medium green eyes


Dyed my hair with a drugstore brand for the first time in years. Total cost/time was one fourth my normal process; bleaching, toning, dying. Also, it’s a permanent dye, so no more cold showers in vain for Panda 🤘🏼


One female and one male character maybe? I’m five foot five and a half inches tall. Shoulder length black/brown hair, snake bites, bright yellow green eyes, medium build. Introvert, excitable, awkward (in an adorable way I’ve been told), stubborn, I have a punkish style a bit of a nerd, I like hanging out with friends, watching educational shows, reading, and shopping. I’m also a fan of puns.

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I ship you with Jasper!

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- It had been your yellow-ish eyes that first caught his attention.

-Were they contacts? You couldn’t be a vampire … he could smell the blood rushing beneath your skin, and practically feel the rhythmic beats of your heart.

-So, I guess he had no choice but you meet you then

-He totally had a choice but your unusual eyes were a good reason - valid, even - to start a conversation but he would never admit to that.

- The conversations were awkward at first, not gonna lie. You were both introverted to an extent so communicating could be seen a little cringy with barely there eye contact

-Jasper knew, and totally used his powers to make you relax around him, so you would talk more care-freely and after that conversations were easier to go on. Much more smoothly.

-You had History with him.

-And you didn’t mind it at first, but then you realized Jasper was pretty big on it. Like, you looked at his book one day while he was writing and the teacher was speaking and you just see him writing ‘incorrect’, ‘that didn’t happen’ and you can’t be sure but your pretty sure you saw him write once ‘jesus christ this educational system is a failure’.

-you asked him about it. he tried to brush it off, but you wouldn’t let him. So you came to a compromise. He would tutor you in History.

-That’s when you really started loving History. Because this man really did know his facts. And he become to animated and invested in it, you sometimes felt it struck a personal cord with him.

- You can trust you would never would fail History class again.

-He loved listening to you talk, especially now that you were more comfortable around him. You would rant about everything and at anytime, it doesn’t matter if in the middle of class, you were ready to vent.

-The teachers wouldn’t tell you off either, unless your voice became to loud in your tangent, because Jasper would give the teacher the side eye and they would look the other way because in their mind jesus fucking christ that Cullen student is terrifying.

- But dammmmnnn, sometimes you would do these cute little things when talking, and when your passionate about it you go onto these long dominated bubbly rants and it was so cute to watch! He loved it!

- He loved it more that you were excitable, it seemed so pure and rich and …. thats when he knew he loved you. Because he wanted you to be the pure girl in the world with stars in your eyes who questioned and challenged things (especially social norms) and wanted you to be this little cinnamon roll forever!

- Your family and friends - who you loved dearly - weren’t big on your documentaries, but with Jasper in your life you would be like ‘Hey’ calling him up ‘I found this new cool one about -’ and before you could finish Jasper was saying ‘I’ll be there’

-It was your thing. The thing you guys did together.


-You found it adorable, though.

-you never had a preference for where you read before. You’ll do it anywhere anytime.

  • everyone who knows you knows you have a book stashed on your person somewhere
  • and in your lifetime it has become an acceptable weapon to hit people with
  • But now, you love reading with Jasper, even if he’s not. You just like to be near him
  • Jasper loves sensing your emotions when you read, because it feels like his being taken on a journey too.

-Puns. he loves your puns. … though some can be quite bad sometimes.

  • But most importantly, you learned when punning in the presence of the Cullen’s is that DON’T PUN AROUND EMMETT
  • (Jasper loves that your so involved with his family. You have a relationship with them all)

-All deciding NOT TO MURDER YOU when they debate whether to tell you about their secret.

  • (Carlisle is so fucking relieved about this because Jasper and Rosalie had been down to SLAY Bella when they thought she MIGHT figure it out)
  • (If this isn’t testimony that the Cullen’s love you i don’t know what is)

-they tell you

  • -your kinda chill/shocked
  • -so you kinda just nod your head with a confused expression on your face for a good while until your it get around your head
  • -Emmett thought it was hilarious
  • Jasper was trying really hard not use his powers on you to know how you would react on your own.
  • Then your fine … even a little teasy about it.
  • ‘eh, bite me cullen’ you would say when he tried to make you do something your were 100% not in the mood for.

-You may like to shop but don’t let Alice hear you say that

  • -because then its just game over.
  • -good bye social life
  • -Goodbye Jasper
  • -It had been nice knowing you all
  • Welcome life of the living play-up doll

-The cullen’s love you, and Jasper is totally planning to Marry you, don’t you worry, even if he wasn’t, Alice totally would have made sure otherwise, she wants another sister

because Bella is highkey too much drama

I know you wanted a Female and Male one, but can I take a rain check on the female side of it. This was quite long.

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Serial killer au? Adrien perf model actually a killer calling himself chat noir?

I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to do with this at first, mostly because I can’t picture Chat/Adrien as a serial killer. I was like, do I make it angst? Anyway, I came with something and I hope it is okay.

|Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| End 1| End 2|  

Marinette took a sip of her ginger tea, trying to soothe her nerves. She picked her sketchbook again and continued to design. She had to make it seem as normal as possible. Taking a glance at the tv she saw in the corner of the screen the time. 10 more minutes until midnight. She returned her attention back to the sketchbook, drawing absently. This plan was crazy at best and fatal at worst. But at the moment, there was no other plan to catch that killer.

It all began about two months ago when a body was found on a bench in Jardin des Tuileries. There were no signs of a violent death. After the autopsy, it was revealed the victim died by injected poison. But there was no distinct mark whatsoever, something to set the criminal apart. The procedure didn’t fit with anything in their databases. The only thing that was out of normal were three missing fingers from the left hand. The victim didn’t have any family that could confirm or infirm either it was a revenge or a random act. That case seemed to go nowhere.

Imagine Marinette’s surprise when she came home that night to find a little gift, wrapped with a pink bow. Her surprise changed to horror when she saw inside the small box three fingers. At first, she panicked, thinking the killer might have discovered her identity. Everybody in their department sued a false name for safety reasons, after all. Since then she always sleeps with a small gun under her pillow and takes care to have a knife on her all the time. Marinette checked every window and changed the bolt to the door, but the so-called gifts keep coming as the body count of this murderer grew. Marinette’s level of stress increased as she spent hours over the program trying to figure something, anything. It seemed all those worries were becoming obvious to her friends too.

“Thanks for the lunch and tea, Adrien.” she smiled up at one of her oldest friends.

“Don’t worry about it. You really need a break.” he leaned a little across the table and put a strand of hair behind her ear. He gave her one of those sweet smiles, only reserved for friends, not cameras as he caressed her cheek. “I’m afraid you’ll die from the workload. You should take it easier. You deserve some rest.”

She nodded. “I’ll try to go home earlier and get more sleep.”

“Try some tea before going to sleep. I’m sorry I seem so insistent, but I only want the best for you.” he lifted her hand and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

Marinette tried not to blush because she was a grown woman not a high schooler and yet… Adrien always had that effect on her.

Marinette’s eyes shifted back to the TV. Two minutes until midnight. From what she had got so far, this was the time when the killer appeared with the oh so called gifts. Marinette got up from the sofa and made her way to the kitchen, pretending to go for a refill of her tea cup. She tinkered around with the teapot, her jaw clenched, ready to confront whoever that creeper was. There was a slight noise from the living room. Checking to make sure her knife was still in hand reach, hid under her nightrobe, Marinette gripped her full cup and stepped back into the living room. She took small steps, making sure to not alert the killer that she was waiting for him. She blinked in pretend surprise when she noticed the pink box which was settled on her couch.  Putting the cup on the little desk in front of the couch. Carefully she untied the bow and lifted the top. Marinette felt bile piling in her throat at the sight of a heart. It has never been something this big before.

“I wanted to gift you my own, but I couldn’t have delivered it then. I hope you don’t mind a substitute.” Marinette froze as she heard the voice whispering in her ear.

How did he manage to sneak up on her? It didn’t matter anymore. With a deep breath, Marinette turned around. Time to get a profile. Yet, she couldn’t help, but e surprised. She didn’t exactly expect this. Her eyes automatically shifted to him, getting as much information as possible. Tall, around 1.90, blonde hair, medium towards longish length, green eyes, though possible use of contacts because of the cat-like look. Slim, yet muscular build, broad shoulder, a great shoulder to hip ratio, most likely in his 20s. Strong jaw, but face shape not certain because of the black mask. Black cat costume.

“Are you checking meowt?”

And shitty puns, apparently. Marinette tried not to flinch as leaned down to look her in the eye. “Honestly, between the two of us you are the one worth looking at.”

Trying to put on an innocent, ‘I’m totally not profiling you right now’ look, Marinette looked at him with big eyes.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” she whispered.

“You can call me Chat Noir. And I only want your love.” he said tracing her cheek with a leather covered finger. “But that’s a discussion for another time. I hope you liked my little gift. Till next time. Au revoir, my lady.” making a bow, he grabbed her right hand gently and placed a kiss on her knuckles.

Marinette’s blood run cold. She didn’t even notice when Chat Noir disappeared. She was to concentrated on that hand kiss, her heart beating a million times fast. She knew that gesture. Her whisper fell to an empty room.


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I had already been talking to this guy when I just turned 15. He lived right in front of my high school. He was 22 years old, medium height, green eyes, no facial hair & average build. One day he added me on Snapchat..he picked me up & he drove us to a really fancy restaurant about half an hour away from his house. I wore a short black over the shoulder shirt with no panties & some black pumps. He tore that pssy up so bad. I couldn't walk right for a week, I was a virgin..


Zachary Gibson


  • August 9, 1995
  • Canadian actor


  • Doug [The Descendants]


  • light brown hair
  • medium length/ short hair
  • green eyes


  • playable: teenager, young adult

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For the drabbles. 104 + 125 with buck





This club was the perfect place for the team to hunker down and let loose without constantly being identified and bothered. It was a smaller club, located a few blocks from the tower.

As much as you didn’t want to go, you had to admit that a little down time was needed. Especially after the eventful week you had with a very particular metal armed soldier.

In hindsight, both of you were at fault. You shouldn’t have gotten so angry when Bucky brought a girl back to the tower and he shouldn’t have knocked the guy out who showed up to take you on a date the next day. 

Fuck buddies were not supposed to get angry when the other person finds someone else to fuck. Fuck buddies are there to fill the void, they’re not permanent. 

You wish you had remembered that when Steve was lugging you down the hallway, one shoe in your hand and your mouth spewing insults and threats at Bucky as Bruce tried to wake up your unconscious date.

“So, you have any plans for later?” The man behind you asks, grinding his hips into your ass as you move against him. 

There’s no doubting this guy is attractive, with his medium styled hair, forest green eyes and strong cheekbones. He was tall, had a nice build to him with biceps that clenched under his thin t-shirt.

Dancing with him felt freeing, like you needed someone else to get your mind off Bucky’s eyes that absolutely devoured you when you stepped out in the tight, black dress tonight.

“She’s busy.” In an instant you were pulled from whats-his-name, flying back into the hard chest of none other than your previous lover. Your head smacks off his ribs, one of your hands reaching up to his wrist to catch yourself.

“Who the fuck are you?” The guy asks, brushing some of his hair from his eyes. You move to pull away from Bucky, only succeeding in having him pin you to him with his flesh hand on your stomach. 

You look up, seeing Bucky’s jaw clench. “I’m her boyfriend. So I suggest you get the fuck out of here before I make you.” He seethes, watching the man flee the dance floor.

“What the fu–” You’re cut off by Bucky towing you behind him, dragging you through the copious amounts of people with wondering eyes. Your heels skid on the floor as he walks, desperate to try to move away.

Looking up at the loft, you see Steve with a dropped jaw. He mouths an apology, clearly shocked at his best friends outburst. 

Bucky’s pace doesn’t stop until he’s pushing open a heavy iron door, shoving you into the abandoned alley. “I need you to forgive me.” He breathes, pinning you to the wall.

He’s nudging your jaw with his nose, his eyes falling shut. “Get the fuck off me.” You snap, pressing your palms on his chest to shove him away. He lists his metal hand, clutching your wrists in his grip.

“Stop.” He orders, leaning his forehead against your temple. “I’m sorry, I was an idiot. I shouldn’t have brought that girl home. Just stop being mad at me, forgive me.”

I hate you.” You sneer, ripping your head from his, turning it to the side. He releases your wrists, pressing a cool finger to your jaw to make you face him once again.

No you don’t.” He sighs, brushing his lips along your jaw. “You feel the same way about me as I do for you. You’re just too damn stubborn to admit it.”

You move under him, shoving an elbow against his side. “Leave me alone, Barnes.”

“No. You’re going to listen to me.” Bucky’s voice fills with anger, catching your full attention. His eyes show guilt, maybe even some remorse as he takes a breath through his nose. 

You swallow, looking up at him. “Fine. Two minutes, then I’m going back inside and i’m going to have a good fucking night.”

“I’m sorry. Okay? I’m fucking sorry. I know you’re fully capable of turning every guys head, but it’s killing me. It absolutely killed me to see that guy touching you the way only I should. It killed me when I opened the door and saw that idiot about to take you on a date, when i should’ve been the one waiting for you.

He breathes, shaking his head. “I love you, Y/N. I know it sounds crazy and unlike me but I do, so fucking much. You’re all I think about, you’re the reason why I want to be a better person. I’m going to lose my mind if I see you with another guy.”

G E N E R A L   I N F O

Name: Sebastian Ryder
Nicknames: ‘Bastian (by his quarter master only)
Age: 31
DOB: 23 of January
Sign: Aquarius
POB: London, England

Build: Slender and athletic
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 70 Kg
Hair color: Blonde
-Type: Straight
-Length: Medium Long
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Fair
Blood type: AB
Piercings: On his left ear

Marital status: Single
Sexuality: ?
Occupation: Captain of the ship Revenge Of The Devil
Race: Human
Current Residence: His ship?
Family: No records (spoilerssss)

E M O T I O N A L   C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

Strengths: He is well trained with weapons and guns and in hand combat as well. He is fast and agile and a quick thinker. He is charismatic and smart and has good knowledge of routs and geography. He is also good at coming up with new plans and strategies.

Weakness: He is very suspicious, he doesn’t fully trust anybody, which may lead to discontent and mutual distrust by his own crew.

Likes: Being in control of the situation, being feared, his ship, being alone, rum, seafood, giving orders, loyalty, animals.

Dislikes: Being disrespected, cheaters, liars.

Personality: Sebastian is a good leader. He is tenacious, somber, stoic, confident, charismatic, persistent, wise and loyal. He’s also ruthless and mostly silent but his speech never fails to reach his set goal.

Past: Sebastian J. Ryder was born on January 23, 1680. Son of a powerful merchant in England, he joined the Royal Navy, before choosing the path of piracy operating in the West Indies. After two years of service as quartermaster, Ryder was promoted by his Captain, with approval of all the crew members, as new Captain of the ship Revenge Of The Devil. The previous Captain was retiring and since Sebastian had always distinguished himself in battle and had a natural attitude towards leadership, he would have been the perfect successor and Ryder definitively didn’t disappoint him. In fact he quickly became one of the most ferocious pirates of the West Indies

Ongoing Story: (WIP) After the mysterious death of his quartermaster, Captain Sebastian Ryder has to elect a new one. Somebody loyal, he can trust. That is not an easy task as there has been some discontent in his crew, due to a few bad bargains and lack of gold and munitions. Hopefully Sebastian will take the right decision and get out of that sticky situation.


It’s Sebastian!! He finally has his own ref. I had him for quite a while as sort pf DND character, but he had never had a proper ref. Poor lad.

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Can I have a Ship pleaseeee I am 15 I got Dark Green Eyes, medium Dark red hair (dyed) to my hip I like skateboarding , I do some weird things, I am 5,5 . HARRY POTTER LOVER (Slytherin forever 💚💚) sarcasm is my thing honey loud I have some anger problems. I have freckles, I don't wear makeup. Utter tomboy COD player

I ship you with Jack!! He would absolutely love your sarcasm and would get lost in your beautiful eyes. He would also enjoy that you love to skateboard and wild take complete advantage of it, calling you up late at night to go boarding. I also think the two of you would get along great because I would sort Jack as a Slytherin as well! :-)

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Hey I would like a ship please ! (Congrats btw!) my name is Makenna and I'm a varsity swimmer and I also do musical theatre . I binge watch a lot of tv and am pretty sarcastic and witty. I also am obsessed with dogs. I have long wavy medium brown hair , green eyes, and tan skin . I like to assume the best in people but if you cross me or my family consider yourself dead. I'm a Pisces as well so I'm the creative type . I would like to be shipped with a male please .


I’ve shipped you with Sam! 

Everything about you caught his attention, from the moment you met him. He’s interested in every single thing about you, from swimming, to theatre, to tv. Your sarcasm catches him off guard sometimes, but he loves it - and he loves that it makes you laugh. Being loyal is another thing about you he loves. Because he’s loyal to you as well. 


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Kid Meme: Gigi and Fox

  • Name: Lucas
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Slightly curly reddish brown hair, medium/short lenght; green eyes; prominent jawline and cheekbones;
  • Personality: Savvy; smart; mischievous
  • Special Talents: He’s extremely good at picking locks and getting into places he shouldn’t be.
  • Who they like better: Georgia 
  • Who they take after more: Fox
  • Personal Head canon: Lucas and Fox has a sort of game going where they throw something at the other when it’s the least expected. They claim it’s helping them train, but in reality that’s only half true; they also do it to get the other in trouble. 
  • Faceclaim: Sam Heughan