medium: watercolor

I wanted to try a new watercolour sketchbook I bought recently for my plein-air painting. I did a simple sketch this time with my lightweight Holbein set in a style similar to concept-art works found in Studio Ghibli art-books.

 I painted this based on a photo of a tea house located in a Japanese garden belonging to a hotel located near my house (It’s a shame I can not paint there).  You can see the painting process in the making-of video but to make things short I did not like how the paper worked with the watercolours really much. In the end to “save” the picture I decided to use ink on top of the watercolours to give it a little bit of depth.

Technical stuff:  

  • Medium:  Canson Montval WATERCOLOUR F2 sketchbook
  • Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade HB & 2B
  • Line: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.5mm
  • Colours: my main 48 colour Holbein set

外で水彩を描くために買ったスケッチブックを試したくて、シンプルな絵を描いてみました。コンパクトな12色のホルベイン水彩セットと2B鉛筆を使って、スタジオジブリのアートブックにあるスケッチのスタイルを目指しました。 以前撮った写真を参考にして、近所の日本庭園にある古い茶屋を描いてみました(ホテルの敷地内にある庭園なので、その場では描くのはやめました)。 最終的にキャンソンのスケッチブックの紙が水彩と相性があまりよくなくて、完成した着色はフラットになってしまっておもしろくなかったです。なので、奥行感を作るためにインクの線を足してみました。


  • 紙: モンバルキャンソン 水彩紙 スケッチブック F2
  • 下描き: HB & 2B Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 線画: コピック マルチライナーSP 0.5
  • 着色: 48色のホルベイン水彩セット

A nifty tutorial on some watercolor techniques by Kelly Eddington.

anonymous asked:

are the words in your grimoire drawn or edited on?

If you mean the grimoire-styled infographics I post, then they’re digital collages made in Photoshop! I have a physical grimoire (images below) but as you can see, it’s much messier! 

I have what’s called dyskinesia (a movement disorder), and my hands shake, so it’s difficult for me to draw or write in a neat/pretty fashion. My handwriting’s tolerable, but beyond that, I really struggle to draw or illustrate physically.

Below are some images from one of my physical grimoires. This one is just my taking notes on Christopher Penczak’s writings, but I also have a similar one for spellcraft, and a completely different-looking binder for daily use/normal stuff like Tarot readings and schedule notes.

The reason I started making the grimoire infographics was because I longed to create something pretty and Craft-related. The notebook images themselves are photographs with Photoshop layers designed to fit on the pages. 

This will sound extremely weird, but I find using Photoshop very relaxing and I’ve often used it as a sort of coping mechanism when I’ve had anxiety issues in the past.

A friend took my handwriting and turned it into a font, and I sometimes use that font for the images. I think that’s really cool and probably more people would take advantage of it if they knew how easy it is to get a personalized font!

Of course, that was a few years back, and since then, I’ve been trying to practice with physical drawing/art. I doubt I’ll ever be good, but I’m hoping some day to have a really nice physical grimoire. 

You’ll notice that the physical grimoire I keep is basically just my writing covered with a layer of broad soft pastels, which is easy for me to do - I slide the pastels over the image, then smudge with a sponge. It’s hardly nice or perfect, but it’s soothing to add color to it, and I enjoy it!

I am thinking of doing some sort of tutorial about how to make images using these methods, because I think it’s a cool thing if you are interested in Photoshop. From my perspective it was really good for me since I really have trouble with fine movements, and maybe other people in the same situation would like it.

I had a giveway on my birblr blog @democraticparrotlet for reaching 1000 followers! The winner was @rainbowkittenism and they have decided to pick a portrait of their little guy Bucky! This is the result!

Also I just want to thank my followers again <3 This is my art blog is any of you are interested in that fandom! See you guys again at 2.5 ;)


Water colour is so therapeutic!

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