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Various Sentence Starters


“No I won’t stop stapling tortillas to the wall this is ART”

“Your underwear is really ugly, you should take them off”

“Last time you wanted to watch a horror movie you cried all night and didn’t sleep for three days”

“Knock knock! …Knock knock…? Okay I swear I won’t say banana again”

“I swear to drunk I’m not God”

“My doctor said you shouldn’t drink after taking meds, so I take them WITH alcohol”

“I know I haven’t showered in a week but I saw a spider in the tub and LOST IT”


“Yeah can I get 20 mcdoubles. Yeah, 20. Two zero.”

“Okay you could go to work but get this, how about instead- you don’t and stay in bed with me”

“It’s not a fetish until you have a Deviantart collection for it”

“Mini horses make me so uncomfortable, I want them to be normal sized”

“I’m gonna make dinner so go ahead and have the fire department and pizza hut on speed dial”

“Oh yeah I’ve totally done- uh- weed. I love gardening”

“It’s not an obsession it’s a keen interest- I don’t care if I have three body pillows it’s a KEEN INTEREST”

“Maybe if I just ignore them they’ll stop trynna kill me”

“I’ll just put this fire over here with the rest of the fire”

“Can you believe that people actually ENJOY coleslaw?? What savages”

“First time I kissed a boy was the time I realized I was probably homosexual”

“It’s not gay if it’s for art”

“I like you but in the ‘please shut up for five seconds’ way”

“Let’s get fake ID’s and buy fish from Petco”

“I brought home a kitten, her name is Mary Lious Ann Kate the Third”

“I just hate the word moist, it makes me so uncomfortable”

“Starbucks is so overpriced let’s go get a frap”

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Concept: Veronica stops JD from dying. She wants to get him mental help: although he's unsure at first he does try and eventually with her help he slowly gets a therapist. He gets prescribed meds and takes them despite not wanting to. His mental health gets better. Veronica is proud of him and eventually she rebuilds her trust and love with JD. They are happy.

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Schizo-Spectrum Disorders and College

So this is a post for all you schizos out there. I know sometimes the mental illness seems to limit your possibilities, but I want to tell you you CAN go to college. I want to give you a couple pieces of advice, from a fellow schizo who’s been in college for three years, both on and off medication.

+ All school in America, and I think many elsewhere, have a department to help students with mental concerns. Find yours and be open with them. You can get extra help such as extra class skips, extra time on assignments, and permission to leave the room as often as you need. They’ll talk to your teachers for you, but will NOT tell them your diagnosis. Now this often requires proof of diagnosis, so this may not work for self-dxers. Sorry about that. 

+ Many schools have free counseling sessions. If yours does use them!

+ Tell at least one person about your disorder. Trust me, it helps so much to have someone to talk to about it. Your roommates a good bet, because they’ll probably notice some of your symptoms.

+ If you need to go to the hospital, go to the hospital. You’ll find a way to catch up, and if you don’t a semester off won’t kill you. 

+ Create a schedule. Stick with it. Be sure to include homework, but also stuff like socializing and showering.

+ On the topic of showering, if your personal hygiene is bad that’s okay! No one will notice if you wear the same pants all week, trust me. Maybe invest in some dry shampoo, but honestly other people don’t even notice; they’re caught up in their own world. 

+ Stim toys and such are good. Try to get one that’s quiet so you’re not disturbing others, but stim toys are totally allowed. 

+ Take notes. That’s advice for all college students. It will so help you study. 

+ If you’re on meds, take them. If your meds give you noticeable side effects (pacing, tremors, etc.) remember you owe no one an explanation. Plus, teachers are really cool with letting you pace. Trust me, I did it constantly last semester, through every class. 

+ Take mental health days! Try to keep your skips for when you need them, so you’re never choosing between failing a class and taking care of yourself. 

+ If you’re delusional/hallucinating don’t feel bad about leaving class for a bit to calm down. There’s no bathroom passes in college; you can get up and leave anytime. 

Feel free to add more and ask any questions if you have them!

Christians facing Mental health problems

Your belief in Jesus has nothing to do with it.
It has nothing to do with a lack of faith.
It has nothing to do with how often you read your Bible.
It will not go away just because you read it more.
No matter how hard you pray if you have meds you should still take them and see your doctor.
Having depression does not mean you are ungreatful for what God has done for you.
You are not possessed by Satan or demons.
This is not because of your sins.
Going to church more will probably not stop it.

You deserve to see a doctor, you deserve treatment, you deserve to be given medication if you need it.

Last night I had a dream that Vader unlocked some kind of Sith Holocron that successfully healed his body and made him look young and hot again

But he ended up getting so overwhelmed by all the swooning from lovestruck Imperials that he started taking drastic measures to get his old body back


my longest hallucination was my first Obsidian and 2 + a half months with him wasnt so bad since he left me alone a lot

this one meanwhile…she just??? goes up and invaded my fucking space??? like im being touched 24/7 + she blocks my view sometimes. and she just. Doesnt. Shut up. SHE DOESNT.! its frustrating bc her voice creeps me out its not the usual Siri sounding i tend to hear its almost real enough to believe

if i get the “hey stop talking to yourself” comment today i wont be surprised

I joked about this on twitter and somehow it got a lot longer than I intended. Thanks to Mr. Ackles for the Awkwardville quote. Perceived MCD for a second but no one is dead, I promise. 3.4k. on AO3

Dean shouts a warning too late and the spell hits Cas like fireworks.

The witch doesn’t get another word out before Sam runs him through. The blade is rusted. Cas’s name echoes, a lamentation, through the moon-streaked forest.

Dean crouches in the dirt beside the charred remains of Cas’s coat and suit, still smoking from the blast. There’s nothing left of him–no blood, no skin, not even the usual stench of burning hair. With trembling fingers, Dean combs through the pile to retrieve Cas’s badge.

He feels a strange emptiness, hollowness in his chest. He squeezes the badge until it hurts, to make certain he’s still alive. The pain is real, and therefore so is he. He isn’t dreaming.

Sam has knelt down beside him and murmurs something. He puts a hand on Dean’s back and rubs the way you might console a child. There’s a sound Dean doesn’t recognize: a deep, horrible moan. Someone is sobbing. It takes a minute to realize it’s him.

He lets Sam console him, lets him drag Dean’s face to his shoulder.

“We should get going,” Sam says when Dean has quieted. The horizon is beginning to burn with morning. Sam walks toward it. Wordlessly, Dean stands up to follow. His eyes are dry. He gives a final glance to the ashes and gasps to find they’re being watched.

A small black and white cat, frozen above the coat in mid-sniff, stares at him. Dean stares back. The cat is missing a tail but appears in good health. It sits beside the pile, keeping its eyes on Dean, and when it tilts its head, some part of him just knows.


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Self care is extremely important, especially with finals coming up. Don’t study so hard that you forget to take care of yourself. Remember, you won’t be able to do as well on a test if you’re not doing good. Here’s a quick little list to look at to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

  • When did you last shower? Was it yesterday? If not, take a shower.
  • Have you brushed your teeth today? If not, brush them.
  • Have you eaten anything in the last six hours? If not, please eat. Don’t think of eating as a “get to” activity, or a reward– you can always eat, even if you didn’t meet another goal. Your body needs food to function.
  • What about drinking? Have you had a glass of water in the last hour? Drinking is extremely important, and dehydration can cause anything from headaches to nausea to death. (Only death if it’s super duper severe, though.)
  • If you’re in pajamas and it’s not time to sleep, change into something that’s still comfy but not pajamas. We don’t want to be giving our brains sleep cues when we’re trying to get stuff done, and it can make us feel lethargic.
  • If you have thoughts racing around your mind faster than you thought possible, making you anxious and stressed and scared: music. It can help you move your focus away from your thoughts.
  • Open your blinds, okay? You can’t live in the dark all the time. The light will help you wake up and keep your sleep schedule on track.
  • Try to go outside, even if it’s just to walk a block or two. It’ll get your muscles moving and, again, help you stay awake.
  • Is your room messy? Try putting one thing away. Just one. That piece of paper on the floor? Recycle it! Just like that, you’ve done something productive. You can do more if you’d like, but that’s enough if you’re feeling overwhelmed. One step per day can add up to a marathon.
  • Do you have meds? Take them. If you’re prone to forgetting, you can set a daily reminder on your calendar, or download an app that will remind you.
  • If keeping a bullet journal helps you, open yours up and see what you have to get done today. Do you have any appointments you need to go to? Appointments can be scary, but remember, an appointment means someone is counting on you to be somewhere. (I stole that line from the app Booster Buddy! It’s really encouraging.)
  • If you’re in school, you probably have some homework. Make a list of your homework tasks and divide them down into small, manageable chunks. Do they seem too big? Make them even smaller. It’s a lot easier to do many small pieces of homework than one huge pile at once.
  • Talk to someone! Humans are social creatures and we’re made to interact with others. Even if it’s just texting, start up a conversation. Bonus points if you hug someone!
  • If you have school supplies like pens and highlighters, do a quick check to make sure all their caps are on. This might be more supply care than self care, but that’s okay! Take care of your school supplies!
  • I already said this, but DRINK WATER! It’s super important!! You gotta stay healthy and drink!

I hope these help! Please take care of yourselves~
♥ Theo

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