medium oak

soft jeon wonwoo

• wears sweaters with sweater paws like 95% of the time 

• also wears round glasses 150% of the time 

• has an apartment full of houseplants that he cares for like his own children 

• has to start his day off with a cup of coffee or else he can’t function

• but he doesn’t like straight up black coffee because it’s too bitter and wonwoo likes a little bit of sweetness to start off his morning ya feel 

• writes lyrics and poems in a leather bound notebook that he carries around everywhere 

• has a matching leather satchel to go with his leather bound notebook 

• his bed his made up of pure white bed sheets and his whole apartment has medium oak wood flooring 

• actually lives in a two bedroom apartment but the second bedroom has been overrun with the amount of books that he owns he has now converted it into his own personal library

• enjoys reading the classic literature that they teach you in school 

• also listens to classical music from time to time (he loves the sound of the piano)

• is currently looking into adopting a white bunny rabbit (probably because they have matching noses) 

• spends his weekends either at the coffeeshop around the corner visiting his friend Mingyu who is a barista there or volunteering at the local library 

• you and wonwoo actually met through volunteering at said library 

• you had just returned from university since classes were over and with you being the type that could not stand doing nothing you had decided to sign up to volunteer because hey at least you are surrounded by something that you love 

• wonwoo was in charge of training you on your first day of volunteering but little did he know that this library was the library that you have been going to since you were a little kid 

• as he was explaining to you how the classic literature section was organized you couldn’t help but admire his strong but also soft features. 

• it was almost as if he was straight out of a romance novel 

• a week passed by before you and wonwoo were able to work together once again 

• you both were assigned to return the books from the return cart back to their proper places 

• as you were sorting and filing the books into their proper homes you were intrigued by a copy of Jane Eyre.

• running your hands over the softened edges you flipped the novel over and began to read the back cover. • at this moment wonwoo had noticed that you had stopped sorting and couldn’t help but stop what he was doing as well 

• his eyes drawn automatically to the expression on your face, eyebrows knit together in concentration, eyes scanning back and forth at a rapid pace. 

• “Jane Eyre? I-I-s that one of your favorites?” he stutters, surprised at himself that he was able to ask something so intimate 

• “uh yeah” you reply with a shy smile, “it was the first novel I ever read fully as a child, have you read it?” 

• “oh, no I haven’t, what’s it about?” he says back, slightly more relaxed than before 

 • wonwoo would be lying if he said that he didn’t just purposely lie about reading one of his all-time favorite novels just for a reason to talk to you

 • he would also be lying if he said that he didn’t spend his entire week counting down the days until he was able to work with you again.

December Visit

A small fic based off of the headcanons I made for an AU where Strip and Lynda raise Cal instead of his parents. Humanized :)

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“The first time he came here he had been too young to read the curly font. But even now that he was in first grade, he realized that the only word he could understand was Park. Funny, he thought. It didn’t look anything like the parks near home and it most definitely wasn’t a place where people go to have fun.”

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▪Cabinet on Stand.
Attributed to: André-Charles Boulle (French, 1642 - 1732, master before 1666)
and medallions after Jean Varin (French, 1596 - 1672)
Culture: French
Place of origin: Paris, France
Date: 1675-1680
Medium: Oak veneered with pewter, brass, tortoise shell, horn, ebony, ivory, and wood marquetry; bronze mounts; figures of painted and gilded oak; drawers of snakewood.