medusa's mother

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Keto / Mother of Medusa: 

were you ashamed of your mortal daughter?

/ when she was living

in the utmost place: beyond the night 

/ did you look upon her face?

i wonder,

if you heard about her violation: in the temple

/ & rightly blamed Poseidon for her fate

did you go to her then?

try: to defend her 

/ from Athena’s sightless rage

were you able to take one last look upon her face?

maybe you were there

/ weeping over what was left of her

were witness 

to the birth of Pegasus

/ & the one with the golden sword

born of her blood: your blood

even in death defeating kings–

i must apologise for my examination

us mortal humans are prone: to blame

/ the mother

you, who gave her wings

& brazen claws

who are we: to question

/ the goddesses of the sea

you, who also suffer death & the plundering of men

even your mighty life bearing bodies:  & invincible heads

/ have been used as weapons 

by the gods of men

i think of you: now, as a mother 

myself / a mortal daughter also mistreated

/ & hope that you were able

to look: lovingly upon her face

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Could you sort the Disney's villains?

Amos Slade: Gryffindor

Anastasia Tremaine: Gryffindor

Claude Frollo- Slytherin

Cruella de Vil: Ravenclaw

Doctor Facillier- Slytherin

Drizella Tremaine: Hufflepuff

Gaston- Gryffindor 

Governor Ratcliffe- Slytherin

Hades- Gryffindor

Jafar- Slytherin

King Candy/Turbo- Gryffindor

Kronk- Hufflepuff

Lady Tremaine: Slytherin

LeFou- Hufflepuff

Madame Medusa: Slytherin

Maleficient- Ravenclaw

Mother Gothel- Slytherin

Percival McLeach: Gryffindor

Professor Ratigan: Slytherin

Queen of Hearts- Gryffindor

Shan Yu: Slytherin

Scar- Slytherin

Sir Hiss- Hufflepuff

Ursula- Gryffindor

Yzma- Slytherin


For general clarification, here’s a quick synopsis of why characters may have been sorted as they were:


Before anyone freaks out and gets angry that we sorted quite a few villains into Slytherin, please keep this in mind. Slytherin is the house of the ambitious and cunning. A great deal of Disney’s villains are after positions of power or actively hold positions of power. They use these positions to control the lower class people. Most of them use manipulation and their position to achieve their ends. By any means necessary is how they roll.


These are the loud angry types. Most of them are very forceful and violent in how they seek their ends. Most of them seek vengence or romantic ends. They tend to be destructive and don’t always have very well thought out plans.


These villains aren’t usually covered by Disney, as they tend to be behind the scenes types of villains, but the ones Disney has done tend to be the obsessive type. They have some sort of goal, or revenge to seek out that is all consuming. They are very clever in how they go about exacting said revenge/plan.


It isn’t frequent that a lead villain would be a Hufflepuff. Not that a Hufflepuff is incapable of it, but they tend to be hardworking moral people, that usually go about things the kind and legal way. However, Most sidekicks can be defined as Hufflepuffs, as they are the hardworkers behind the main villain. Its completely possible for a Hufflepuff to get fed up with their lot in life and become a villain. A life of hardwork and patience that doesn’t wield desire results could definitely cause them to snap and take down the good guys.

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please elaborate on this medusa as maka's mother headcanon i am intrigued

Oooooooooh boy, let me talk about it, yesss

+Medusa managed to infiltrate Death City without being detected canonically, yes? What if she had decided to do a test run, first?

+We know NOTHING about ‘Kami’. ‘Kami’ isn’t even her name. All we know is that she sends unsigned, blank postcards to Maka from wherever she is in the world. She had no interaction with her daughter, not even so much as a phone call

+Medusa has been shown to take over bodies. She has that ability. It isn’t too much of a stretch to assume that she could have taken over the body of a girl in the DWMA as her first means of infiltrating it as a student. What easier way is there? So if there IS a woman called “Kami” (or whatever her name is), Medusa can take over her body and gain research from the inside out. What would be the point in observing from the outside if she doesn’t have intel from the inside, first? And it makes a LOT of sense that she’d go with Spirit: after all, she wants to make a Kishin, yes? Only weapons can become Kishins, and if she picks a strong weapon soul, Spirit, for example, and makes him a Death Scythe, the offspring would be undoubtedly useful to her plans. After Medusa gets pregnant, still wearing this woman like a meat suit and has Maka, she can observe what Maka does and if her daughter will be a weapon. When Maka does NOT become a weapon and, instead, becomes a Meister, Medusa abandons the idea and because Maka is a variable she cannot control like Crona (because Medusa taught Crona from BIRTH to obey her), Medusa decides to watch her from afar, instead. She sheds the skin of the woman she occupied, either killing her (most likely) or just letting her go free (less likely) and Medusa keeps up the ruse by sending Maka postcards, keeping Maka’s adoration of her mother alive and well.

+Think about it: there are only TWO characters in the series who are INCREDIBLY attached to their mother’s. Maka and Crona. Maka was raised with Spirit, so Medusa doesn’t have FULL reign, but Crona could be the second experiment. Maka has devotion, yes, but Crona is entirely obedient. Medusa learned from her mistakes.

+Outside of the meat suit woman’s body, Medusa can find a different body to occupy, and when she infiltrates the DWMA the second time, she’s unrecognizable, because she’s, technically, a different body. She also has an advantage, because she knows Death City by this point, and the DWMA.

+Spirit gives Maka the ring that purifies madness, a ring he had given Maka’s Mother as a wedding ring. Maka’s Mother gave the ring back after the divorce. Medusa would have absolutely no need for the ring, since she’s trying to amplify madness, but beyond that, Medusa wouldn’t really be affected by madness because she’s already mad.

+Maka inherited Genie Hunter and Medusa could identify it IMMEDIATELY. What if Medusa thought up Genie Hunter? After all, genies are MAGICAL beings, just as Witches are. Medusa, making Spirit a Death Scythe in this meat woman’s body, would ABSOLUTELY think of something that neutralizes madness, in the case that something goes wrong. Genie Hunter would be her backup plan and Medusa does nothing by halves.

+Having been Spirit’s meister prior, she has the chance to know him. So she’d know how to fool him into believing she’s dead when she fights him and Stein under the DWMA. Because you CANNOT tell me that Spirit Albarn, a Death Scythe who ATE a witch’s soul, wouldn’t be able to know if a witch dies wrong. Medusa, who made him the death scythe, could have witnessed HOW a witch dies via weapon-meister duo and planned accordingly. Risky, yes, but she had a higher chance of success if she did this test run prior.

+Appearance wise, it makes…very little sense that Maka has blonde hair and her mother is Japanese, but Spirit has red hair. Now, while I do believe Spirit probably dyes his hair, it could be that some of Medusa’s influence came through and Maka came out blonde, like Medusa. Medusa and Maka both have ashy blonde hair, as opposed to completely golden, like Marie’s.

+ Medusa, Maka, WAKE UP AMERICA

+Idk, it just makes way too much sense to me, and it ties up loose ends about how Maka’s Mother didn’t show up, even to fight on the moon. It makes sense to me that she can’t if she’s Medusa and Medusa is dead at this point. Ditto for the Kishin battle, and when all the shit was going down. Maka’s Mother is a 3 star Meister, divorce or no divorce, she has an obligation to show up when the actual apocalypse is upon everyone. Unless, of course, there’s something more to her. 

The Medusa Mother Earth is the goddess of far-sightedness, running away from home, forgotten lore & dusty attics, times and places unscathed by the brush of history, poisonous plants, and foremost of being alone.

Confession: “Sometimes, I wonder if Medusa is really Crona’s mother. I personally think that this may not be completely true. Thinking for a second, Medusa has the ability to transfer her soul into another being’s body, and then that body starts to resemble her true self but keeps some traits. Maybe she possessed the woman that was already pregnant, or just got pregnant in someone else’s body, making her Crona’s mom only to a certain extent. They look a like only slightly, proving my theory further.”