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Honest Opinion of Each Other

 "…. huh?“

"Well, she always kind to the other who kind to her.. she’s a cheerful girl but sometimes do anything as she likes without thinking. She’s easy people to make a friends, a bit timid, and will be very quiet to the someone that she doesn’t know yet.” He thinking about the other what kind of girl his mun is. “She’s a kind girl after all,. You know her very well don’t you?? You’re her twin sister, you should know her very well than me.”


“Kurapika is a very kind boy too! He just hiding all his kindness to make himself look cool, i think,” -chuckle


“Kidding! aaah~ my honest opinion about him? well, he’s stubborn but perfect, his heart is cold but he’s really kind, he’s very very very very strong, and i like him so much!! that’s all twinnieee .. i think you’ll have a same opinion with me!! Look look! Look at your ava, it’s him, it’s him!!” -glomps

“Message me again to a secret opinion, okay??”