17년 5월 27일 ll Morning Study Session

The weather is superb in Seoul today and I’m stuck with cardiology 😩😩😩 So I resort to the nearest Starbucks so I get to go out too


01/08/17: Second Year, Second Semester

I finally got enrolled! (yey) First semester might not be the good sem for me, I experienced many things like failing an exams and quizzes, do not sleep for a day, keep on reviewing but still got the least score in the class, tortured my brain and many more! I felt so down during those time but I thank God for giving me a very supportive family and friends! :) Luckily I passed our last sem and now that I’m already on my second year, second sem I feel so motivated to pursue and finish what I started. I can no longer disappoint those people who believed in me! Tomorrow is the start of the wracking-of-brains again and I will do whatever it takes to pass this semester! Anw, here are my subjects for this sem. Let’s keep fighting! :D

1:25 am - spending my Saturday night trying to memorize all the metabolism of monosaccharides and polyoles, please tell me I’m not the only one who is studying all night long :(


Surviving Animal Morphology-Anatomy.
Colors, paintings and drawings overflew. I used faber-castle water color pencils, brush pen and sign-pen for the integumentary system drawing.
I do enjoy the subject but the requirements it demand.. I’m dying.. but we have to pursue this. So let’s study! study! study!


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DISGUSTING! 😡😡 This nurse was arrested because she refused to allow a police officer to take a blood sample from her COMATOSE patient. RN #AlexWubbels was tending to a man that had been involved in a very severe car accident when police officer #JeffPayne barges in and DEMANDED a blood sample. After verifying her stance with a colleague, the officer became enraged and aggressively cuffed and arrested this poor woman. THE COPS ARE GOING TOO FAR. A nurse should NEVER BE ARRESTED at work for simply doing her job. #cna #rn #hospital #mercy #sacredheart #nursingschool #doctor #residencylife #nursesofinstagram #nurses #policebrutality #medschool #medschoollife #healthcare #medicalassistant #obamacare #usa #trump #thefutureisfemale #help #staywoke #thirdeye #utah #healthinsurance #warrant

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2/100 days of productivity

Studying at boyfriend’s place while he’s playing Fallout 4 ;(
I started to time the hours I’m effectively studying and I discovered that I spend a lot of time doing other things… Like now.

Well, I caved. 

Now I have a tumblr .___.

In other news, I’ll be updating this when I can. Med school is a completely different story though compared to undergrad… I needed somewhere where I could post my thoughts and upload pictures as quickly as possible. 

Yea… and keep up with everyone else as well :) 

Here’s a drawing to start it all off —

“No Prince Charmings”

  • back for the post-exam weekend and then gone again come monday.
  • excited to have a potluck & game night tomorrow night with some friends from school. i’m preparing some swedish meatballs and strawberry & chocolate cake pops. :)
  • too many bacteria and letters with numbers in my head. C3bC3bBb. CD28. IL-1. IFN-gamma. the immune system is crazy.
  • also looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep tonight. somehow got myself a sinus infection, so i’m all sniffles right now.