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hello! I'm an architecture student and I am working on a project of an individual house on a slope of 22%. would you have any tips for me?

You first have to decide what kind of project you wanna pursue. One that is over the slope (like a house on stilts), one that follows the slope (like terraces) or one that is under the slope (like carved into the slope). 

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Hello there, I'm having difficulties with designing a house with a sloping lot. Do you have any articles and advices you can link me to? It would be a great help :). Our professors would love for us not destroy the natural slope of the land too much. What type of house would you recommend?

First, you either build on the slope, in the slope or ignoring (hovering over) the slope. Second, determine the entrance level, it will help you organize the spaces. Third, use the levels to your advantage, have fun with it. 

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I don’t know about specific articles but you can check the houses included in this response to get some insight.