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Hi I'm a big fan of your blog can you please do the alignment chart with the CW Supergirl characters and explain why prease maybe this is done already but i need your analytical opinion.

First, thank you!! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. Second, sorry this took so long! But as I explained last week – it required time, and thinky thoughts. So onto the ‘why’ with all of these.

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Keto / Mother of Medusa: 

were you ashamed of your mortal daughter?

/ when she was living

in the utmost place: beyond the night 

/ did you look upon her face?

i wonder,

if you heard about her violation: in the temple

/ & rightly blamed Poseidon for her fate

did you go to her then?

try: to defend her 

/ from Athena’s sightless rage

were you able to take one last look upon her face?

maybe you were there

/ weeping over what was left of her

were witness 

to the birth of Pegasus

/ & the one with the golden sword

born of her blood: your blood

even in death defeating kings–

i must apologise for my examination

us mortal humans are prone: to blame

/ the mother

you, who gave her wings

& brazen claws

who are we: to question

/ the goddesses of the sea

you, who also suffer death & the plundering of men

even your mighty life bearing bodies:  & invincible heads

/ have been used as weapons 

by the gods of men

i think of you: now, as a mother 

myself / a mortal daughter also mistreated

/ & hope that you were able

to look: lovingly upon her face

Karamel "It's okay"

4 times Mon-El has said “it’s okay” to Kara in season 2.

2x08 ‘Medusa’: “Your Earth mother, Eliza, she thinks I’m dying. I might not have your hearing, but mine is pretty good.” “She’s gonna find a cure.” “It’s okay.”

Supergirl 2x10 ‘We can be heroes’: “I’m not here to change your mind. I get that you don’t care about me.” “I do care about you.” “But not in the same way. That’s… That’s good, that’s fine. It’s okay.”

Supergirl 2x17 ‘Distant sun’: “I’ll go back to Daxam, I’ll be your Prince. All of it. Just stop hurting her.” “I have your word? No tricks? No resistance?” “You have my word. I’m so sorry, Kara. This is the only way. As long as you’re safe.” “Don’t go, Mon-El!” “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Supergirl 2x22 ‘Nevertheless, she persisted’: “I’m gonna get you somewhere safe. I’m gonna take you somewhere safe.” “It’s okay.”

In every one of these moments Mon-El is trying to comfort Kara about something bad happening to him because of something connected to her. It’s sweet. It hurts. It never was okay.

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Operation Honeymoon Part 1

Summary:  It’s been three months since Emma and Killian wed. Three months of peace and quiet. But Emma is still too on edge to leave town, even for a honeymoon. So Killian enlists the help of family and friends to convince her to see the world with him. What ensues is their adventures in traveling the world in an epic honeymoon getaway.

(“Emma,” he began. “These three months of marriage to you have been the most amazing of my life. We have had some of our quietest and best moments together, but I know you’re restless.”  … How had he known? Of course, he knew, he always knows…)

Read on Ao3 or under the cut. Rated M for later chapters.

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