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Right in the heart of the University of Vermont, Burlington campus, there’s a big dormitory going up, with room enough for 700 students next fall.

The dorm is being set aside for students like Azilee Curl, a first-year studying neuroscience who has taken a pledge — of sorts — to live out her college career at UVM with her health in mind.

She’s part of a growing group on campus who all live together in a clean-living residence hall, have fitness and nutrition coaches at the in-house gym, and can access free violin lessons, yoga and mindfulness training.

There’s also zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol use here — one infraction and you’re out.

Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness: One ‘Party School’ Tries To Tame The College Brain

Illustration by LA Johnson/NPR

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Angel Obi-Wan has to deal with the fact that a) he can't hide what/who he is (cause glowing skin and wings made of light and unearthly beauty), b) every darksider/criminal/bad person in the galaxy wants to keep him as a trophy, and c) his adorable, over-awed padawan Anakin is steadily getting more and more possessive and protective every time that happens...

Feathery soft lashes rested against glowing cheeks as Anakin watched his master in awe, Obi-Wan’s quiet breaths filling the air of their shared room in the ship transport they were on.

It had taken Anakin a week to get used to the low dim in a darkened room as Obi-Wan glowed even when asleep, unable to control it as his body finally relaxed. There was a soft shifting noise, like a breeze of air and blue eyes shifted from the others face to his back, watching the glowing appendages of his back shift lightly.


Obi-Wan’s wings.

As intangible as air but as warm as Tatooine’s suns on his face with light just as bright this close.

Padme had the beauty of an angel of Iego. That’s what he had said and then he had meet an actual angel who huffed at him and rolled his eyes.

‘Half. I’m half an angel and its called Diathim.’ He had mumbled before turning to Master Qui-Gon, his face going from annoyance to worry, wings fluttering as he reached for the older man and rested healing hands on his shoulders.

Qui-Gon had just laughed and brushed the hands of him, smiling at Anakin with his deep blue eyes curved as he explained that Obi-Wan was from Milius Prime and his padawan, his learner. Obi-Wan had sighed and then smiled at Anakin too, careful hands helping the child up before helping his master as he apologized for his grouchiness.

Apparently he got a lot of attention because of his glow.

Attention of those who would keep him, chain him, make him do things that Anakin knew he shouldn’t really know about at his age but that a lifetime of slavery had imprinted into his mind. Things that Obi-Wan had no wish or desire to do.

Quietly he shifted of his bunk and moved to Obi-Wan’s bunk, crawling in with him as the redhead mumbled and automatically made space for him, arms wrapping around Anakin’s still desert slender frame.

This was his Master, an actual angel who smiled for him and let him curl up in his arms.


There’s something terrible in keeping Obi-Wan a prisoner.

Or perhaps its just in Anakin’s mind as he watches his Master be dropped into a glass container of all things, a collar around his neck that cuts him from the Force before he is levered up into the air.

They are using him like a Force damned light-bulb, raised over the party goers who can see him.

Anakin’s palms were sweating at his anger that he’s struggling to contain.

They were going to sell him.

Sell Obi-Wan to the highest bidder.

All of these people…

He bit his lips viciously, resisting the urge to just run in there and fight them all to save Obi-Wan.

So he watched the other Jedi wake and slowly sit up in the damn transparent bulb, kneeling in it with his hands examining the collar on his neck and a scowl on his face before Obi-Wan closed his eyes to meditate and ignore the party goers and comments about ‘pretty angels’.

Oh Anakin was going to take pleasure in the buffet table blowing up and scaring all these people.


“Anakin…” Obi-Wan sighed as the teen kept his arms tight around his waist, head buried into his side. “I’m fine. Its alright.” He murmured in assurance to the twelve year old, resting a hand in the others blond hair. “They didn’t hurt me.”

“I know, they wanted to sell you.” Was muttered into his tunic.

“…Anakin, I would have escaped the moment they let me out of the container.” Obi-Wan pointed out carefully. “They can’t bind my wings.”

Anakin didn’t answer, only tightened his grip on the Jedi.

No one was ever going to take Obi-Wan away from him.

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I loved the young hero ask. If its not much trouble, what about a young hero who is untrusting, closed off and scared of contact with others. Life has been total shit for them up until this point. And cuz of this they have trouble trusting and connecting to others. But so desperately wants too.

No prob! I actually have like two other requests coming up in my inbox to continue that post as well, so I guess you guys enjoyed that post! Makes me happy to hear. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

(Btw, this series takes place in a world where every OW character was actually a part of Overwatch, which is an AU in itself lol)

  • You and Hanzo get along really well. You’re both the ones who lean against the wall in the corner and don’t talk much. So, naturally, you eventually start talking lmao.
  • Gabe/Reaper is another companion of yours. He understands your inability to trust people, as does Hanzo, but Gabe has been treated horribly by life as well. And he’s managed to find his place. He wants to help you find yours.
  • Gabe wants you to try to start socializing and trusting people, but you have a request. You try to make a deal with Hanzo that you’ll start making friends, (or at least attempting to), if he at least tries to reconcile with Genji once.
  • He doesn’t agree, but just wait a while. Your progress’ll motivate him after a long while.
  • You feel more comfortable around the more mature/older agents, because a lot of the ones your age are flamboyant. You find it hard to feel confident in yourself around them at first.
  • Your first friend in your age group is Zenyatta. He’s just…too smart?? And super chill. You open up to him and he juST TAKES YOUR HEART IN HIS HANDS AND FIXES IT. It takes forever, but he restores a lot of the broken pieces of you.
  • You also meet Genji through that. You two start talking during meditation shit, and you tell Hanzo what his little bro is like these days. He doesn’t know you catch his sighs or bitter smiles he lets escape as you leave the room afterwards.
  • You do get the courage to start talking to the younger agents, aside from Zen, after a while. And you’re like, why did I avoid these people? Lena and Lucio are sweet as fuck and Hana is hilarious? Junkrat is honestly so ridiculous that you don’t even have to worry about being judged by him??
  • When you confess to people about your feelings/anxieties, the ones you get closer to offer their ways of helping. Zenyatta is one, but for example, say you and Lucio became really close. He’d find/make calming music for you whenever you were in an especially nervous situation. Say you and Genji get close; I see him joining you in conversation and throwing a supportive arm around your back if he sees you’re uncomfortable. 
  • Everyone just wants to help!! Also your close friends will definitely share their insecurities with you. Work together to heal!! Call Zenyatta and have a pizza meditation party!!!
What Travis and Katelyn were doing this whole time

My headcanons on what Travis and Katie were doing while people were dying 

Aaron- *Gets stabbed by Aphmau off of a cliff*

Travis and Katelyn- *Recording themselves lip singing to a typical rap song wearing hoodies and shades*

*Aaron and Ein throwdown*

Travis- What if ducks…. were people?

Katelyn- They’d probably be smarter then Zane tho

Aphmau- *Sees Aaron for the last time she’ll see him in a year*

Katelyn- Man, everyone must have had such an amazing time at the lodge.. I’m kinda jealous. We really got the short end of the stick here, Travis.

*Aaron and Aphmau reunite and cry in each other’s arms at Starlight*

Katelyn- Do you know anything that rhymes with orange?

Travis- Platorange.

Katelyn- A real word, please.

Travis- Purple.

Aaron- *loses his chill, goes full Ultima, turns Garroth*

Travis- Ba, ba da da ba, ba, ba, doo doo dooo doo

Katelyn- How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman,

Garroth- *Is screaming in bed because he’s being turned*

Travis and Katelyn- *peacefully meditating*

Everyone- *Has a party on a roof.*

Travis- Are you kidding me? 

Katelyn- What?

Travis- *points out the window* They’re having a party without us! 

Katelyn- Wait, what?

Travis- Are you- They invited their parents but they didn’t invite us. Who does that? And- Is that Zane? 

Katelyn- Travis, it’s no big-

Travis- Kate, they’re always doing stuff without us. We were the last ones to hear about Aaron being a werewolf, too!

Katelyn- And your point is…?

Travis- We should have a better party then them. So much better they’re be jealous and want to come over here BUT WE WON’T LET THEM.

Katelyn- Tra- Actually. That sounds fun!

Travis- Wait, really?

Katelyn- I don’t have anything else to do…and it has been a while since I’ve loosened up..

*They spend the rest of the night trying to get everyone’s attention by hosting a party on their roof, just the two of them…. but everyone doesn’t notice.. so Travis buys a giant speaker and blasts their favorite songs but they still don’t notice. Eventually it’s getting really late and while everyone else is still partying Travis and Katelyn lay down under the stars and talk and fall alseep and aaaa im sorry I had to*

Daphne’s Birthday Present

It’s the day of Rhys’s nineteenth birthday. As Abigail’s cronies, the Zenith, chatter in the background, Daphne slaves over Rhys’s birthday present.

She uncontrollably hisses in triumph when she finishes her Draught of Reconfiguration and brings it down to him.

“You’re a Prime Vampire now. With a little willpower, you should be able to get rid of your sloppy drinking and replace it with something better.”

Rhys has been iffy about accepting potions from Daphne in the past, but this one seems legit. He drinks it down.

After a few hours of focused meditation before his party, he feels the Dark Energy within him realign itself.

He gulps from a plasma pack and, for once, doesn’t spill! He waits, but no uncontrollable hissing starts. Grabbing a fish taco from the fridge, he begins to stuff it into his mouth, only to gag the second it touches his tongue. Seems like he gained the inability to eat mortal food!

Sure, it means he won’t be able to eat his birthday cake, but at least he won’t need to drain two plasma packs to everybody’s else’s one.

“Thanks, Auntie,” he says to Daphne. “It worked!”

“I needed someone to test it on,” Daphne replies. After a moment, she manages, “You’ll make a good Grand Master Vampire someday.”

Daphne is no longer actively mean, but she’s rarely actively nice. Rhys stares in shock then smiles. “Thanks.”