So, here’s the deal: I need your help.

For those unaware of my current situation, myself and my father have been effectively couch surfing with friends for a few years now.  They took us in when we were very literally out on the street and had nowhere to go, and while I am most certainly grateful for that, things are pretty damn ugly here and only ever seem to get worse. I could go into details, but we would be here for days.  Sufficed to say, it’s bad, and it’s impacting both my and my father’s physical and mental health.

And so, I need to leave.  But my fiances are so tied up just trying to get from paycheck to paycheck that I don’t have the extra money I need to sock away to move.  We have no car, we have practically no furniture (at last count we have a dresser, a bookshelf, a tv, and of course my computer), and the savings I should’ve had to go towards deposits and first month’s rent on a place have, well, poofed, and in all likelihood I won’t get them back.

I have $227 in savings right now.  This is nowhere near what I need to even make a security deposit, let alone move house.

So once again I am opening up commissions, and forgive me if the prices seem a bit steep and the lack of options seems restrictive.  In all truth, portraits are the only thing I feel I do well enough to actually ask that you pay me for.


  • The price listed is for portraits, and will be as the samples - fully colored digital paintings.  At this time I am not doing traditional art.
  • I will paint your favorite character from your favorite fandom, your favorite actor, singer, best friend from pottery class, and/or your OCs.  Seriously, I’m flexible here.  Just try to keep it humanoid, pretty please.  
  • I need reference images.  This is vital.  I am 99% self-taught and I don’t have much practical knowledge of anatomical forms and how to draw them from scratch.  If you want an OC portrait I need some sort of visual reference as to what they look like.  Feel free to describe them in loving detail to me, I don’t mind, and it does help, but yeah.  I need pics to make this happen, and if you provide them you’ll have a much shorter wait as I wont’ be spending my time trawling the internet for reference photos of someone that looks similar to what you describe.
  • I really don’t think I need to mention this since it’s portraits only, but no I will not draw porn.  I have nothing against porn, but that shit is complicated.
  • The list price is for single subjects only.  I’m not used to drawing multiple subjects in one painting, and because I’d like to limit this round to things I should be able to churn out fairly rapidly, I would prefer to keep it to single subjects.
  • If by some small small miracle you’d like me to do something more involved than a bust portrait (full body image or some such, like this perpetual WIP) by all means, contact me.  If I feel it’s not beyond my skills, we can work something out.
  • These commissions are private use only, and are not to be used in any publications or for the profit of anyone besides myself.
  • Payment is USD by Paypal only.  This is the only option I have currently, and is unfortunately not negotiable.
  • Once a commission is agreed upon, and I have received references and payment, I will start on your painting.  Please note, you can claim a slot at any time, but I will be working on these one at a time in the order received.  This way I’m not risking work for payment I might not get, and you’re not throwing your money into the void and hoping for a result.
  • Please be patient.  If I’m doing well I can usually turn out a portrait in about three days, maybe a week if it’s more involved or giving me difficulties, but I also live in a madhouse that affords me no privacy.  My bedroom (and therefore office) is quite literally the living room, and I am at the mercy of other people and their stupidity.
  • If you want updates or wips, please let me know.
  • Finished commissions will be posted here and to my devart account unless otherwise requested.

If you’re interested or have questions, you can either send me an ask, or email me at

I Kill With My Heart by ~Medinaquirin

This is like a weird pinnacle for me, it really is.  I cannot put into words the amount of love I have for the character of Roland, and to finally run across an actor that seems damn near perfect for the role is…it’s kind of amazing.  Roland Deschain is the first character I ever really fell in love with, and is the closest origin you’ll ever find to my screen name.

m-are-j insisted that my new found fancast choice required commemorative fan art, so here it is, Nanness.  Hope it lives up to expectations.

Trying greyscale for a change since the original image was mostly teal anyway.  About half an hour into this and part of my brain suddenly went “Dude, what took you so long?  We’ve been waiting ages to do this again.”  And then it just sort of took over painting itself.

I’m painting without training wheels again.  I haven’t overlaid the original picture to check the proportions once.  I’m just eyeballing.  This is scary, but what’s scarier is how little I seem to be fucking up.  Something’s still off in the proportions, though, and I can’t quite put my finger on it..  I think I may have made his face a tad too wide.  Forehead might be too high, too, or maybe the chin is too short.  I can’t figure it out..  The ear is cropped because I realized that was too low/too wide and had to erase it anyway.

But.  Um.  Yeah.  I’m officially doing the thing.

Proportions fixed!  I think.  Looks better now anyway - god bless the transform tools.  But oh god trying to paint his hair is going to bring on an aneurysm I think.  And all the little lines and wrinkles.  Detailing.  Nnngh.  I’ve got a bit of it done around the left eye, but it still needs work.

Welp.  Putting the tablet pen to work.  I’d forgotten to go after my usual painting brushes (either that or I’d forgot to actually install them), so here’s a very scribbly (and slightly wonkified lower jaw having) work-in-progress Plunkett.

It’s a mess.  I know.  But it’s something.