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name: haley ryder 

gender: female

race/ethnicity: white

eye color: brown 

hair color/description: sort of medium length brown hair that’s usually pulled back because hair is annoying (but this recent news we can have like purple hair makes me think she may end up with purple hair bc that’s my jam) 

skin (color, blemishes, tattoos, etc): she’s one of those people who have like sentimental tattoos. so she has one that is like a thing to honour and memorialize her mom bc she was such a big part of her life and she got it not long before departing for andromeda with her dad and brother. 

misc physical attributes: i have very little idea of what she’s going to look like, i wasn’t really planning on making an oc for this game she just kind of happened i didn’t get a choice 

preferred romance option: vetra i really don’t have a reason right now she’s just tall and i’m gay and i’ll figure something out. i’ll work it in somehow 

relationship with alec and sibling (do they get along? etc.): i really don’t feel like i know enough about alec to get a sense of her feelings towards him. she may look up to him or she may see him as someone she respects but doesn’t necessarily care that much for. as for her brother they’re thicker than thieves. sure they have their arguments and oh god do they get on each other nerves but there isn’t anyone alive she trusts more.  

projected bff (the squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take): i think peebee and liam will be people she gets along with best. liam because of his bright out look on life (even though haley’s someone who tends to think what can go wrong will go wrong she loves people who are optimistic about things. it makes her feel less pessimistic) and peebee bc they two of them are dorks. 

dreams/hobbies/likes: she likes science, especially geology and zoology and you’ll always find her watching nature vids in her downtime and has gained w a y to much useless information from them. she also likes reading old sci fi novels from like our time because she thinks they’re fun what people thought space travel and aliens would be like.

fears/dislikes: oh boy i don’t know 

other (what else should we know about your ryder?): she’s autistic and adhd also she’s left handed because these are things i project onto all my ocs. 

dis-honoring  asked:

Can u do a ship for meee? I have medium lenght light brown hair, green eyes and i'm 165cm. I speak four languages and I'm learning my fifth. I love tv shows and psychology, I also volonteer a lot and love helping people. :)

Four language!? that’s amazing! 

I ship you with: 

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This man understands you in four different languages, soon to be five. You met while you while studying at the library, you stoke up a conversation about books and you major, every week you ran into each other, one night you had stayed well over the closing time, the custodian informed you of the time and you we’re both shocked. Spencer walked you out to your car, and asked for you phone number. You two have been together ever since. 


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You’re both incredibly passionate about helping other people, and you both volunteer together at a local animal shelter. 


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  • April 24, 1995
  • American singer, songwriter and dancer
  • She has described her ethnicity as a mix of “black, white, Native American, Spanish, and Filipino”


  • How that taste
  • Tore Up


  • black hair
  • short/ medium length/ long hair
  • brown eyes
  • tattoos
  • 1.65m


  • playable: young adult