meditation for strengthening your intuition and trusting yourself

Meditation for Strengthening Your Intuition and Trusting Yourself

As many of you know, I am leaving on my big trip today and my spiritual practice has been reflective of this.  I have been working on strengthening my intuition and developing a deeper sense of trust in my own instincts.

This practice draws its roots from Kundalini Yoga which clearly states that reality can only be experienced through intuition.  If it is your mind or fears controlling you, this is merely illusion.

Trusting your self and your intuitive instincts will help to guide you in all areas of your life…your health, relationships, recovery and is the most powerful connection that you have with divine energy.

As in my Chakra Balancing Meditation, the key of this practice is to focus on expansion:

1. Sit with a tall, straight spine

2. Fold your hands at your heart center with pointer finger up (like a Charlie’s Angels gun)

3. Focus on your Manipura 3rd Chakra just below the navel.  The colour should be a vibrant golden yellow, if it is not, bring your breath and energy there and experience the colour getting brighter.

4. Form a ring with your lips like you are going to say the letter ‘O’ and begin to breath inhaling for 4 seconds, exhaling for 4 seconds with your hands folded at your heart in the mudra.

5. As you breath envision a white light circling around your skull and entering through your Sahasrara 7th or crown chakra.

6. Work on this breathing until you intuitively have completed.

7. Once you have completed your breathing, sit for at least 5-10 minutes in the after glow as this is when your intuition will begin to speak to you and give you messages. Listen.