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You say sometimes that when your URL is pronounced wrong it means "spicy" but when you said that you didn't say what the pronunciation that does that is and what the right one is. I'm wondering because it occurred to me I might be getting it wrong when I read it.

  omg i never thought i’d get an ask about this….this is cute…

OKAY so in Arabic we have a lot of words where if you use the wrong accent or put emphasis on the wrong part of the word, you’re saying a totally different word. My URL is one such word, in Egyptian Arabic in the very least ( bc u never know what words other countries are using and it varies from country to country ). ‘hameya’, when pronounced like hah-may-yeh means protection, such as what a shield would provide.

Now, when you pronounce it slightly faster with a different ‘e’ sound, like ha-mee-ya ( or ham-yeh/ha-mi-yeh, really ), it means spicy. 

so, hameya = protection, hamiya = spicy.

the only reason I thought it was funny was because way back when i started this blog, a lot of pharah blogs had ‘spicy’ on their blog instead of ‘protection’. obviously, it’s just a mistranslation from google, and i wouldn’t hold that against anyone, but it was still something that always made me laugh, especially since my url was that very word. i joke a lot about how pharah is the spiciest character in overwatch.

Kadang kita merasa tertekan karena suatu masalah, mungkin bukan karena kita nggak tau jawabannya. Sebenernya bisa saja kita sudah tau jawabannya, tapi nggak mau nerima apalagi mengakui. Gitu nggak ya?
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He nodded and chuckled softly at her comment, “I’m Ronin, i’s a pleasure ta mee’ ya Kaira.”

“’E was kind of shy ya know, ‘ad ta go slow or I woulda scared ‘im off I think. Bu’ fer the mos’ par’ things seemed ta be goin fine and I star’ed ta open up ta ‘im. Star’ed ta share bi’s of myself.” He stopped for a moment to breathe, “I thoug’… I though’ maybe I’d finally found someone who would stay. I loved ‘im. Shi’ I still love ‘im, no’ sure I could feel any other way. Even now.”

“Sounds like you found someone who isn’t quite sure of themselves yet,” Kaira consoled, reaching out to pat Ronin’s shoulder, “Probably has some conservative family. Shame that people still raise their kids to believe anything besides being heterosexual is wrong. Have you tried to talk to him since?”

She cringed at the thought. Her own parents probably would not have approved of the people she’d laid with. She’d never let her kids feel like that.