Medium phobic

Sam here!
I wanted to take a moment to talk about Nicholas Di Genova (or as he is alternatively known as, Medium phobic). I have been a huge fan of Di Genova since I purchased my first printed book of his from Lucky’s on Main st. I was blown away by his odd creature mash-ups, offering a scientific break down of how he manifests his ideas.
Soon after creating my first tumblr account, I started following him. I noticed he was really responsive and invited people to ask questions on his tumblr, so I figured, heck why not give it a shot!
About a week or so later, BAM!, he replied back. Not only did he reply to my generic question about art school, but he also mentioned “I checked out your page and I like your work quite a bit, obviously we share a love for nature”. How cool is that?? Not only did he reply to me, but he acknowledged my existence as an artist.
I cannot stress enough to you people the importance of keeping in the know of people and things that inspire you. The best thing that has happened for me in dealing with this research project is my networking with artists and academics, merely through my own personal interest in them! I couldn’t ask for a better reward!

Here’s a little taste of his genius mind at work: Out Come the Scavengers