gray flannel, black fleece, black yarn, and felt in various colors. She’s about 20-22 inches long, and dwarfs my green wriggler “Grudbity” quite a bit ^^; But she is so cuddly and fluffy ^^ I just luvs her. X3