medium ash brown

katistrophe  asked:

Are you still doing the OC questions? If so, 5, 6, and 16?

Indeed I am and thank you for the ask! :D

Questions About Creating Your OCs

5: Is there any significance behind their hair color?

Shiosh: I wanted him to be very passionate and fiery so I gave him red hair to reflect that. I am very inconsistent on what shade of red though but I try to make it a sort of cherry red.

Darash: I based it off of his in-game looks and at first I drew him with ‘medium ash brown’ hair but after a while I wanted to give it a more reddish tint (which reflects his Morrowind looks more tbh). I decided on ‘titian’ color but I think it’s more in league with ‘medium auburn brown’ now. I can’t remember any deeper reasoning behind the choices though.

6: Is there any significance behind their eye color?

…I have so few newer full color doodles of Shiosh, I’ll have to change that.

At first they both had the same kind of eyes, dark red sclera with white iris. I had difficulty drawing them that way though, also it made them look like vampires, so I quite recently finally decided on changing them instead of forcing myself to continue drawing them in a way that I didn’t enjoy.

I made both sclera and iris the same color while drawing the iris darker or lighter now and then, because I am an inconsistent doodler. 

I gave Shiosh a darker cherry red tint to match his hair and Darash ‘blood orange’ since I thought it would, once again, go well with his hair.

16: What is something about your OC can make you cry?

Well it doesn’t make me cry but sometimes I feel kind of bad about not giving Shiosh a steady relationship since he yearns for it.