medusa's mother


Eve says Sorry Father as her teeth
hit the apple skin.
God says: a wrath upon You and Your Sisters.

Persephone is just a little girl who misses her mother.
Medusa’s father threatens to cut her serpents
right through their belly; Medusa cries that they
are the most beautiful thing about her.
Woman says: Look ma, no name!
(Not one they’ll remember, anyway.)
Mother laughs: I pulled that look off a couple
decades before you.

Girl sits at the kitchen table, tries to keep her
hands inside of her hands.
Girl is quiet. Girl is docile.
Girl has blood between her legs right now.
The Church says: blame Aunt Eve for that.
(And an apple appears on the kitchen table.)

Girl hears her Mother is as mean as a snake.
(Girl hears a thousand hisses upon Medusa’s head.)

The Church says worship, down on your knees.
Boy says yeah, Bitch, down on your knees.
Girl screams FIRE until his hands are off her.
(Girl receives a bouquet of violets, signed -P)

Girl spends her life with her name
mispronounced. Girl never corrects.
Girl picks up the apple, calculates
the likelihood of a worm being inside.
Girl looks into the hidden camera,
takes a bite. Girl waits for the world to

(Girl relishes in the fact that only a Girl can make the world implode.)