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Supergirl ‘Medusa’ Sneak Peek


Fairly shaky video to go with the photo of Medusa

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Medusa (NES) appreciation post

In the Kid Icarus series, Medusa was said to be the goddess of darkness, and she ruled the heavens together with the goddess of light, Palutena. Though Palutena adored humanity, Medusa loved nothing more than terrorizing the poor mortals. As punishment for Medusa’s terrible actions, Palutena turned her into a monster and banished her to the underworld. From there, Medusa gathered an army of demonic followers and set forth her plan to overthrow Palutena and conquer the heavens.

Personally, I actually prefer Medusa’s depiction in the original Kid Icarus game over her Uprising design. Though I do like her newer look, I think her original monstrous form is much more appealing and sets her apart from other female villains. And she fits in really well with the likes of Bowser and Ganon!

Though I’m not entirely opposed to it, I’m also getting kinda tired of the media always depicting the Medusa figure as “sexy”.

And yeah, I’m very aware of the fact that in Uprising, Medusa does change into a monstrous form reminiscent of her original Kid Icarus appearance. But she only does so very briefly, and its only her face that changes, leaving her “sexy” body unaltered.

It’s just that, not every female villain has to be “seductive”, ya know?

Though, perhaps in Uprising, underneath her magical illusion, Medusa is just as big and fearsome as she was first depicted. I like my tyrannical goddesses large and in charge, baby! >:D