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“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” ~Greeta Iyengar

My simple, yet powerful, yoga altar.

Full Moon Water Scrying

The moon is growing stronger in the night sky, and the full moon will soon be upon us. A great way to channel the power of the full moon is to preform a full moon water scrying. 

All you need to do this ritual is a dark bowl and some water…and of course the light of the full moon. Th bowl can be a standard size bowl, the darker the color the better. I use a black bowl I purchased years ago at a dollar store. In some situations, if you are by a large body of water, gazing into the lake can serve the same purpose. A journal to record happenings in is another useful tool. Candles and incense are optional; however I prefer to preform this form of scrying within an open circle as a part of a full esbat ritual.

Outside, under the full moon, fill your bowl with water. Position yourself so that you can see the light of the moon reflecting back at you.

Sot back and breathe. Meditate for a moment, focusing on the light of the moon and the energy growing within you. When you feel it is time, gaze into the water and stare at the reflection of the moon.

Take note of anything you see. Keeping a journal near you may be helpful. Notice any ripples, or the direction the water is moving. If you feel a thought pop into your head write that down as well, it very well could be the moon telling you something. 
Focus, and when you feel there is nothing left to learn from the bowl, the scrying is done. come back to your circle, or just sit back, and relax. Meditate and think about what the moon was telling you.

This form of scrying is a little less obvious than some other forms; however, with practice any ‘patterns or thoughts will begin to come easier. Just focus on the light of the moon to guide your way.

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Please please someone help

I need help.
I very often have horrendous nightmares and every time I have one, I end up having them the whole night. I feel as if someone is standing in the middle of the room watching me when I wake up. I’m too afraid to go back to sleep as of now.

I REALLY NEED a cleansing ritual that does not involve burning anything. THESE ARE THE THINGS I HAVE. If the ritual can use any of this stuff that is preferable but it doesn’t have to.
-meditation bowl
-salt lamp
-jet stone
-regular filtered water from a brita filter

Thank you so much someone help me be able to sleep properly please


417Hz | CLEANSE NEGATIVE ENERGY with Tibetan Singing Bowls Music | 9 Hours 

I love really powerful ones like this that vibrate in my bones.


Russell Wilson, Seahawks Player, Super Bowl 2014 champ, and celebrity yogi

 The entire roster also participates in yoga class, which players enjoyed so much last year as an optional activity that the staff decided to make it a mandated part of player workouts this year.

The big idea is that happy players make for better players. Everyone in the facility, from coaches and players to personal assistants and valets, is expected to follow Carroll’s mantras regarding positivity of thought, words and actions. “Do your job better than it has ever been done before,” he tells them.”