medium basket


Summary: (Request) Bucky falls in love at first sight with the reader. 

Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be his favorite.

Word count: 366

Bucky grumbled as he heard a knock, standing off of the couch and began walking towards the door of his tiny apartment. He stared at you in awe, his height towering over your small frame as you stood in front of him. 

“Hi” you said, handing him the plastic bag. “These are for you.” Bucky raised his eyebrow in confusion whilst he took the bag from your gentle grip. “I see you around the market a lot often. I’m pretty sure plums are your favourite so I bought you a couple.” Despite his bewilderment, he couldn’t stop the smile from taking over his face. 

Bucky let out a chuckle as he turned his head towards the medium sized basket already filled with plums sitting right in the middle of the dining table. Your eyes immediately following his gaze, a blush crept on your cheek as your eyes widened in embarrassment. “Oh.” You muttered, a nervous laugh escaping your lips. “Too much?” Bucky shook his head. “I love plums. Can’t help it.” He joked. “Thank you, though.” 

“It’s nothing, really. I guess I should- I should get going.” You managed to speak. Bucky nodded, shutting the door as you walked away. “What the hell was I thinking? Plums!” You said in disbelief. “Unfuckingbelievable. Who gives out plums to their neighbor?” You scolded yourself as you entered the comfort of your apartment until you heard the quick, heavy thump of footsteps behind you. 

“Hey, did you run out of plums already?” You joked, Bucky couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he walked towards your direction. “Your name.” He said, a wee bit tense. “Y/N.” You replied. “James. Or Bucky.” He stammered. “Whatever you’d prefer.” You nodded, biting your lip in an attempt to hold back your smile. 

“Maybe you’d like to help me out with all the plums.” Bucky said as he flashed you a grin, crossing his toned arms in front of his chest. “Help you out?” You asked. “Well, I’ve got tons of it. Might as well eat ‘em with me.”

“I’d love to, Bucky.” You giggled, and it sounded so beautiful to his ears, Bucky swore he felt flowers grow in his lungs


Update on where the hell Jack went

Jack has returned to town, but he looks more determined than ever. He has obtained a medium-sized basket, food of some sort, and a book.

He’s been distracted by the Mayor, lemme see if I can read the book title….

…. You guys might want to interfere.

It’s a book on Heartless.

It takes a weaver three days to craft a medium sized basket which is hand woven from tall elephant grass (Pennisetum Purpureum) using techniques passed from one generation to the next. Traditionally baskets are made by women farmers who double as weavers to supplement their income during the dry season. Ghana baskets are from Bolgatanga, locally known as Bolga - in northern Ghana. Photo: Ogomeh

Hana’s selling things

I decided to make a new, updated post with the things I need to sell.

I just applied for college at my next school and that alone was $70, not to mention paying for the actual classes themselves. I just want to make a bit of cash to get the ball rolling, even if it’s not much.

Things I’m selling include mainly anime-related things, including FMA, Bleach, Naruto, Soul Eater, Pokemon, and tons more!

Please have a look if you’re interested in any of the items below, and message me if you see something you’d like. Paypal only, and I can ship worldwide! 

I’d really appreciate if you could boost this post if you can’t afford!

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