medium: marker

A commission of Zoro playing golf the only way he’d know how.  This was for one of our many gracious backers to The One Piece Podcast’s successful Kickstarter to film our Japan documentary.

Also this was the first time I’ve used Prismacolors in years, but I decided to give it a go.  It was tough going back to using a system of coloring that just can’t be undone with a keyboard shortcut.

I miss you... (Marker Death fic for Carzy)

Summary: One year later, alone at the loft, and he’s finally forced to reflect on that hot tempered green eyed man who came and left him so suddenly.

hope you like it Carzy! im so sorry it took so long, but I assure you, I poured my heart into it. Im actually very proud of this one. I had to stop mid story, I was crying too hard lol… enjoy! 

reviews are very very very appreciated!

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