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D&D in Toronto RIDES AGAIN!!!

My home group in Toronto got back together after a six month or so absence while one of our players was in training. They decided they wanted to play Tomb of Annihilation, which I’m already real stoked on.

Problem is, I haven’t received my copy of the book yet.

So…I wrote a custom 5000+ word adventure based on what information @dndwizards has made available about ToA, Chult, and Port Nyanzaru. Is that overkill? Maybe, but it worked out fantastically.

The adventure was called “The Well of Everlasting Wellness”, and it incorporated a bunch of the plant monsters from the Gardens level of Maze of the Blue Medusa, which fit the themes of Chult perfectly. Essentially, ‘A Merchant Prince’s well of curative fresh water goes dry suddenly, and he has promised others a temporary solution to the death curse which he can no longer deliver on. He’ll pay the PC’s handsomely to solve the problem…which turns out to be…that the well leads to a once-flooded demon temple. Now the demons are back and the temple’s been drained, and the PC’s need to defeat them and re-flood the temple/well’. 

I also used my trash elf Rose Royce and @parisianqueen‘s Prianna Rein as NPC’s who ran an inn for adventurers. Both of them have died and been resurrected before, so both of them have the Death Curse and were eager to help my players out in their quest to find a solution to it.

My players seemed to really like them, which made me very happy.

Medusa’s Maze

OQ Week, Day 3: Lost Together. Missing Year. When Regina and Robin reluctantly team up, the usual snark ensues, but unexpected moments of vulnerability may just shift the dynamics. Trigger warning: mentions of torture. Unedited, mistakes are all mine.

“I don’t suppose you can just magic it away, can you?”

“I’d rather not be buried alive. It was designed to cave in, more magic would only cause another rock slide.”

“Wait—you knew this would happen?” Robin veers in sudden epiphany, clutching his barely salvaged bow while clouds of dust continue to swirl and settle where the entrance used to be, pestering his throat and eyes with incessant scratching and stinging.

“Of course I knew,” Regina scoffs, turning her corset-enlaced, jewel-encrusted back on him, “I could sense the magic from a mile away.”

“And we just walked right into the trap anyway?”

“You were welcome to stay away, thief. I believe I was very clear about that.”

“As you always are, Your Majesty.”

“And yet you never listen.”

“Oh, I’m all ears now,” he assures, following between walls of weathered stone and columns coated in peeling red, like so many open wounds and droplets of blood. “Your plan?”

“Collect the head and find another way out.”

“How very thorough.”

“Don’t thieves ever improvise?”

“Don’t queens ever not act rashly?”

She doesn’t deem that worthy of a reply, other than an offhand: “Make yourself useful and hand me the satchel.”

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Maze of the Blue Medusa Session IV

Boy oh boy this last session was nuts. I’m gonna try and get down everything I remember about it, but there was a lot of “Who’s insane with fear right now?” and “who needs to roll on the death and dismemberment?” so-

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The session started with a few dream sequences because I’m a real sucker for that. I began with the mage Achmed, who had passed out after combat in the last session. He dreamt that he was standing in the middle of the ruins of his home in Baghdad, a writhing mound of snakes emerging from the rubble. When he awoke he felt unsettled, but surging with magical energy. 

I decided that a difference between The Quiet Side, and The Maze (and by extension the world that it exists in) is that while on the quiet side you use magic like you would via the rules for LOTFP and while in the Maze you use a spell dice system because it’s a more magical place.

Next we found out what had happened to Krasnov and Horace. It turns out that while the party was resting, Horace sleepwalked, er, rather sleep-climbed his way down the pit below the rope bridges and sat at the bottom, locked in a feverish dream where he chased after a statue of St. Cuthbert that never got any closer. He then went into hot and cold fits and was visited by the image of a dragon and a giant turtle, each offering him relief from either the heat or the cold. He chose to climb on the back of the turtle and in doing so, was granted the spell Resist Fire and a new strange god he knew almost nothing about.

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Krasnov climbed down after him and snapped him out of his dream, where they noticed the exploded carcass of Gibba Gognatta and assumed they really missed something and climbed back up.

Petra, still passed out and with a busted up collar bone spent a little too much time around the chess pieces and was subjected to some psychic energy, which in turn gave her a dreamlike vision of the Elephant King climbing to the top of a mountain, eventually dying, decomposing and the Reptile Empire growing up around his bones, and then crumbling around him, Leaving nothing but an island covered in jungle and ruins. She was awakened by a new stranger- Windy John, a cleric of the crude god of foul winds, Recticus. He recently had awakened in the maze with little to no memory of his last adventures and stumbled upon Petra. 

The party eventually found each other, healed up (with an extensive ritual in the case of Petra’s collarbone) and found themselves facing off against a pack of Oku, (who are basically a bunch of crazy people in bird masks) who were charismatically dealt with by Krasnov. The party explained that there was a room full of expensive Jade Eyes in the next room and the Oku flapped and danced there way over there to probably meet some unfortunate doom within.

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The party decided to forge on through the white room with the black line and a great deal of fear, horror and violence followed. Horace faced the image of his father and fell to his knees screaming and attempting to attack it, Windy John managed to soothe his fear but then in turn was subjected to his own fears and tore off his armor and weapons screaming for his god to save him, while the fighter Hrothgar attempted to save him and was himself met with the image of a great kraken that sent him searching for his weapon only to pick up Windy John and thrown him across the room. Akhmed smartly spider climbed his was along the walls to avoid the madness and Petra managed to find her along the black lines that traced the image of a set of fine china. 

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The members of the party who managed to make it across decided they better make sure the commotion hadn’t attracted any attention, which it of course had and Akhmed was immediately set upon by the Ambushing Scarab, which dropped him instantly and broke his left arm. Krasnov faced off against the beast while Petra rounded it in a vain attempt to sneak attack it. During this commotion Hrothgar snapped out of his fear when he realized that he was about to murder Windy John and instead dragged him from the room and bravely engaged the Scarab but was in fact pierced through the stomach by its long horn and fell, death setting upon him in 6 turns. Horace attempted to get the Scarab off of Hrothgar but instead managed to get his left arm yanked off by the terrible beast. 

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Krasnov, tired of seeing his friends get their shit wrecked, made what was easily the best move of the night and shoved a firebomb inside the Scarabs mouth, just beating it’s AC with a roll of 18. The Scarab burst apart, raining documents, reviews of art and shitty children’s artwork all over the room. 

The party took a breath and gathered around Hrothgar, hoping some manner of healing was possible, but unfortunately his wound was too severe and he faded from existence. We will miss you Hrothgar. 

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We decided the only proper send off for him was to burn his character sheet.