Rumbelle Secret Santa for sfiddy!

I feel I owe an explanation, as she gave me a beautiful prompt: ripples across the dark ocean.  I had originally planned to do a fic of Belle at the pier waiting for Rumpel’s return, but that didn’t exactly pan out, as recent posts will show…  I went back to photoshop every time I got really frustrated or my housemates were being too raucous for me to focus enough to write.  Anyway this is the result of a couple weeks of brain-wracking, creative block, and a playlist that was nothing but Akira Yamaoka and Rush.  In that regard at least there’s a hint of the prompt, one song I kept coming back to that feels very much like a Rumbelle song:

I wasn’t walking on water
I was standing on a reef
When the tide came in
Swept beneath the surface
Lost without a trace
No hope at all
No hope at all

Oh, sweet miracle
Oh, sweet miracle
Of life

I wasn’t walking with angels
I was talking to myself
Rising up to the surface
Raging against the night
Starless night

Oh, sweet miracle
Love’s sweet miracle
Oh, sweet miracle
Of life

I wasn’t praying for magic
I was hiding in plain sight
Rising up from the surface
To fly into the light

So anyway, again, I’m sorry this didn’t exactly end up being the gift I wanted to give, but I hope you like it, m'dear.  Merry Christmas!

Trying greyscale for a change since the original image was mostly teal anyway.  About half an hour into this and part of my brain suddenly went “Dude, what took you so long?  We’ve been waiting ages to do this again.”  And then it just sort of took over painting itself.

I’m painting without training wheels again.  I haven’t overlaid the original picture to check the proportions once.  I’m just eyeballing.  This is scary, but what’s scarier is how little I seem to be fucking up.  Something’s still off in the proportions, though, and I can’t quite put my finger on it..  I think I may have made his face a tad too wide.  Forehead might be too high, too, or maybe the chin is too short.  I can’t figure it out..  The ear is cropped because I realized that was too low/too wide and had to erase it anyway.

But.  Um.  Yeah.  I’m officially doing the thing.

Proportions fixed!  I think.  Looks better now anyway - god bless the transform tools.  But oh god trying to paint his hair is going to bring on an aneurysm I think.  And all the little lines and wrinkles.  Detailing.  Nnngh.  I’ve got a bit of it done around the left eye, but it still needs work.