These are just stupid.

(From Hypebeast): “Amongst Henrik Vibskov’s “On the Beach” collection for Spanish brand Medwins are these unique and somewhat outlandish sunglasses. While the frame is a relatively basic rounded tortoise shape, the sunglasses feature oblong shaped clip-on lenses, creating a distinct and playful look. Having said that, quality is not lacking as the frames are horn-rimmed while the lenses are scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The Henrik Vibskov Medwinds “On the Beach” sunglasses are currently available from the Medwindsonline store for £180 GBP (approximately $280 USD).”

Richard Pinhas — Chronolyse (Cuneiform)

More than 35 years after it was first released, Richard Pinhas’ fascinating 1978 album receives the fancy vinyl treatment from Cuneiform. There is no one better to take on the project; the label has been doing right by the French guitarist, sound sculptor and composer since the early 1990s, this being one of the first albums they reintroduced to the catalog.

In 1976, when these wildly varied tracks were recorded, Pinhas was deeply involved with Heldon, the French techno-progsters that had been active for the previous two years. Ever restless, incorporating elements of literature and philosophy into his work, Pinhas conceived the idea to record a tribute to Dune, the first book having been published in 1965. The combination of electronic elements, especially on the suite of pieces comprising Side One, still sounds remarkably fresh, especially the layered rhythms. While the melodies and resonance sweeps might show their age, the spare and paper-thin percussives stand apart from anything that was going on in electronic music at that time, save for the early industrialists.  

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anonymous asked:

Violet-blood female, 9 sweeps old, 5'8". Owns a small business struggling to make a profit. She is an extrovert, but doesn't have many friends, so she'll stick to your troll like glue if she likes them. Tries to be the optimist in any given situation. Since she doesn't get out much, her ideal date idea would be to just go out and see what the world has to offer, maybe have a picnic in a scenic location. All quads are open, though she is hesitant about getting into any.

Prompt: Describe your troll on anon, and I’ll tell you if any of mine would date them!

Maybe in a pale or just platonic friend sort of way she’d get along with Pearla… Pearla could really use some friends, and a friend who sticks to her like glue that way would be appreciated since she has very low self esteem…

I could also see something cute-ish if she met Medwin… A quad might not work, with how he’s introvert and a wanderer who never stays in one place for very long. But if you want someone who shows her the outside world more, he’s the go-to-guy…

And since she’s a seadweller… Maybe Qualle and her could make for interesting interaction… IT’S A BIT OF A STRETCH because they might not have super much in common.. Save for being lonely extroverts. He’s constantly out on the open sea, swimming (often to escape his lusus) and would have plenty of places to show her… As well as humor her with pictures of various funny looking fish he sees when he’s out and about in the sea.

Jon Rose/Veryan Weston/Hannah Marshall — Tuning Out (Emanem)

In 2014, a ten-day tour of churches in England, undertaken by violinist Jon Rose, keyboardist Veryan Weston and cellist Hanna Marshall, produced this double-disc on which five locations are represented.  Each church boasted a tracker organ, and once you’ve heard that pluckily fractious sonority, it’s not easily forgettable.  Weston’s brief contribution to the notes details how the instrument’s stops can be manipulated on the fly to create radically disparate and often subtle shifts in temperament, a perfect environment for this trio’s brand of deep whimsy.

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MTGO Weekly Events Update

Alli Medwin of Magic R&D wrote “The Costs of Costs” today, talking about the implementation of Oath of the Gatewatch on Magic Online, which is going live with the build in today’s downtime!

Also, the banned list changes to Modern, Pauper, and Commander will take effect with today’s downtime, and Oath of the Gatewatch will be legal in constructed. (Nobody can get cards until prereleases, but once opened, they can be used right away!) On the February 3 downtime, constructed prizes will include a mix of Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch

Here are the upcoming events this week:

Also, on Friday, don’t forget to tune in to the Streamer Showdown! Follow your favorite streamers as they battle each other in the prerelease sealed format:

Friday at 1pm Pacific Pod:

Friday at 6pm Pacific Pod:

Have fun playing in prereleases this weekend, as well watching the Streamer Showdown! Additionally, I am traveling up to Grand Prix Vancouver this weekend, so if you’re also there, be sure to say hello.

- Lee

anonymous asked:

Redblood female, 5'1" 10 sweeps old. Likes parkour, freerunning, partying and dancing. Has a big sweet tooth and likes to make candy. Also got a big thing for body mods. For a date, she'd bring you along parkouring (if you can keep up) and/or sit on a roof top with you and just chill together. Alternatively, go clubbing! (If it's a pitch date, there'll be lots of teasing and shoving).

Prompt: Describe your troll on anon, and I’ll tell you if any of mine would date them!

Idk, something’s telling me that Medwin would enjoy the company of this lady somehow… <v<

Conlan would dig her too honestly, he’s into most of the same things, although he doesn’t have any body mods himself save for in the ears. He used to go clubbing much more before her went anon-blood, but might still dig it if it’s a lowblood-place somewhere. However… He’s still a bit stuck on his dead ex… So that could be a bit of a problem.

I think Arella and her… Would both get along and not get along like… They could go parkouring together np, but Arella can be a bit serious, kind of a no-fun-allowed type person and I feel like they’d butt heads a lot over that which could be a fun dynamic… Whether it means she get Arella to relax a bit to have fun, or just drive her insane.