medium rare steak

⇁ dick n’ go (m)

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pairing⇁Seokjin x Reader

 genre⇁smut, crack || shopping for dicc!au

warnings⇁male objectification, superficiality, fuckgirl!reader, dirty talk, and cocky!jin if that isn’t your thing

word count⇁12.8k 

After trooping through a series of horrendous first dates and mediocre hookups, you were convinced you would never find a man capable of satisfying your needs. Your friend recommends you try a slightly unconventional method to remedy your bad luck.  

alternatively: seokjin has a five star dick and you decide to give it a go

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Gottie’s Beef, Ginza, Tokyo

This is one of those posts where I’m going to let the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

You see, I like to consider myself up on my Tokyo restaurants, especially where beef and uni are concerned, which is why I was so surprised I’d never heard of Gottie’s Beef before…

Especially once I saw popular Japanese foodie Fallin Debu post a picture of this beautiful bowl of red and orange…

House made roast beef, Hokkaido uni (sea urchin) and an egg yolk the color of the sunset…

Perfection on a plate. The kind of dish that looks almost too good to eat…

But then your appetite gets the better of you…

It turns out Gottie’s is also quite well known for their beef katsu, or deep fried steak…

Topped with a beef demi-glace that had a hint of tang to it, almost like a barbeque sauce…

Fried to medium rare…

Another lovely bite of beef…

Both dishes run around 2000 yen, or $20.00 US.

Gottie’s may be an American-style steak house, known for their aged beef, but I have to say, when I looked at the tables around me, most people were eating the same two Japanese preparations you see above!


Ginza Velvia Hall, 7F

2-4-6 Ginza

Chuo, Tokyo




Date in a Box

Words: 9.7k
Genre: Fluff. So much fluff. 

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He called and you came running.

Knock Knock.

The door swings open; a boy dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and timberlands greets you with frightened doe-eyes. “Are you-”

“Yes I am.” You push your way in, not having enough time to slip off your shoes politely. You take one quick scan of his apartment. “How much time do we have?”

“She’s coming in five minutes.” He says in alarm, scrambling to look at the clock.

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anonymous asked:

I thought this artist's work might be relevant to your Hannibal interests. Israeli artist Roni Landa makes sculptures of fruit out of polymer clay so that they have the texture of meat. Think beautiful delicate roses made from rich marbled charcuterie thinly sliced. Plums sliced to expose a medium rare steak. Lemons and pears sliced oblong, slumping like fresh meat is wont to do. Can't include link here but if you google "roni landa fruit sculpture" you should find it.

These are really, really amazing and very much relevant to my all things remotely related to Hannibal interests~



Sure has been a while. Yep.

What I thought would be the easiest last quarter of school of my entire life (I hope), has been the busiest. I’ve been doing so much busywork for my classes that I haven’t had enough time to cook anything.

So as you probably don’t want to imagine, I’ve been eating so much fast food and Hot Pockets that it could probably kill a horse. Whoops!

No, that isn’t entirely true. I’ve been eating a ton of bread from 85c Bakery Cafe since one opened up near me. Let me tell you man.. the sea salt jasmine tea is my current vice. I think I’ve bought one every day this week. Oops.

Anyway, I woke up early enough today, and I wanted to have a nice steak for breakfast. Don’t judge me.

I bought two steaks and some rosemary and thyme since those are one of my favorite herbs on steaks. I also threw in some garlic cloves while the steak was cooking to give it a little more flavor.

I’ve made a few steaks on this blog, so this isn’t anything special..

.. but I forgot I had this cool looking plate from Crate & Barrel so I thought I’d do something special this time around as far as plating goes.

Oh yeah! I bet you’re wondering what’s on the right steak that’s been carved. It’s a rosemary and thyme butter. I made it for the steak, but I think it could probably be used on other things as well. Hit the jump for the recipe!

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4:00 AM thoughts: I actually don’t have a problem with the new gen in theory it’s just they’re trapped in a narrative that vilifies and distorts the characters I grew up with and have loved for years so I can’t properly enjoy them. When they’re on their own and I repress all thoughts of how terri-bad the naruto ending was and how technically fucked up the world they exist in is I really like them but otherwise it’s just like be gone thot.

She was a puppet master.  She has Gastroparesis, and vomits 14 times a day.  She has a mysterious unknown illness.  It’s only other recorded instance?  A family in Ireland.  She has Rough Kneecap Syndrome, and tragically fell down the stairs in the bb house, resulting in her foot getting operated on without any anesthetics.  She’s had 8 surgeries.  She died on the operating table.  Not once.  But twice.  Her uncle?  Dead.  Killed himself.  Her mom?  Struck by lightning.  She once got stabbed in the leg with a pair of scissors.  She has 200k in medical debt, and her grandparents sold everything they own to support her and her mother.  She can’t eat food except for the “raw chicken” she cooks herself.  Why are their quotes around “raw chicken”?  Because it’s not raw, it’s medium rare.  Like a steak.  She has one year to live, and one of her ovaries is bigger than the other, which is killing her.  This isn’t a horror story, this is real life.  And her name is Raven Walton.

And she needs our help.  When she gets on twitter soon, she’s going to get bombarded with hate from her jealous haters.  So we “Arkansassins” need to be there for her.  It’s time to get Arkansassy and kiss her Arkanassy!

Fifth Columnist [JJK]

↠ jungkook x f!reader; 14.5k; dta’s youngest member falls in love with a girl who might not be who she actually says she is, not that he cares
mafia au, potential potential triggers (mentions of murder, crimes, etc). it’s pretty soft otherwise

Why would I have a girlfriend?“ Jungkook returns, lips gaped at your words. He realises point four of a second later how stupid he really sounded.

You shake your head regardless. “Sometimes Jungkook, it seems like you’re fishing for compliments from me. Didn’t I tell you how we all fell at our feet for you in high school? What do you want me to tell you—that I’d still do it today.

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