medium brown hair


Pairing: TattooArtist!Daveed x Reader

Requested?: Nope. I’m literally just a slut for tattoos and @gratitudejoyandsorrow got this idea in my head, so this imagine was born. 

Prompt: Your first tattoo experience was more pleasant than you thought it would be. 

Words: 2.4k+

A/N: My first Daveed imagine and it is super self-indulgent, who would’ve thought? This is a Tattoo Artist AU (if I didn’t make it clear before) and I’m in love with it. Shout out to @diggs4life , @tempfixeliza , @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for being so encouraging and amazing these past couple days. Shout out to Lola for inspiring this! I hope you all enjoy :)

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You were finally going to do it. After a year of contemplating, you had found the perfect tattoo to go under your collarbone. That was step one, you spent another month looking up all the tattoo parlors in the neighborhood and ultimately choosing one that had good reviews and modest prices. Today was your appointment and as you left your front door and entered the summer heat, you could feel the urge to chicken out clawing at the back of your mind.


This has been put off for far too long. It was now or never. So you took a deep breath and continued the trek to the bus. 20 minutes later you found yourself outside the parlor, 5 minutes earlier than the time you set with the man on the phone. You stared at the door as if it was going to open and pull you in itself but, you had to make the move. With the last burst of confidence you had, you swung open the door and stepped inside. Waiting there to greet you was a man with medium brown hair and dark green eyes, his tank top left little to the imagination as your eyes were instantly pulled to his many tattoos over his arms and shoulders, stopping right at his neck. He glanced up as the doorbell rang, giving you a small smile as you made your way over.

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I’m not even going to bother cropping the pages.


Wait, I have one screencap that accurately depicts my mood right now:

(Trust Meganekawa for all your screaming needs.)

On the one hand, I’m so happy that Osamu scored. My boy? He got several panels? And a point? It’s incredible.

But on the other hand, I’m still bitter about what happened and I’m sure he can’t celebrate either because he is well aware of how his brother doesn’t see him as anything but a tool, and Osamu knows that this quick is the one in which he has no control over the ball.

Let me explain: remember the first quick Hinata and Kageyama did? Hinata didn’t even have to look at the ball to spike it. It was an unbalanced quick because Kageyama pretty much did all the work himself (just like the tyrant side of himself wanted to: do all the work on his own). And then Hinata and Kageyama went through a pretty nasty fight until they both evolved to create the perfect quick: a balanced quick. A quick in which Hinata can decide as much as Kageyama, because he can control the direction of the ball.

Come oonnnnnnnnn, we suffered a lot through that fight until those two could finally trust each other again to get the perfect quick together!

But this one the twins did? That’s the old quick Hinata and Kageyama used to do. The one in which only the setter has control over the ball. I’m sure Osamu is aware of this. Atsumu is trying to get all the control of the ball -he’s becoming a tyrant. You just have to compare the reactions of both twins. I don’t think this is about their personalities. Atsumu is so happy about the quick being a success because it establishes him as the superior setter, but Osamu is just a tool. I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think we’re gonna see Osamu being happy about this next chapter.

And speaking about next chapter… Color pages? Will we finally get to see the official colors for the twins? Will they match our headcanons?

I, for sure, am gonna spend the rest of the week having a nervous breakdown.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Meme: [5/6] Jake and Amy moments

There’s a lead on the Nightingale strangler. We’re looking for a white male, 5'10", medium build, brown hair, small scar on his right cheek. His M.O. is he finds lonely women with no friends, poisons their food, and then guts them in his van. It’s pretty gnarly. Last seen wearing a salmon shirt, gray blazer, and witnesses have said he has trouble fitting lettuce in his mouth. Okay, where are you? Apparently has the world’s smallest penis and doesn’t know how to use it.


Olesya Rulin


  • March 17, 1986
  • Russian American actress


  • Kelsey [High School Musical]
  • Abby [Greek]


  • brown hair
  • medium length/ long hair
  • blue eyes
  • 1.52m


  • playable: teenager, young adult, adult
One Shot (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Chanyeol

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,638

Summary:  You’re a deadly assassin, hired to kill bad guys. But what if the bad guy doesn’t seem so … bad?

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So I see all your autistic Keith headcanons and raise you: autistic Keith with face blindness (Prosopagnia).

Face blind Keith who either simply wasn’t able to recognize Lance in the crashed pod because he’s never encountered him outside the context of the Garrison classrooms, or doesn’t want to admit that he’s not sure which of his past encounters with slim, brown-haired, medium-skinned males were with Lance.

Shiro adopting and maintaining that weird reverse-mullet-undercut hairstyle after he takes Keith under his wing because it helped Keith pick him out of crowds of dark-haired, light-skinned males all wearing the same uniform.

Keith calling Hunk “Big Man” because that was one of the identifiers he used for him.

Keith going from foster home to foster home and calling foster parents and foster siblings by wrong names of ones from previous homes because he’s never there long enough to learn to tell them apart.

Keith being seen as aloof and stand-offish at the Garrison but he really just doesn’t want to admit he has no idea who’s talking to him half the time.

Face blind Keith being ridiculously grateful for the fact that everyone on the Castle with him looks very different from each other because it means he never has to worry about mixing them up.

Keith being fascinated by cryptids because he doesn’t need to use faces to tell them apart.