meduse jellyfish

‘Jelly Fish’ Stage 4
Acyrlic Collage and Sand on Canvas.
Underwater series

'Meduse’ étape 4
Acrylique, Collage avec du Papier de Soie, et Sable, sur Toile.
Série Sousmarine

Yvonne Rémond Murphy

I am spending more time than I expected on this painting. Acrylic, paper, acrylic, paper….
I may still need a last touch of acrylic tonight, to create more of a feeling of movement.
I already tore off some of the paper stripes, as the lines were too strong.
I am also rethinking the background. Usually I never use really dark colours, however it does offset the shimmery effects of the jellyfish.

The perfect human falls as the animal ctenophore ascends. The brightest thing in the world is a jellyfish, a meduse, a mutating animal (rather than a “single arbitrary form”—or Kant’s unchanging animal shape). Laruelle’s philo-fictional poisson-eau, the fish that is both immanent in and transcendent to water, serves the same transfigurative role. But note that Barbellion’s brightest thing in the world, a ctenophore, is a very special jellyfish, being bioluminescent: it is a deep-sea creature that invents its own light within the darkest place in the world. It does not reflect the light of the sun but generates light immanently within its black universe (which is aptly named the “Midnight Zone” by marine biologists).

JoM, Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy