12 Week MCAT Study Schedule

Phase 1: The First 6 Weeks

The general idea of the schedule is:

  • each week, one of the six Kaplan MCAT books in the box set is reviewed.
  • three chapters are reviewed each day
  • one CARS question is completed at some point throughout each day
  • when all chapters have been reviewed, the final day of the study week is for practice questions that can be purchased from AAMC
    • since I’m doing my studying in two phases, I will be completing only half of the questions purchased on practice days during Phase 1

Phase 2: The Second 6 Weeks

  • at the end of Phase 1, I’ll take an official MCAT practice exam (marked March 6th)
  • after assessing weak areas, I’ll make a new schedule for the remainder of my study time
  • I’ll post a guide on how to make a Phase 2 schedule on March 7th when I make my own

The goal is to review an area, practice that area, and move onto the next subject. Then, assess what areas are weak/strong depending on practice exam outcome. The last time I took the MCAT, I waited until the week before to do practice exams and didn’t have the time to correct study habits or strengthen my weaker areas so this schedule is to combat that. If you’re taking the MCAT for the first time, hopefully you can avoid this issue altogether!

Happy Studying!