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Where are you from? Chicago babyy

How old are you? I am 21! i used to be 1-3 years younger than my class, but i failed histology, which set me a year back, but im still the youngest in my class woohoo

Are you an applicant, student or medical professional?  3rd year [supposed to be 4th :’( ] Medical student

When did you decide you wanted to be a medical professional? Honestly, my reason is somewhat similar to charakacomplex, because i can’t imagine myself in any other profession. The exception is art (i actually wanted to be fashion designer for like 5 years but my sewing skills suck ass), however art is extremelyy unstable, and i still wanted to do something science. WHen i was a elementary kid i wanted to be a marine biologist for the longesttt time, but my parents kinda talked me out of it since the pay is not that great. However in senior year much of that changed, since i went to an awesome magnet STEM highschool, and i feel so grateful for having the oppurtunity to do research in a real lab at Emory hospital and volunteer there (i miss senior year it was so cool!) and just being in that upbeat environment of everyone hastily walking around in awesome labcoats discussing things i thought were wayy to complex for me, it made me say damn i want this lol

What did you do before deciding to go to medical school? I went to med school right after high school. (in europe)

What area of medicine are you really interested in? Gaaahhh i truly do not know. All i know is that practically everyoonnneees opinion changes of what they want when they start rotations at clinic. SO im waiting for that. Howeverrr i know i dont want anything surgery because honestly it doesnt appeal to me that much. Plus I dont really like how people consider the surgeons to be the gods of medicine and the most smart and hardest working people in the med field. Other fields needs recognition too! (i mean im not saying that they arent smart, obvi they are geniuses, but i know geniuses who went into fam med, etc because they liked it)

Do you plan to/ Do you/ Did you work through medical school? If so what as? I do not. If i went to med school in america, i probably would be doing research at a lab somewhere as an intern, but in croatia thats extremely rare lol. Like i want to, but there are simply no opportunities. To work in a lab, you must have at least some degree :(

What’s your most rewarding moment working/ studying in health care? I have not experienced too much reward-ment yet :( lol i actually had more rewarding experiences in my senior year of high school than my 4 years in med school 

What’s your most embarrassing moment working/studying in health care? Welll, nothing too bad yet! except the fact that im studying in the croatian language, and my knowledge of croatian language is just plain sad. SO the entire freshmen year, no one could understand anything of what i said, and i couldnt talk to any of the boys i liked because i sound like a retard lol and all of my presentations resulted in a bunch of blank stares and me running to the bathroom to cry :)

(but its better now! i still kinda suck at talking but i have friends! and people can understand what im trying to say! yay)

Whats the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Self Care goes first. Beyond everything else. And also that the pain of studying and the pain of being awkward in front of people is transitory. Once your done with the big test, the pain is gone, and eveyrhting is ok. Those people your trying so hard to impress, or to make them like you, are going to be gone in a few years because everyone goes somewhere different, and youll never even think of them, maybe once in a blue moon, and they probably wont ever think about you. Do your own thing.

What advice would you give others?
hmmm. I would just say the same as the last question. 

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Medical Textbooks (PDF versions)

Hi Everyone!!

I was asked by @dankamphetamemes to share my holy grail textbooks and I did, but I thought I’d do you guys one better. I recommended that you should check them out in PDF versions before you buy them because honestly they’ll burn a hole through your pocket - so I gathered all the books I use and a couple of others for you to check out!! 

Heres a list of books you’ll find in my google drive:

- Robbins and Cotran’s Pathological Basis of Disease

- BRS Pathology

- Lippincott’s Biochemistry

- Lippincott’s Pharmacology

- Physiology by Linda Costanzo

- BRS Physiology

- Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy

- Gray’s Anatomy Flashcards 

- Unfortunately I couldn’t find a PDF version of Medical Microbiology by David Greenwood - Ill keep looking and upload it when I find it

Extra books/flashcards:

- Guyton and Hall Textbook of Physiology

- Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple

- Netters Anatomy Flashcards

- Snells Clinical anatomy by regions

If you happen to face any trouble downloading them or accessing them shoot me a message and let me know

Here’s the link - enjoy!!

More medical resources:



woohoo, all those notes making my brain go mushy was totally worth it. I was so nervous opening up the results, thought I was going to have a heart attack from the stress, but it was all good!! I wish everyone the best of luck with their exams and results!

I just got my results, Y'ALL I PASSED!!! I CAN’T! I was so sure I’d fail at least one subject. I’m so happy!!! All those dark, gloomy days of studying till my eyes hurt didn’t go in vain. I don’t even know my marks. I don’t care. I PASSED FIRST YEAR OF MED SCHOOL.