innocently watching Blame It On the Alcohol when BAM hit by all the feels because look at those fucking coffee cups 

they got the same order (2 medium drips) and I’m just sorry but their names are written on them and they’re side by side and it’s just like Blaine look down at those cups, you’re not into girls you’re in love with this beautiful boy right next to you  

Coffee and Threats - Sebastian Smythe One-Shot

“Two medium drips please” Sebastian told the barista with a smile.

“Awww, you know my coffee order” you teased him.

“Of course I do, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t?” He said smiling down at you.

“I dunno” you say wrapping your arms around his torso and looking up at him with a huge cheesy grin plastered on your face.

He looked down at you, his eyes shining, looking at you as if you were his whole world. He moved his face down towards yours and placed a kiss on the end of your nose, which caused you to smile even more.

“Here are your coffees” the barista said, placing them on the counter, “and by the way, you guys are adorable together.”

“Thank you” you say with a blush covering your cheeks, while untangling from Seb and grabbing your coffee.

Sebastian paid the lady and grabbed your hand, the both of you turning around to see someone you really didn’t want to at this moment.

Your twin brother Noah Puckerman.

Crap, why couldn’t we just have one peaceful date.

You look up at Sebastian to see a look of terror on his face. He has good reason to be scared, you had told him all the stories about what Noah did to all those other boys who tried to get with you.

“Heyyyyy Noah, what’s going on big bro?” You tried to ask casually.

Maybe he will ignore the fact that you are on a date.

“ (Y/N) can I talk to you alone for a second?” He asked, jaw locked and eyes glaring.

I knew it was wishful thinking.

“Sure” you answered.

You let go of Seb’s hand and walked over to where Noah was.

“I’m going to go find us a table” said Sebastian awkwardly, walking off into the shop.

“(Y/N) why are you on a date with Smythe?” Puck questioned angrily.

“Puck I didn’t want you to find out this way but, Sebastian and I have been dating for awhile.” You answered.

“Seems like you didn’t want me to find out at all.”

“Maybe I didn’t but, it was only because of your history of beating up guys who even try to get close to me.”

“I did that for a reason, they were dicks to you.”

“Yes but, Sebastian is different.”

“That seems unlikely.”

“He has changed, please try to understand that, because I really care about him.”

“Okay I will try, but does he treat you well?”

“Like a princess Noah.” You answered calmly.

“He better always treat you that way.”

He pulled you into him for a hug, short and sweet, just to remind you that he will always be there to protect you. When you pulled back, you both walked toward where Seb sat, you sitting down and Noah standing between Sebastian and you.

“If you hurt her I will punch you into next week” threatened Noah.

Seb looked at you and smiled before answering, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

After Noah left the Lima Bean,  Sebastian and you enjoyed the rest of your date uninterrupted.


2x14 reaction fic; Kurt/Blaine; Words: 1560. A03.

When Blaine came out of the restroom at the Lima Bean, Kurt was waiting for him with a cup of coffee. “I’ve got an extra medium drip here if you’re interested,” Kurt said calmly, catching Blaine’s eye before he went to get in line.

"Thanks.” Blaine came over to Kurt’s table, tucked his coat over the back of a chair, and sat down. He picked up the coffee and took a careful sip. “You saw all that, huh?”

Kurt nodded. “I did.” He could hardly believe that Rachel had the guts to just walk right up and kiss Blaine in the middle of the Lima Bean, but she did, and frankly he couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. But Blaine was looking a little shaky.

“I suppose you’re dying to say you told me so,” Blaine said flatly, his gaze firmly fixed on his coffee cup.

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sebastianwsmythe & blaine-the-submissive

Blaine walked into the coffee shop, pulling his jacket a little tighter around his frame. He could feel the bruises on his back and neck. He’d tried to cover the ones on his neck and face, but Jake told him not to. He said that he wanted people to see what a bad sub he was to have to get punished so hard. It was part of his punishment. Brad liked to do the same thing. He knew that Blaine liked to look clean and dapper, so making him go out looking like he’d gotten into a bar fight was a good punishment for him. He ordered himself a medium drip and laid his money on the counter, trying not to look up at the barista giving him a look. 

the signs as eggs
  • aries: sunny-side up with a side of burnt hashbrowns
  • taurus: hard-boiled
  • gemini: two raw eggs full of shell
  • cancer: soft boiled, seasoned with their own tears
  • leo: scrambled with cheese
  • virgo: poached
  • libra: bacon
  • scorpio: over-medium, dripping with hot sauce
  • saggitarius: over-easy with a broken yolk
  • capricorn: goat cheese omelette
  • aquarius: egg salad
  • pisces: fruit salad

Another refurbished painting. That pink paint is REALLY vibrant, and reacts really drastically in different light. I love it.

This painting has “water droplets” on the petals that I made out of clear medium that I dripped on the canvas and left to dry.