Everyone is talking over that Ophelia pic of daisy for a reylo medivial au while all I can think is Rey wouldn’t ever even get into those clothes .

She’d be this ridiculously dirty blacksmith or scavenger or even a thief that the godamn blackhearted knight known as kylo ren would fall for, and what’s best is the shenanigans that would ensure about this high-strung knight trying to woe an overly practical, probably very dirty scavenger.

Bonus points: if he falls for her after she owned him in battle or simply always managing to one up him.

Did you know that American Horror Story’s character, Madam LaLaurie was actually based on a real person?

Marie Delphine LaLaurie, more commonly known as Madame LaLaurie, was a Louisiana-born socialite and the first woman serial killer. She is known for her involvement in the torture and murder of slaves.

In New Orleans on April 10, 1834, rescuers responding to a fire at her Royal Street mansion discovered bound slaves within the house who showed evidence of torture over a long period. LaLaurie’s house was subsequently sacked by an outraged mob of New Orleans citizens, and it is thought that she fled to Paris, where she is believed to have died.


Basically, its a medivial, fantasy Hetalia AU. I have spent a whole lot of time on it and I hope you guys like it!

Everyone is born with a diffrent colored soul, the color of your soul gives you diffrent abilities. Here is a list:

- Red: Speed and agility, they use the heat of the air around them to amp up their endurance.

-Orange: Flight, one of the more rare abilities. Wings are conjoured when needed and disintagrate when not in use.

-Yellow: Element manipulation, cannot create more of elements, only use what is around.

-Green: Healing, they use energy from nature to heal wounds and sicknesses. Are frequently good with plants or animals.

-Blue: Object transformation, they change small objects into useful items such as food or metals for weopans.

-Purple: Emotion manipulation, they can shift other’s moods with the slightest touch.

~The lighter the color, the more they use their powers to benefit others. The darker the color, the more they use thier powers for themselves.


This is a list of the citizens of Hetal and the surrounding area.

Feliciano (North Italy)- Light Green- Farmer, wants to be a doctor but isn’t educated enough.

Lovino (South Italy)- Dark Red- Solider, used to live with Feli but now fights the neighboring kingdoms for the thrill of it.

Antonio (Spain)- Light Red- Solider, wants to fight for what’s good in the world.

Francis (France)- Light Blue- Runs the orphanage in town.

Arthur (England)- Dark Yellow- Wizard, lives in the woods away from people.

Alfred (America)- Light Red- An educated teen, wants to be a soider.

Matthew (Canada)-Light Orange- Recluse, hides in the mountains because he thinks he’s not normal.

Gilbert (Prussia)- Dark Red- Theif, steals from the rich and keeps it for himself.

Ludwig (Germany)- Light Red- Solider, wants to fight to bring peace.

Roderich (Austria)- Light Purple- Prince of the land, wants to see it thrive.

Vash (Switzerland)- Dark Blue- A wealthy shopkeeper, sells the basic things needed to survive like food and herbs.

Lilly (Liechtenstien)- Light Green- Works in her brother’s shop. Grows herbs to sell.

Elizeveta (Hungary)- Light Red- Captain of the army, fights to protect her friends, family and land.

Ivan (Russia)- Light Yellow- the gentle sorcerer who does magic tricks for the children.

Yao (China)- Dark Purple- Wealthy land owner, good friends with the prince.

Kiku (Japan)- Dark Yellow- Weird hermit, makes inventions using his powers.

Tino (Finland)- Light Purple- A well liked tavern owner, knows how to make you feel better or have a good time.

Berwald (Sweden)- Light Blue- furniture craftsman, lives with Tino and his son.

Mathias (Denmark)- Dark Red- Odd job worker, saving his money to get a better house.

Lukas (Norway)- Dark Yellow- The prince’s advisor, took the job so he could be closer to his little brother.

Emil (Iceland)- Dark Green- Works in the castle, took the job to get away from Lukas.

Peter (Sealand)- Light Orange- Berwald’s son. Created by Arthur.

Toris (Lithuania)- Light Green- Farmer, practically lives in the forest when not working.

Feliks (Poland)- Dark Purple- Clothing merchant, town gossiper.

Raivis (Latvia)- Light Yellow- Vash’s apprentece, works at his shop.

Eduard (Estonia)- Dark Blue- Weopan shop owner, prideful of his status as one.

Natalia (Belarus)- Dark Red- Works with Gilbert sometimes. Specializes in stealth.

Katyusia (Ukraine)- Light Green- Farmer, her sister Natalia lives with her.

Sadik (Turkey)- Dark Blue- Works with Gilbert, tries to take Eduard’s shop.

Heracles (Greece)- Dark Orange- Lives alone on the edge of town. Is very poor.

Jett (Australia)- Light Red- Local adventurer, takes his two kids with him.

Wendy (Wy)- Dark Blue- Artist, wants to stay in town and paint.

Dwight (Hutt River)- Dark Purple- Wants to stay in town too, but want’s to work for the prince.

Laura (Belgium)- Light Green- Runs a cafe next door to her brother’s shop.

Ned (Netherlands)- Dark Blue- Runs a flower shop. If you say it, or he is girly he will fight you and probably win. Red soul or no, he can kick your ass.

Leopold (Kugelmugel)- Light Yellow- Prince Roderich’s son. He is trained in the arts.

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Since we seem to be doing the medivial fantasy au, can we add Hanzo, McCree, Reaper and Zarya into it?

Just one of the AUs I’ve offered, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to write stuff on. Here you go.


-Has tattoos that are actually inked with an elixir to help him channel magic.

-His arrows are also engraved with runes. Since his clan can’t really make them for him anymore, he needs to retrieve shot arrows or carve more himself. It has taken him some months of practice to get it down.


-Really uses a rifle with a ridiculously long blade for a bayonet. In melee he wields this weapon like a glaive.

-Alongside regular bounty hunting, he also tends to hunt down monsters as well, for challenge and reward.


-It is said that it was a freak alchemical accident or an actual curse that got him to how he is now. Either way, he is a literal wraith, able to materialize and shadow away at will.

-He wields two long daggers that resemble a scythe’s blade.


-Not really a mage. Yet magitech alchemists had created a runecraft weapon that only someone like her could lift. Some speculate that creating the weapon in the first place was the result of a lack of foresight.

-She only uses the runecraft weapon in armed conflict. While traveling in general, she uses a greatsword to defend herself and innocent bystanders.

Bhaktapur, the medieval town of Nepal

An unforgettable journey to the medieval city of Nepal, wondering around the streets, where the women picking up the harvested rice, with happy faces, and full of colour clothes.

Bhaktapur is an ancient Newar town in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It is located in Bhaktapur District in the Bagmati Zone. It is the third largest city in Kathmandu valley and was once the capital of Nepal during the great Malla Kingdom until the second half of the 15th century. Bhaktapur is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO for its rich culture, temples, and wood, metal and stone artwork.

Bhaktapur is around 13 km east of Kathmandu and lies on the old trade route to Tibet. It occupies an area of around 119 km² at an altitude of 1,401 meters above sea-level. Bhaktapur district, in which the Bhaktapur city lies, is the smallest district of Nepal.

Photography Kalogiorgi Maria

Canon 7D

October 2011