on another note, this past week at school, we had a photographer come for a special lecture. now what would a photographer be doing at a medical school, you ask? well you see, his name is rick guidotti and he used to be a high fashion photographer. he has since then embarked on photographing beauty elsewhere, specifically in people who have genetic disorders. the way it happened is kind of long to explain, but basically, he saw a girl with albinism (people who have no color pigments) and thought she was gorgeous. he couldn’t get a picture of her so he looked up what she had and saw all of these depressing pictures of people who are affected with albinism. he wanted to photograph them in a more positive, humanistic light and so he partnered with a group to do this and has since then gone on to photograph so many other people with different disorders. his pictures really gave us lives to identify our future patients with and not just people who are sick. you really see the beauty in each and every one of them and i wanted to share it with all of you. these are his pictures above.

if you want to learn more, you can go to his website:
or if you have the time, check out his ted talk on youtube:

1:25 am - spending my Saturday night trying to memorize all the metabolism of monosaccharides and polyoles, please tell me I’m not the only one who is studying all night long :(

2/100 days of productivity

Studying at boyfriend’s place while he’s playing Fallout 4 ;(
I started to time the hours I’m effectively studying and I discovered that I spend a lot of time doing other things… Like now.


19.11.2016 ⛆
Day 6 of productivity 📚
Today’s been busy already! Finished some health and care flashcards 💉 also started on my marketing notes 🌏
Exam season is over! Hallelujah! Only got a maths exam in 2 weeks but it’s pretty easy. But I’m really nervous about getting all the exams back… wish me luck!💭