I usually make my revision notes after reading 2, even 3 times my books and notes for being sure I’ve fully understood everything, but sometimes I rewatch them and see some concepts are bad formulated or simply totally wrong (and this happens reaaally often especially for cardiovascular physiology). So instead of rewriting everything I just use post-its.

Notebook and pens from Muji and Stabilo, sticky notes from Flying Tiger

Here are some of my studyspo for 2016 before I became on hiatus this past few months. I am no longer using my study blog, @lovegoodmd & all coming post will be coming from this account. I am hoping for a more active blogging time next year and share my med life journey with everyone! 😅👩🏻‍⚕️

At the moment, I’m enjoying my Christmas vacation here in our province and will be moving on the 1st day of January! Second semester is coming too soon isn’t? Anyhow, I am expecting to a more productive, driven and optimistic year ahead. 👌🏼 I’m kinda nervous for my grades last semester but still hoping for the best. ☺️

So how’s your year guys? It would be nice to hear it from you! Drop me a msg

Setting up my new journal is making me really excited to start 2016. I’m hoping that this year will be better than 2015 (which was a roller coaster of highs and lows for me) and that I’m going to stay motivated and organised.

I’m sort of new to this so if anyone has any bullet journal tips or ideas then please send a message my way!!

Hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays!



TheStrivetoFit is my favorite Youtube channel right now in order to motivate me on studying. Head into her channel and watch it! Hope you get a boost of study motivation! Do you have your favorite Youtube channel related to student’s life? Let me know :)



Finally revived after a long hiatus!

Haven’t posted anything for so long because of our nerve wracking midterm exams and over-flooding activities in school. I’m currently studying my notes in Plant Physiology ‘coz I didn’t got the chance to take our exam because I got flu, Good thing I’m fine and energetic again. :) So I really need to catch up every lessons I missed. Let’s get back to grinding!