medium senior


You’re non international 2017 world champions. 2017 was a year known as the underdog year, and that is not in a bad way at all. Teams who’ve never globed before this weekend, globed. Steel and ECE M5 got their first world championship title while Brandon Senior Black went back to back.

Small Senior 5: GOLD🥇: Ice Lady Lightning SILVER🥈: Woodlands Elite Generals BRONZE🥉 : CJA Bombshells Small Coed 5 GOLD🥇: Brandon Senior Black SILVER🥈: Prodigy All Stars Midnight BRONZE🥉: KC Fierce 5 Medium Senior 5: GOLD🥇: ECE M5 SILVER🥈: SOT ATeam BRONZE🥉: Top Gun Lady Jags Medium Coed 5: GOLD🥇: Cali Black Ops SILVER🥈: Rockstar Beatles BRONZE🥉: CEA SMOEX and MDT Reign Large Senior 5: GOLD🥇: WCSS SILVER🥈: CA Panthers BRONZE🥉: CEA Senior Elite Large Coed 5: GOLD🥇: Stingrays Steel SILVER🥈: CA Cheetahs BRONZE🥉: TGLC
2015-2016 WORLDS TEAMS

(Feel Free To Add Any Missing)

International Open All Girl 6
California All Stars Sexy Six (Ventura)
Cheer Athletics LadyKatz (Plano)
Cheer Sport Grey Reef Sharks (Cambridge)
Cheer Force Wolf Pack Swag (Canada)
CT Spirit Bling
Flyers All-Starz Karma (Canada)
PCT Cobras Original Sin (Canada)

International Open Small Coed 6

Cheer Sport Finback Sharks (Ottawa)
CT Spirit Onyx
Flyers All-Starz Thunder (Canada)
Platinum Athletics Kryptonite

International Open Large Coed 6
Cheer Athletics Claw 6 (Plano)
Flyers All-Starz Shock (Canada)

International Open All Girl 5

California Allstars Sparkle (San Marcos)
Cheer Athletics QueenCats (Charlotte)
Cheer Extreme Allstars Cougars (Raleigh)
Cheer Sport Great White Sharks (Cambridge)
East Celebrity Elite i5 (Tewksbury)
Flyers All-Starz Knockout (Canada)

International Open Small Coed 5

Brandon Allstars Steel (Brandon)
California All Stars Triggaz (Mesa)
Cheer Athletics Swooshcats (Plano)
Cheer Extreme Allstars Phoenix (Kernersville)
Cheer force Wolf Pack Golden Girls (Canada)
Cheerletics Royalty All Stars
Platinum Athletics Chrome
Pro Athletics Fierce Ones
Rock Solid Allstars Ri5e
South Jersey Storm Avalanche Twisted
Spirit of Texas Remix
Top Gun Allstars TGIF (Orlando)

International Open Large Coed 5

California Allstars Inspire (Bay Area)
Cheer Athletics Wildcats (Plano)
Flyers All-Starz Notorious(Canada)
PCT Cobras Temptation (Canada)
South Jersey Storm Hurricanes
Stingray Allstars Electric (Marietta)
Top Gun Allstars OO5 (Miami)
Ultimate Athletics Sovereignty

Small Senior 5

California Allstars Lady Bullets (San Marcos)
Champion Cheer Heat
Cheer Extreme Allstars Small Senior X (Raleigh)
Cheer Factor X-Factor (Foxboro)
Cheer Sport Pacific Sharks (Ottawa)
Cheer Sport Small Fin Sharks (Cambridge)
Cheer Tyme Love (Chantilly)
Connect Cheer Northwest C5
CT Spirit Lady Kryptonite
East Celebrity Elite Fame (Oakdale)
Full House All Stars Lady Sharks
Heat Athletics Firestorm
NorCal Elite Golden Goddesses
PCT Cobras Vengeance (Ontario)
Rockstar Athletics Vengeance
Rockstar Cheer Queen
Star Athletics Senior Red
Step One Spectacular
Stingray Allstars Apple (Marietta)
Top Gun Allstars Angels (Orlando)
Woodlands Elite Generals (Oak Ridge North)
World Cup Allstars Blackout (Olyphant)
World Cup Allstars Suns (Freehold)

Medium Senior 5

Brandon All Stars Senior Pink (Brandon)
California Allstars Aces (Las Vegas)
Cheer Athletics OnyxCats (Austin)
Cheer Extreme Allstars Ladies of Teal (Kernersville)
Cheer Extreme Allstars Lady Elite (Charlotte)
Cheer Sport Star Spotted Sharks (Cambridge)
Cheer Tyme Love
Cheer Xpress Lady X (Lincoln)
Central Jersey Allstars The Bombshells
East Celebrity Elite M5 (Tewksbury)
Fame Super Seniors
Ice Allstars Passion (Aurora)
ICE Weathergirls (Indy)
Iowa Allstars Lady Angels (Urbandale)
Jersey Allstars Villains
Maryland Twisters Weather Girls
OC All Stars Black
Pacific Coast Magic Fantasy
South Jersey Storm Lady Reign
Spirit of Texas A-Team
Stingray Allstars Peach (Marietta)
The Matrix Allstars Lady Vortex (North Columbus)
Top Gun Allstars Lady Jags (Miami)
World Cup Allstars Zenith (Easton)

Large Senior 5
Cheer Athletics Panthers (Plano)
Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (Kernersville)
Flyers All-Starz Obsession (Canada)
HotCheer Allstars Bombshells
KC Cheer Fearless
Maryland Twisters F5
Stingray Allstars Orange (Marietta)
Texas Lonestar Cheer
World Cup Allstars Shooting Stars (Freehold)

Small Senior Coed 5

Allstar Athletics Lucky 7
Brandon All Stars Senior Black (Brandon)
California Allstars Smoed (Ventura)
CC Champs Senior Addiction
Central Jersey Allstars Team Gunz
Cheer Athletics Royalcats (Charlotte)
Cheer Extreme Allstars Guardians (Lake Norman)
Cheer Extreme Allstars SCX (Roanoke)
Cheer Extreme Allstars SMOEX (Raleigh)
Cheer Extreme Allstars X5 (Richmond)
Cheer St. Louis Archangels
Cheer Tyme Obsession (Mechanicsburg)
Dreamz Elite
HotCheer Allstars Hot 5
Infinity Allstars Senior Black
KC Cheer Fierce 5
Maryland Twisters Cobalt
Platinum Athletics Onyx
Pro Athletics Pros
Rockstar Cheer Beatles
Stingray Allstars Smoke (Johns Creek)
Top Dog Rain
Tumble Tech Alpha
Ultimate Athletics Prodigy
University Cheer Force Firestorm
USA Wildcats Senior Elite (Naugatuck)
Woodlands Elite Recon (Oak Ridge North)
World Cup Allstars Omni (Freehold)

Medium Senior Coed 5

California Allstars Black Ops (Bay Area)
Cheer Athletics JungleCats (Plano)
CheerVille Athletics Anarchy (Hendersonville)
East Celebrity Elite C5 (Tewksbury)
Maryland Twisters Reign
Spirit of Texas Royalty
Step One Extraordinary
Top Gun Allstars (SW Florida)
Woodlands Elite Black Ops (Oak Ridge North)
World Cup Allstars Odyssey (Freehold)

Large Senior Coed 5

California Allstars Cali Coed (San Marcos)
Cheer Athletics Cheetahs (Plano)
Cheer Eclipse Comets
Cheer Extreme Allstars Coed Elite (Kernersville)
Fame Allstars Vengeance
Pro Cheer Allstars Eagles (Hoschton)
Stingray Allstars Steel (Marietta)
Top Gun Allstars TGLC (Miami)