Look, I am not saying I shot the fucking meteor out of the sky. All I am saying is that I just happened to be hunting in Siberia when the meteor entered Russian airspace. And that I shot the fucking meteor out of the sky.

“Now, who you sit with here in the Russian Federation is crucial, because you’ve got everybody there.

You got your underage-looking tech nerds,


socially awkward diplomats,

External image

batshit oligarchs,

External image

Chechen douchebags,

cool Chechens,

chess nerd economists,

politically unfriendly hotties,

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annoying opposition people on LiveJournal,

annoying opposition people in jail,

desperate wannabes,

creepy church guys,

External image

Sexually active performance artists, 

the greatest people you will ever meet,

and the worst.”

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I have finally added a Facebook ‘like’ button to my Tumblr page, so you had better click the fucking like button or I will have you breaking rocks in goddamn Siberia before the day is out.

I hope you have been good little boys and girls this year. Oh, you have been good, have you? That is not what my informants have been telling me! Ahahaha, I am just kidding. I like to kid. Best wishes for a happy holidays. Love, The Boss.

In light of the recent global outrage over Russian anti-gay laws, I have had my personal and working relationship with long-time partner Dmitry Medvedev called in to question. So, for the record, I must insist that we are strictly bros. And any affection displayed, or shared, between us are only the manliest portrayals of Russian bro-love.  #loveUdima