medium wind

He pulled her out of Sakura’s grasp and into his arms, then squinted at her a bit until she ducked towards his shoulder.

“It matters, Naruto,” Sakura said. “It matters because…”

“No, it doesn’t,” he interrupted, bopping Konohana’s nose with his finger in an attempt to get her to smile. “It’s just hair. It’ll grow back, and besides, Konohana likes it this way, don’t you?”

Another illustration from @yellowflasher’s fic, “Every Child” 

I was just really struck by the short but tender moment between these two, with Naruto just calmly comforting his babe and his bae (weepy wifey Sakura) with a calm confidence. We don’t see him that calm too often, but I’ve noticed as he matures, he seems more astute, insightful*, and all around precious.

*in that way that kind of dumbfounds you because he’s so right—I mean, Konoha’s number one unpredictable ninja right here

Also shirtless because… well… he took his shirt off bc fixing the garden is dirty? idk just accept it please

(coughs sadly not too proud of this, but eh, i don’t really have time to push my digital art for right now as I’m going to have to be putting this more and more on the back burner because my studio art show is fast approaching. so digital art is now my medium of winding down when i’m frustrated with my clay and glass sculptures, so hopefully I can push my talents in the digital art department later and hopefully you guys can just be ok with whatever hahah)