meditation on fathers and sons

Fatheralong: A Meditation on Fathers and Sons, Race and Society

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 by John Edgar Wideman

With resonant artistry and unflagging directness, Wideman examines the tragedy of race and the gulf it cleaves between black fathers and black sons. He does so chiefly through the lens of his own relations with his remote father, producing a memoir that belongs alongside the classics of Richard Wright and Malcolm X.  <book link

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I’m at this point with Teen Wolf where the thing I want to see the most is everyone rallying to save Scott.

Not because I want Scott to be in trouble (I very much do not), but because I want him to get the love, sacrifice and attention he deserves.

This is my favourite Thranduil + Legolas pic. I love how Orlando stands on the right side, a bit farther than his father, because he’s not just the king’s son but also a member of his guard, a fighter and protector, and Lee’s pose makes Thranduil even more majestic (if possible) than usual as he seems to be meditating on something.