When I sat for my meditation tonight, I could feel my mind and heart defragmenting. Mind and heart are not separate but the way we live and experience can cause a schism between them. Most often to avoid pain. Tonight I could feel that false barrier soften in the balmy silence of stillness. This truth is part of what inspired the above tattoo–a constant reminder that will never allow me to forget this reality. Namaste. 



i dunno what those are.  are they the noise videos?  i’d be interested.

kinda, yeah!

I stole the heck out of these images, but it’s so much easier than trying to word a summary

basically asmr vids are like the human equivalent of palepr0n

it’s all ooooh, smooth out that paper very gently and talk softly about how your day went, prrrprr

Good men and women do exist, 

lots of them actually.  

You just have to—elevate to the

frequency they vibrate on,

in order to see and attract them.

– Lalah Delia

I have been thinking about what should be my first post of the year. I know it’s probably not a great deal for you, but… it is for me! So since last year ended with a tarot review, I thought I wanted to start it with another one!

As you can see from the title, today I am introducing the Starlight Dragon Tarot by Steph Engert and Nora Huszka. It is a very exciting review since there are many details to cover about this deck, starting with the box, which came signed! It is super sturdy, has a flip top, and it’s not only beautiful in the outside, but the inside too, as it is also decorated there. After opening the box, you can find a booklet and the cards.

So let’s start with the 120+ page booklet! It contains information about the deck and deck makers, design features, card meanings, card layouts, and other bits of information like a symbols key. In my opinion, the booklet is crucial to fully understanding and working with this deck as its so different from anything I’ve worked with before. The meanings section is divided into Major Arcana (with information about the dragon’s message, prompts and keywords), Minor Arcana (with card descriptions, messages and keywords) and the court cards (with a dragon’s message and keywords). Sometimes it’s written like a story or a poem so it’s not just a lot of information put together.

What I like the most are the cards themselves. There are 79 of them and they draw inspiration from dragons from all ages and cultures (which is one of my favourite things in this deck) in a very vibrant, expressive style. And as you may have noted, they have a square shape! Actually, these are “standing on tip-toe” to emulate dragon scales, to create new layout possibilities, and to be read as a mandala (since you can find different elements on their corners too). The suits, major arcana and extra card (the Dragon Eye) are colour coded. The minors are not as illustrated as the majors because there is an emphasis on numbers and elements, but of course the dragon elements are found on all cards.

The borders are matte gold which go really well with the rich colours on top of the black background, but as lovely as it looks I can see it already wearing away a little on the corners, so I try to handle the cards as carefully as possible. The colour play draws attention to key elements and they do have a geometric, mandala vibe. They look incredibly good when I tile them together! So I tend to pick at least four of them to meditate (whereas I pick one or two from other decks).

I don’t know about you but the Starlight Dragon Tarot makes me excited! It has a very energetic feel to it. So obviously if you like the dragon aesthetic or the stories about them, you are more than probably going to enjoy this deck; but also I think that it’s great if you’re looking for a cool, interesting tarot deck which exudes strength and hooks you up with its endless geometrical combinations. Make sure you visit Nora’s store so you can shop for this deck or any other Starlight Dragon goodies!

anonymous asked:

Ive very recently taken up meditation to try and help my pre existing anxiety, however im currently going through a period of loss and sorrow and im finding it particularly hard to focus my thoughts and its quite frustrating. Do you have any tips? Will it get easier? Will I eventually feel more at peace? Will it take a while?

You should see results right away. This frustration you feel is counter productive. Use a mantra, a candle or focus on the breath. Let the thoughts come but instead of reacting to them just let them pass by like drifting clouds. You cannot and must not be “goal oriented” in your meditation practice. Simply do. Meditate without expectations or desires. What is simply is and for once in our lives for a few minutes each day we just let the world be as it is without our desiring for it to be different than it is.

Please see: Sam’s Guide to Controlling Thought

Check out this deep, dark Black Moonstone!

Moonstone is thought to bring inspiration and intuition. People also believe moonstone is especially good at enhancing the wearer’s personality and feelings… That’s what it was used for by the Romans! It’s basically a great stone for reflecting. It shows things like they are, making it an AMAZING stone for meditation and self-discovery. I meditate with mine all the time!

As for love, this stone is present in much of the lore. It’s been said to stop lovers from quarreling, and many people believe that if you give your lover a moonstone during a full moon then your unity will always be filled with passion. Bow chica wow wow!

Black Moonstone specifically has its own unique powers. The darker the Moonstone, the more it connects you down to the earth. This healing crystal is often used for the base chakra, as they are great for spiritual grounding.

Black Moonstone is said to allow the wearer to perceive beyond the veil. Being so, Black Moonstones are very popular amongst shamans and clairvoyants. People believe it helps them to move between the unseen realms!

Black Moonstone is also sometimes called a “New Moon Stone.” It’s believed to channel the power and mysteries alike of the new moon. This stone helps the wearer see all things for their potential! In addition to enhancing your connection with new moon energy, some people believe that the Black Moonstone helps the wearer get in touch with the Divine Feminine.


An extended version of my piece “Reflections”, designed for relaxation/studying/meditation/etc - anything that involves focusing the mind. Or just listening if you like listening to long pieces xD hope you enjoy it