Interaction with my Dentist’s Office

Backstory: I had a deep cavity between two teeth. My dentist filled them but was concerned about any possible infections and prescribed an antibiotic 

*Over the phone*

Me: Hello…I just came back from the pharmacy and I was supposed to be prescribed an antibiotic but the prescription that was called in was a Medrol Dosepack 

XYZ Dental Secretary: Yes, that is your antibiotic

Me: Medrol is a steroid and not an antibiotic. There has obviously been a mistake with my prescription. 

XYZ Dental Secretary: There hasn’t been any mistakes. That is your antibiotic and it’s important that you are compliant and start the medications right now to prevent an abscess. 

Me: Well I just finished pharmacy school and know my drugs pretty well….so…I’ll just wait to take any medications until I actually get my antibiotic

In the end, I eventually did get my antibiotic within a hour of the conversation and the dentist texted me an apology for the confusion…..SMH at the dental secretary trying to play me like I’m dumb

Medrol vs Prednisone...

If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking ‘The Devil’s Tic-Tacs’, aka Prednisone, count your damn blessings. When I say that shit makes me crazy, I’m not kidding. No sleep, extreme anger, roller coaster emotional states, hunger on a level I cannot even put into words, & major, major aggression. I refuse to take it ever again, I’d rather be miserable & in pain from lupus issues than take that shit. 

The oral surgeon has given me a prescription for the steroid Medrol because of how badly my body is reacting to having my wisdom teeth out. I’ve got inflammation on a major way from the surgery. Add in the fact that the surgery has set off a lupus flare, & y'all see where this is going.

I’m paranoid about taking this Medrol stuff. I probably shouldn’t be, but any drug that has any version of 'predni—-’ at the front of the generic name makes me worry. I’d rather be in pain that take any version of Prednisone type shit, no matter how bad the pain is. I really did call Prednisone 'The Devil’s Tic-Tacs’ to the dentist & surgeon, & told them how badly it messes with me. I asked if Medrol was going to do the same thing, & I was told it shouldn’t…but there was a small possibility that it could. 

If there is a small possibility something could happen…I am always in that .00000001% that doesn’t react 'right’/heal 'properly’/etc.

Somebody pat me on the head & tell me whether or not I’m being paranoid/suspicious/skeptical.

I hate hate hate hate medications that have the ability to change my period. All through my illness my period has been the only regular thing about me. It was always there on the days it was supposed to and I was fine with it.
So when pills mess my period up, I feel like my life is out of order.

Go away steroids.