medley of old songs


full old song medley - tøp (the pantaloon / fall away / johnny boy / forest / addict with a pen / march to the sea / kitchen sink)
tour de columbus

i just want everyone to know that beebo himself walked through our row tonight, asked us how we were doing in the middle of singing doab, and shook my sister’s hand. and i got to brush his jacket.

verdict: floor seats are worth it for moments like these, even if you’re too short to see anything.

also, brendon urie and his band are the best thing to happen to me this year and they never, ever disappoint. the show was amazing; their energy was contagious. brendon hates singing old songs but he did a medley for us. he recognized all our rainbow hearts in girls/girls/boys and said our generation was the beginning of the revolution and he’ll right beside us. he is such a genuine human. he GLOWS.

in whatever form, even as members have come and gone, we don’t deserve everything the band gave and continues to give us.

i feel lucky to be in their orbit.

(also the audience tonight was fucking incredible; where are y'all at so i can follow you??)

[Storytime !

So, I got a job this summer at a professional venue performing in three shows ( I’m a music/theatre major and this is my first big hire apart from school productions ) and one of those shows is more like a concert/music revue. We’re doing Broadway classics, jazz standards, lots of stuff. ANYWAY. At one point during the revue, we do a medley called “We Love the 70s” with a bunch of old 70s pop songs.

I got my assignment today for which solo I’m singing in the number.

It’s “Brandy,” y’all. THAT “Brandy.”


↳ A Fool's Only Tears (Love & Hope Tour 2011)

Steven Universe Medley

Jesse McCree Headcanon #4

When Jesse was new in Blackwatch, he spent a lot of his free time at HQ watching old movies. At least during the day.

At night, he spent the long hours he couldn’t sleep playing the guitar. Anyone else who couldn’t sleep undoubtedly heard it, but they never stopped him. How could they? When Jesse touched a guitar, you could hear every emotion he would never express resonate off of those steel strings.

Whether he was playing an old Spanish medley or a country song, Jesse’s music was heartbreaking to listen to.


The full Emøtiønal Røadshøw old song medley

Life With(out) You

Happy birthday (and happy new year in a couple of hours) to the only actual fairy I know @the-reason-to-sail-home. I have written you a fic, Tessa. Surprise! I told you it was sad that I was too busy to write something and I was really sad about it, so sad that I decided to ignore my business and wrote a fic for my #1 fan. Here’s a hurriedly written, fragmentary, probably crappy and unrealistic, way too long, one shot, inspired by the AU lyrics I wrote and you’re somehow turning into an actual song

Summary: He was Killian Jones. He was a rockstar. He was a dashing rapscallion. But after aggravating journalist Emma Swan, he was in trouble too. Now he needed to prevent her career threatening exposé about him from being printed. As he attempted to convince her, suddenly something changed. He became himself again.

~9000 words (someone should seriously control me) 

He strummed down, the movement and eliciting a growing anticipation among the dark space. The notes quivered through the room and the crowd became silent. Their ears listened to every sound, their eyes followed his every movement. The spot turned brighter and there was a slight yelping as he stepped into the light. The bass surged, the drums joined.

“We love you, Killian!” A woman’s voice yelled.

“And I love you too,” he said as seductively as possible, wrapping his accent over every syllable and causing more shrieking.

Start with a more famous single to hook them, then play some lesser known songs to please the seasoned fans, perform a medley of old material, follow it by a recent song and another one. Talk about the opening act and how great they were even though nobody actually cared. Small break to make them even more desperate for that one song and then surprise everyone by returning.

The sweat trickled down his forehead, he took a sip of water to shower his dry throat before reading the next scheduled song off the setlist and starting a new melody.

He kept the interludes to a minimum, choosing music over talking, but his audience didn’t seem bothered by that. A pause to let them sing the words they clearly knew by heart and then he took over again. One hour and forty minutes flew by, entranced by the music and clapping.

“This has been my favorite concert ever,” his voice spread through the arena as he told the generic lie he used in every venue, every city he performed. Going by the screaming and applause that followed, they bought it yet again. “Hope to see you soon and don’t forget to buy my album ‘Crash’”

It was time for the bang.

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Steven Universe Piano Medley

Because StevenBomb 3.0 is going on right now, I figured that I’d pay tribute to the Season 1 songs and make a piano medley.  Hope you guys like it!

-Fairly Local!
-Lots of Old Songs in the medley! (Pantaloon, Fall Away, March to the Sea, Kitchen Sink)
-Sorry guys I’m at 1%
-Red suits
-Black paint remained
-new versions of stressed out and timh
-hamster ball!
-Tyler running over people with the hamster ball
-Josh’s marching band drumline thingie

add on if I forgot anything I’m doing this really fast