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Past the Stars: Agarra a Una Chica y Baila, an Overwatch Fanfic

<fluff, primarily symbra>

In a bright spot of space, the cobalt-blue ship known as the Rocket Angel fired its retro-engines as it prepared to enter the atmosphere of the gleaming city-planet Arcadia. As the pilot set up the landing sequence, the rest of the crew gathered on the bridge.

Fareeha Amari, the ship’s captain, had a smirk on her face and her arm inked around that of the ship’s medic, Angela Ziegler, her longtime best friend and recent girlfriend. She adjusted her blue combat jacket and spoke up, “Well, ladies, we’ve got nothing on the docket for the next week. Anyone got any ideas for what we should do tonight?”

Lena turned from the console and shouted, “Pub, anyone?”

The crew murmured assent, Satya the only one who remained silent. Sombra elbowed her, asking, “Why so silent, ese?” Satya furrowed her brow and looked at her, mumbling, “I have never consumed alcohol before.” Sombra’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped open.

“You’ve never drunk before? You’re 28, and you’ve never gotten drunk before?”

“No. Vishkar did not permit it.”

Sombra sighed and shook her head. “Oh, pobrecita. You’ve needed this.”

A couple hours later, after the ship had docked, the crew walked to Lena’s favorite pub, the Fruit Barge. It was a dusk, the planet’s two moons having come up and the white-orange streetlights beginning to flicker on. They walked along until they noticed a large rectangular building with reddish-brown faux wood walls and a red tiled roof. It had a neon sign on the front, depicting a large mass of strawberries and the legend “FRUIT BARGE” in large green cursive.

Lena opened the door and entered the bar. It was a largish building, with walls of faux mahogany bearing red and green accents, with about five four-person tables, eleven two-person tables, and four 8-person booths. On a large white stage, two musicians were warming up. One, named Tandem the Spoony, was dressed in medival-esque red robes and a large red hat with a blue feather in it. He was tuning a guitar. The other musician, Lucio, had rollerskates, dreadlocks, and a set of yellow headphones with a green visor attached. He was firing up a DJ table. A smattering of patrons were present, the most notable being a middle-aged man with fuzzy black eyebrows, a panama hat, a question-mark-dotted yellow sweater with a white shirt underneath, plaid pants, a paisly scarf, a tan jacket, and a question-mark-topped umbrella.

The bartender, a skinny man with goggles and a curled mess of short brown hair, greeted Lena upon seeing her.

“Oxton! Long time no see. How long’s it been, a month? Two?”

Lena giggled. “Cheers, Kovax. Been way too bloody long. See you’ve expanded the place. Nice stage.”

“Thanks, cost me half a fortune but made it back twice. Now, could you kindly introduce me to the crowd behind you?”

After they were done introducing themselves, they got their drinks and chose a couple tables. Sombra was still left at the bar, trying to get Satya to decide on a drink.


Satya looked up from her drink and surveyed the chaos. Lena had somehow gotten more hyper the drunker she got, flipped several tables, and Zarya was presently trying to get her down from the chandelier.

“Lena, ребенок, get down from there. You’ve had far too much to drink.”

“NO! I’m * hic * I’m an OWL!” Lena flapped her arms and made hooting noises, and Zarya facepalmed.

Amelie was on the floor nearby, wracked with spasms of drunken laughter. Sombra, next to Satya, was trying to hack her margherita. Fareeha was trying to restrain Angela, who was trying to attack the oddly -dressed stranger. Mei was asleep on top of an icebox.

Satya heard something that made her look up and towards the stage. The musicians had returned from their break and were playing a song that stirred something within Satya. Ordinarily she ignored this impulse, but now she stood up and strode confidently towards the stage.

Sombra looked up from her drunken stupor and noticed that Satya was no longer with her. Her eyes opened wide and she surveyed the room, finally noticing her on the stage. It took her a second to notice what Satya was doing, and another second to be totally floored. Satya was dancing a beautiful, flowing dance, absolutely flawless despite the alcohol in her system. Sombra’s jaw dropped open. She blushed vibrantly, and she just couldn’t take her eyes away. “Dios mio,” Sombra whispered, “Creo que he encontrado a la mujer que amo.” She watched for a few more moments and then fainted.

The mysterious patron checked the fob watch on his lapel and got up from the bar. He turned to the bartender, who was petting a disgruntled-looking cat, and said, “Well, it’s about time I left. Sorry, must dash.”


Alright, just some lighthearted fu n here. More adventure next time. Plz comment, and if you have any fanart or fic recs send them my way!

Thanks to @reypadawanjedi for all her help!