First year med school

Ok so this will be a post about what med school is actually like, and how you can prepare for it and what to expect, and general tips! Hope at least someone finds it useful.

FIrstly, the general stuff:

1. First year is for fun! Don’t be one of those people who just straight away works all the time - you need to go out and meet people, make friends! And the people on your course you’ll be with for at least 5 years, so make a good first impression!

2. But don’t go TOO crazy. I probably didn’t work hard enough especially in my first term. All med schools do exams differently in first year, but make sure you do some work for them, even if they don’t count for much.

3. You will be overwhelmed at times, and that’s ok. Especially if your med school is integrated, you may be faced with upsetting patients at just 18 years old, as I was. It’s ok if you don’t deal with it well at first - it’s part of the learning process.

4. Make sure you don’t become one of ‘those’ medics. You know who I mean. It’s fine to be proud to be a medical student, but that doesn’t mean you’re better than other courses. And when you’re on placement, remember that that nurse, that porter, is just as important and necessary as the doctor.

5. Be outgoing - especially on placement, it is what you make of it. Meaning, you’ll learn a lot more if you go out of your way to see patients and go on the wards. Ask questions, ask the doctors (if they’re not too busy) if they could watch you do a history or examination, ask them if there’s any bloods that need doing, etc. You’ll learn a lot more that way! AND DON’T SKIP ANYTHING EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU HATE BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU MIGHT LEARN!

Ok, so now more work-related things!

6. There is a LOT of work. You will have to learn far more information in small amounts of time than you have ever done before, and the way to get around this is BE ORGANISED. Even if you’re having fun in your first term, make sure you still go to lectures, make sure you cover at least the bare minimum. Buy notebooks, folders for different subjects. An important thing is to know WHAT you need to know. Your uni should have some sort of learning outcomes or specification (hopefully). Keep a note of that and tick things off.

7. MAKE NOTES AS YOU GO ALONG. YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF LATER WHEN YOU HAVE YEARS OF MATERIAL TO REVISE! It doesn’t matter how pretty they are, just try to keep them organised and with the key material you need to know

8. DON’T IGNORE ANATOMY. Ok yeah it’s long and it’s boring, but try and keep up with it or you’ll fall in your exams.

9. In practical exams it’s all about how you present yourself. Be confident, smile (but not when the actor/patient is telling you they’re terminally ill) and act like you know it, even if you’re not sure. And practice makes perfect! Practice with your friends and help each other perfect your technique.

10. And also, especially for British students, I’d recommend getting the Oxford Clinical handbook because it’s such a dinky little book with pretty much the basics of everything you need to know. I always have it in my handbag! (When I’m at placement and stuff. Not on a night out, that would be weird.)

If anyone else has questions about this, let me know and I’ll answer and update this! Love you all and good luck xxx

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It really pisses me off when I hear people talk or joke around about using Adderall for recreational purposes. I wish taking it was just fun for me like it apparently is for them. I really hate myself on my meds and they're having a grand ole time.

I don’t blame you for being upset about this; it makes me angry too.

I do wonder if you’re on the right medication though, if you hate yourself when you’re taking them; just because something helps with your symptoms, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you overall. Do talk to your doctor if you want to try something else.


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Hi there, I'm a current premed bio-major (rising junior) with no volunteering or shadowing experience. I do a lot of mentoring, advising, and teaching on campus, so that kept me pretty occupied in my first two years. I'm staying over the summer to do more research and I hope that I can volunteer at the local hospital/clinic and the local nursing home. But am I in trouble if I don't show a longitudinal spread of experience?

You’re only a sophomore. You already have 2 years of longitudinal experience in your mentoring/advising roles. That’s awesome. You can’t do everything all the time. Some clinical volunteering is better than none, that’s for sure. And many people can’t volunteer longitudinally (I didn’t) because of lack of opportunities, needing to work, heavy courseload, etc. No worries friend. 

#riseandgrind is now my favorite hashtag/general descriptor of med life. I’d like to high five whomever came up with it.

Bonus points for also referencing coffee and sadly the only sort of dancing (and that’s being generous) that tends to occur at the bars after exams.


This is in response to a secret someone posted earlier and a kind of rant but hopefully a nice rant? ( doesn’t really make sense but that’s okay😶. Also on antibiotics and some very nice painkillers so read with caution.

A small but very vocal sub group has issues with Crystal and tries to bully everyone else to feel the same as them. So they develop WBDOTM (web based diarrhea of the mouth) and have a uncontrollable urge to spew their opinion all over the rest of us and can be very mean to anyone who disagrees with them. I especially hate the use of buzz words they throw around that make Crystal seem like the biggest misogynistic show EVA! Like or dislike Crystal but quit with the bullying.

I didn’t really like the second half of the live action, just wasn’t my cup of tea if you will. Sailor Luna, the new Venus and the Princess stuff just did not fit into where I thought the show should have went. However I do not feel the need to trash it and those that do like it. I also abhor anything written by Cassie Claire (Mortal Instruments series) with a passion but will not spend my time dumping vitriol on those that do. No one likes a bully and this I think is driving new moonies away from fandom and that is a shame. I personally want new folks in and hope others that left come back. So I’m asking the “hate Crystal brigade” to quit with the buzzwords and bullying nature of some of your posts.