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Who Could That Be At This Hour Paper Village and Dolls

I created Handkerchief Heights, The Lost Arms and The Black Cat Coffee Cafe from the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea plus Lemony Snicket, Ellington Feint and S. Theodora Markson to live in it. Everything’s built from paper and I had way to much fun doing so. Let me tell you, I got real good with a glue stick, fingernails and tweezers while making the littler characters!

SouRin Week: Day 2 | paper | Arabian!AU

Sousuke should be a mercenary or something among those lines, and prince!Rin just wants to buy him so badly because, you know, Sousuke is known for his strength, hotness and experiences of the world, and Rin loves stories about the whole wide world and wants to explore it but really can’t, being the heir and all.

Rin tries to get Sousuke in every way possible, because he will always get what he wants, with money or with fighting. At some point Sousuke just gets interested in this cocky prince that tries so hard to get him, so they just start this game of tag whenever Sousuke is near Rin’s kingdom. At first he just runs away from the guards but then he starts entering Rin’s chambers, actually seeking Rin, and their “play” becomes something more intimate ;D

I didn’t draw this just to show Rin’s nipples… What are you talking about


I’ve always, always wanted to make a paper dress, because, as an author, I have a special place in my heart for all things paper. (Specifically: books.) A paper dress is the perfect confluence of two of my favorite things. How much better does it get?

But everyone has the same [understandably] incredulous question: how on Earth did you get that thing on?? And the answer is… well, I cheated a little.

I knew from the beginning that my biggest obstacle would be getting in and out of this dress for a photoshoot, so I planned ahead. I built this dress on top of a bodysuit (this is made more clear in the close-up photo above), so that I’d be able to keep my joints free to bend, and so the body would have just a bit (not much, but a bit!) of stretch. I enlisted my friend Tana’s help to finish the arms while I was wearing the dress (otherwise I’d never have been able to get it on), and though I managed to tear the dress a little while struggling into it, those tears, too, were easily repaired once I was wearing it.

The whole thing is an illusion built of construction paper and a hot glue gun. But it was crazy, crazy fun to actually be able to wear this dress for a couple of hours.

(And for the fashion curious: the shoes are Charlotte Olympia.)


|| Photos snapped by the lovely Tana Gandhi ||


Satellite Dish by Péter Vácz