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Horoscope and Tarot Overview for August 20-26, 2017

This is a busy week in the Cosmos with a New Moon Solar eclipse in Leo, a Sun sign change and Saturn finally moving direct. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday- The Moon is in Leo all day keeping us self-confident and proud of our accomplishments. The Sun in Leo quincunx Rx Chiron looking for a bit of healing energy that may help to take us down a peg if we are feeling haughty.  Mars sextiles Jupiter (with beneficial lunar aspects also) pushing us to achieve or at least plan our future despite the Balsamic Moon, it’s a good time to make choices, and expand our horizons. The energy surrounding tomorrow’s eclipse helps us find our direction.  Tonight, Rx Mercury semi-squares Venus complicating communications in relationships, although we may be quite sensitive trying to understand all sides it will help the big picture. 

Monday-The Moon stays in Leo long enough to form a Grand fire trine with The Sun, Rx Uranus, and Rx Saturn asking us to remain flexible in the face of change, and there is plenty of it.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 2:31 PM setting in motion a major shift in our perceptions for the next 6 months, especially in matters of romance, creative work and personal relationships. New beginnings are forming so maintaining flexibility is the key to success during this time.  The Moon moves into organized Virgo at 4:25 PM providing some much needed grounding energy.   

Tuesday- The Moon stays in Virgo all day helping us feel rooted in the face of intense cosmic energy.  Mars trines Rx Saturn helping us finish up old tasks before we move forward. Later tonight the Sun eases into rooted Virgo slowing our vibrations, adding a little sensuality and helping us stay on top of any details that need tweaking.   

Wednesday- is relatively quiet giving us a chance to catch our breath and assess where we are in the process of our shifting moods, mores and life goals. A lunar sextile to home planet Rx Mercury tries to straighten out any miscommunications if we are diligent.  The Moon moves into peaceful Libra tonight.   

Thursday-The Moon in Libra calms our energy while Venus trines Rx Chiron, then irritates Rx Neptune and squares Rx Uranus.  Rx Mercury semi-squares Jupiter-all these aspects show us healing is available if we cut through nonsense and listen to our gut intuition, a peaceful solution can help work out any relationship or communication kinks. Step away from too much information too fast, there may be exaggerated benefits that need to be sorted out before accepting anything that sounds too good to be true. Trust your gut above all else. Stay grounded and steady in the face of rapid change for the most benefit.  
Friday-The Moon stays in Libra all day with Saturn finally moving direct then forming a sextile to Libra helping us finish tasks and plan for our futures in a pragmatic and successful manner.  

Saturday- The Moon moves into Scorpio and Venus moves into Leo early this morning setting the stage for fun and excitement, passion and intensity and full on romance. We have a rooted stance with lunar sextiles to the Sun and Rx Mercury who align shortly after, so we can repair misguided communications and reset the balance in relationships.    

Tarot Cards of the Week- Temperance, 4 of Wands and 9 of Pentacles- we are called upon to remain balanced, and in charge of our intuitive healing gifts. Blend together talents to forge new paths. Build on what needs tweaking, spend some time alone, witness the riches surrounding you and take advantage of your own gifts of love and care.    

Chakras: third eye, throat, heart, and root 

Crystals: labradorite, sapphire, rose quartz, and black onyx 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, chamomile, rose, and patchouli 

Yoga- be mindfully connected to your practice with meditative poses    

When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help.

Leo Tolstoy

I continue to work on this every day.

When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.
—  Leo Tolstoy

So, today was obviously the Solar Eclipse in North America. Where I’m at it was only a partial one and even then it kinda looked like nothing. I was outside from 130pm to 3pm and the partial was supposed to happen at 2:47pm but all I got was the pictures above. Just the sun being the sun… ☀️ but I did a reading and meditation because the energy still felt pretty great.
The Reading was based on @lunaesteria ’s The Solar Eclipse Spread.

1. How am I feeling?
- The Sun. Happy, positive. The feeling of something good is coming soon. A sort of calm energy, though, as well. More confidence.
2. What is the source of my current emotions?
- Father of Cups. Probably relating to my Scorpio dom boyfriend (water/Cups). He’s kind of emotional but makes sure I’m happy. Like how he didn’t really care about the eclipse but made sure I was outside to see it.
3. What actions should I take next?
- 8 of Pentacles. Start looking for a job in order for the positive things to remain. It’ll give me energy and security. I’ll feel or remain happier and finally like I have my life together, for the both of us. “Be confident when applying and find something new to do for work. Something you haven’t done before” is basically what the card said. It doesn’t want me getting trapped in something I’ll get bored with.

I think that I’m in a really positive state of being right now and I think it’ll get better when I’m more productive and active. I think with school coming again soon and I just applied for jobs a while after the reading, I think I’ll be able to actually have energy and be happy again. Obviously tough times will still come along but I think I’m strong enough to handle them. The eclipse really had an affect on me, even if it was just a partial. I know a few people were upset about it not being a total one up here but… i don’t know my energy totally flipped.

Tell me about your solar eclipse rituals, experiences, and findings!!! If you’d like! 💕🌑☀️ Just send it to my ask!

New weekly format…

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for July 31-August 5, 2017

This week changes are the theme, confusing changes but shifts none the less. The good news is, we will be quite centered in our intuitive gifts, exercise that knowledge and use it well to navigate through the rough spots.  

Sunday- Double Venus aspects-a square to Chiron and a sextile to Neptune, both in Pisces and retrograde, bringing sentimentality, a slip in our confidence and a little extra instinctive boost. The Moon is in Scorpio with squares to Mars and the Sun in Leo indicating a bout of jealousy or stubborn ride that can ruin an otherwise lovely day. Mars also collides with Rx Saturn which may jilt our memories about something we have forgotten to do. Pay attention.  

Monday- The Moon stays in Scorpio with a sextile to Rx Pluto anchoring our desires to finish old projects and reconnect with someone that ignites our passion. Venus moves into loving Cancer for the next 4 weeks bringing out our nurturing side in love, romance and our creativity.  

Tuesday- the Moon moves into flighty Sagittarius this morning with trying aspects to Venus, Jupiter, Rx Pluto and Mercury. This points to inadequate communications, delayed affections, a need to wander and or gossip a bit. Stay centered.  

Wednesday- The Moon stays in Sagittarius triggering a fire trine with Mars and the Leo Sun. Later there is a square to Rx Neptune and a sextile to Jupiter reminding us to look carefully at what is offered before accepting or moving forward with commitments or proposals no matter how enticing they are, it is not a stable day. Adding to the instability, Uranus stations direct and then moves retrograde at 10:49 PM EST, get ready for unexpected feelings, people and memories from the past.  

Thursday-The Moon stays in Sagittarius until tonight The Moon squares Rx Chiron and sextiles Rx Uranus tonight helping us tune into what needs healing in yourself and those around you in quite a startling fashion. The Moon moves into steady Capricorn at 8:37 pm  

Friday-The Moon in Capricorn opposing Venus, then a trine to mercury which may make communications troubling. . Jupiter squares Rx Pluto setting our work ethics into high gear, preparing us for new workloads by helping us clean up anything left hanging. Avoid exaggerations or staying too closely within the lines, either extremes will not assist the process. Tonight, a sextile to Rx Neptune will stir up old memories and creative insights in our dreams.  

Saturday- The Moon stays in solid Capricorn all day aligning with Rx Pluto in the same sign this morning then immediately squaring Jupiter. This may affect our optimism or impetus to improve our day with a little pessimistic thinking or an inability to move forward. Compounding these aspects, the Sun has two small irritating aspects to Rx Chiron and Rx Neptune that exposes where our faults or insecurities lie. Try to leave the past in the past so you can clear a path for bright insights and creative new ideas. It’s a good day to make peace with old unresolved issues.  

Tarot Cards of the Week- 9 of Swords, Ace of Wands and Knight of Wands- the early part of the week may bring startling revelations, handle them like a pro to ease your mind. Mid-week we may be industrious, inventive and ready to go forward but by the end of the week we may feel as if we are moving backwards. This week requires careful consideration and attention to fine details as well as our keen insights.  

Chakras: crown, third eye, heart and sacral 

Crystals: clear quartz, lapis, rose quartz and carnelian 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose geranium, rose and tangerine 

Yoga-a mixed practice of vinyasa and restorative poses and mindfulness meditation  

2007!Leonardo x Reader/SFW.

~I See Fire by Ed Sheeren is my 2007!Leonardo song, I don’t know why. But that line “keep careful watch of my brother’s souls…” it reminds me of him.
It’s perfect for him, go give a listen.

~Dating Leo before he leaves for training and when he goes…you don’t officially break up, but he tells you that he understands.
He understands if you get lonely or if you can’t wait for him and it’s the hardest thing he’s ever had to say.
But you’re waiting. And you tell him that.
“I’m waiting, Leonardo, okay? It’s only you…only you.”

~When he meets April in the jungle, he asks about everyone, including you. She tells him that you’ve been waiting, just like you said you would.
“She doesn’t really talk about it, you know how proud she can be…but Y/N really misses you.”

~Leonardo having a little photo of you that he carries with him through his journey. He takes it out, now worn out and a little faded, and looks at it.
Looks at you. And he just knows, he knows that it’s finally time.
“I’m coming home…”

~He sees Master Splinter first, of course he does. But that night, when he’s in his bed for the first time in forever…it doesn’t feel right. And when it’s so early that barely any light is on the sky, he slips out and goes to you.
He still knows the way, every single step of it. And then he’s there.

~He sees you through the window, fast asleep. He’ll come back in the morning, he decides. A look is enough. But then you’re awake and opening the window, saying his name.
And he’s slipping inside just like old times, right next to in bed. You’re here, you’re in his arms again. A hand cups your cheek so softly and you put your own cool hand over his.
“Please tell me you’re real…I’ve dreamed of you too much…” You whisper.

~“I’m here, Y/N, I’m really here…I dreamed of you too.”

~You feel the same and smell the same and, oh god, he’s missed this. He’s missed you. Leo is trying not to cry as he lays down in your bed and finally falls asleep.
He mouths ‘I love you’ to your sleeping form as his eyes close.

~It takes a while to get started again and you start by telling each other everything. You didn’t know where to send your letters but you have a box of them and you finally give them to the turtle.
Reading them is bittersweet.

~And you? You and Master Splinter are the only ones who know everything that happened while he was training. He told you everything.

~It takes a while to get back to things.
So much has changed since he left, for both of you, but you’re both determined to make it work. You waited too long to just give up on each other.
“I know things are different, Y/N…but I’m trying for you. I am.”
“I know. I am too.”

~You know things are going to be all right when you hear the turtles shouting as the run through the city. Leonardo lands on the fire escape and leans into kiss you before running off to joint his brothers.
“I’ll be over later! On your left, Raph!”

~Because he just looks so damn happy and you realize that you are too
And you mouth 'I love you’ as he leaves.

~You start hanging around the Lair again and the others love it.
Before Leo had left, you had been the couple, the only one. And they had teased you constantly about it. Making jokes, pretending to be disgusted when you were affectionate, asking when the wedding would be.
They return to calling you “Mom and Dad” on a daily basis.
“Mom’s home!!”
“Hey, Michelangelo.”

~Leonardo loves to cook and always does it with you. He says it’s calming for him and he always has a new recipe to try out. Date night is often the two of you in the kitchen, love songs playing in your iPod.
“What are you in the mood for tonight? Because I was thinking about making…”

~Leo holding you.
Because after months and months of missing you, it’s his favorite thing to do. You’ll often be somewhere reading and he’ll cuddle up to you, arms wrapped around you.
“Keep going, Y/N…”
No answers are needed because you love it when he does this.

~Leonardo rarely says I love you, he saves it. Mostly, though, he compliments you. Like, seriously, all of the time.
“You’re so pretty, Y/N.”
“I love it when you do that.”
“You have the cutest laugh.”
“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? Because you really, really are.”

~Leo trying to be the gentleman, the Prince Charming. Opens doors, pulls out chairs, brings you flowers when he can get them. Tells his brothers to “stop acting like…like THAT” whenever you come over.
Cue all turtles acting like morons and making dirty jokes. Leo is embarrassed but you’re laughing.

~You finally say I love you to each other.
He comes over late one night, after you’ve had a nightmare. He was gone again and he didn’t come back and now you’re crying and he’s holding you.
And he just says it.

~“I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too, Leo.”

~Leonardo meditating and you waiting for him to be done. He knows you’re there, he can sense you. And he smiles.

~Leonardo finding out about some attacks that occured when he was gone, all near your place. He wonders why you weren’t targeted, only to find out that Nightrider took care of the creep.

~Leo had asked his brothers to watch over you and take care of you (it had been such a strange conversation for the turtle)…but knowing what Raph did makes him…he’s not really sure.
But he does hug his brother.
“Alright, alright, get off of me. Ya weirdo…”

~It’s been a year since he’s been home, a year since his training had been over.
You’re in his bedroom, drawing in a notebook, when two hands suddenly take it away.
“Leo! What are you-”

~He kisses you. And you kiss back, falling onto the pillows and the turtle breaks away and says
“I love you.”

~And you say it right back.

~“I love you, Leonardo…”

Favorite Color

       Donatello sat at his computer system scanning the various computer monitors showing the New York city underground as well as various programs. Luckily everything was looking slow. He stood up and stretched. He needed coffee.

      He walked through the lair and passed the couch. The smell of grapes wafted across his snout, barely a fault in his stride he chalked the smell up to his sleep deprived mind.

      Once in the kitchen he reached for the coffee pot and poured the last mug full of the dark liquid. It had become cold long ago but he didn’t want to make a whole new pot just for himself. It was only five in the afternoon; his brothers shouldn’t be up for another couple of hours. He threw the mug in the microwave and waited until it was just shy of boiling.

      As he walked back into the living area he nearly choked. A waterfall of purple hair that perfectly matched his mask fell like a waterfall from the arm of the couch. Y/N was laying on the couch asleep, most likely taking a nap so she could hang out with them later.

     He didn’t know how long he was staring but he quickly adjusted his glasses as she began to stir. He watched as she stretched and her hair spiked in various places as she swept it up into a ponytail before hiding it in a beanie. She never wore those.

       That’s when Mikey appeared. “Y/N! Honeybun! What are you doing here?” he asked as he plopped down next to her. Donnie rolled his eyes at the nickname, first April being called Angel Cakes and now Y/N is Honeybun. She laughed, “Don’t you remember Mikey? We were going to go a few rounds of Mario Kart before Leo finishes meditating and shows me how to block using his swords.”

       “Oooh yeah!” Mikey all but jumped up from the couch to set up the console. Once on his feet he paused and sniffed the air “Hey Y/N do you smell grapes?” She blushed and laughed, a hand making its way up to her hat. “Oh yea, it’s a new shampoo I got from my … uh cousin yea! She told me to try it out, said that it would help with split ends.” She said as she reached for her phone, probably to shut off an alarm.

        “Then what’s with the hat Shorty?” Raph asked with a smirk as he made his way to the couch. Donnie glanced at his watch. Was it really six already? How long had he been standing there? He took sip of his coffee. It was stone cold. Quickly and quietly he made his way back into the kitchen, luckily it had two entrances. Donnie started a new pot of coffee as he listened to the commotion in the other room.

        “My hat?” There was a slight pause, he could tell she was trying to come up with something. “Oh, just trying a new style, it looks so cute on Savanna I wanted to try it out.” He heard Raph give a low hum like the one he gives Mikey when Mikey says he didn’t do something but Raph doesn’t believe him.

        He could hear the padding sound of her feet. Having long since become familiar with the sound during the many nights she stayed over with them for one reason or another. He felt a small pressure on his shell and looked down knowing she was there. She looked up and met his eye, he swore his skin became a few shades darker as he felt himself blush. She smiled softly at him and glanced at the coffee pot. “I smelled the coffee, I can never make it as good as you do it.”

       He swallowed, not trusting his voice he just reached into the make shift cabinet he had built for the mug that was specially set aside for her. He made her cup just the way she liked it before pouring himself his own. He watched as her nose crinkled as it burned her mouth. He smirked trying to hide his amusement no matter how many times she’s had coffee at the lair it never fails to burn. He had tried more than once to make her wait as the “improved” coffee pot made the coffee come out significantly hotter than anything bought but it either ended with her ignoring him or she totally forgot about her mug.
He looked away from her to the door way that led to the living room. He could hear Mikey and Raph mumbling in there but couldn’t make out the words. When those two got together it never ended without some sort of mess. A second later Mikey came jumping into the kitchen.

       “Hey honeybun! You gonna come play or what?” He asked as he hugged her and nearly made her spill her coffee. “Yea I’m coming, just put me as Yoshi.” Before she could finish her sentence, Mikey took off like a shot to get the game started. Y/N followed shortly after but not before she placed the now empty mug in the sink to be washed later. As she walked through the door way he heard Mikey call “Hey Don! Want to come play?”

       He walked to stand in the door way. “Nah, I’ll watch a round or two but I have to finish running a code.” He said, he could’ve sworn he saw a flash of disappointment flash over Y/N’s face. A few minutes passed as he studied Y/N’s face trying to figure out if he really saw disappointment or if it was his imagination. He noticed how focused she got while trying to beat Mikey in the race, Yoshi battling for 1st place with Bowser. He almost didn’t notice Raph getting closer to the two. Don’s brow furrowed slightly, odd Raph rarely watches unless they are playing some fighting game.

      In a split second, Don barely seeing it himself, Raph grabbed the hat and pulled it off freeing the once Y/H/C now turned purple free from its hiding place. Y/N let out a yelp and tried to reach for the hat but it was too late, all of them saw her hair. Even Leo who had just opened the sliding door to the Dojo.
The whole room was silent with exception of the game music in the background. The silence didn’t last for long “DUUUDDDEEEE!!” Mikey’s voice seemed to break some sort of trance and Y/N took off faster than any of the turtles had seen her move other than while training.

      Donnie followed Y/N into the lab. He found her sitting on his bed, blanket covering her head. She had a book in her hand but he could tell she wasn’t really reading it, the book was upside down. “Y/N?” he called out. She looked up at him, her face was noticeably flushed.  He cleared his throat “So um …” he coughed before readjusting his glasses. “The hair is interesting” he said as he sat next to her and pushed the blanket off. “Why purple?” he asked. She brushed her fingers through it before looking up at him. “It’s my favorite color.” She smiled when she noticed his snout become a few shades darker.

Imagine your favouriteTurtle subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

Leo would always ask you to join him whenever he was doing anything, meditating, practicing in the dojo, reading, cooking, and it had allowed you both to grow closer and closer as friends. You loved how he always knew what to do when you were sad and was always there by your side when you needed him, you considered him to be the one person on earth you could share all of your secrets with. One day however, while Leo was meditating and you were sitting reading a book beside him, you noticed your one hand on the floor had pressure on it, another hand worth of pressure to be exact. You glanced down to find Leonardo’s hand atop yours, his hand was large and warm and his skin against yours was mesmerising. Slowly his fingers began to knit with your own and you couldn’t help but notice how loud your heart was beating, Leo was your best friend, but oh how you had wanted to hold his hand sooner, you had thought it ridiculous and that Leo was far too good of a friend, you had not wanted to screw anything up but here he was! Holding your hand as if it was second nature. When you finally managed to remove your eyes from your intertwined fingers and examine Leo’s face, he still appeared to be in deep meditation, although you could make out a hint of a smile and a light blush forming on his cheeks.

Raphael was not good at physical contact, he thought himself too big and cumbersome to even brush against you in fear he would hurt you, but oh did he want to hold you, your hands particularly, they were so small and delicate to him, he was a turtle obsessed, your hands would captivate him, when you were drawing, writing, anything! He would watch them practice their art hoping that you wouldn’t catch him in the act, until one day you did. You knew he was there, you had noticed when he sat down on the couch opposite you, at first you gathered he was watching the tv but as your eyes darted to and fro on your sketch book you would notice his head turned towards you. As you looked up from your work at Raphael he quickly turned his head to the tv, “would you like to see what im drawing? You keep looking over, you must be super curious”, “well, ummm yeah I guess”. Raphael moved over behind you to see your sketch, he watched as your hands moved to complete some shading on the work. Raphael couldn’t help himself, his hand moved to yours, as if to examine how something so small could create something so beautiful on a canvas, he realised far too late that he was in fact holding your hand and as he did his cheeks became red and heated, he quickly withdrew but you turned and slowly reached to reclaim his hand with your own, you too were scarlet red now but it felt nice, you sat for a while studying the other, the shear size difference was amazing, it wasn’t until you looked up that you noticed Raph had been starring at you for a while, you had known for a long while that the red clad turtle held your affections but the way his eyes bore into yours did you realise how hard you had fallen.

Donatello couldn’t believe you, you were beautiful, smart, and absolutely hilarious and not to mention that your smile was more magnificent than any invention he could ever come up with, you would always stroll directly towards his lab whenever you would visit the lair, always curious as to what inventions Donatello’s incredible brain had thought up today. You opened the door to the lab to find Donatello hunched over his desk scribbling notes furiously, you made your way over to Donnie and stretched on your tippy toes to see over his shoulder. You only managed to make out the words ‘Plan to hold’ before the papers were flipped and your line of sight was replaced with Donatello’s panicked eyes and a very rushed “y/n! Hey! hi! what’s going on? how are you? you’re here earlier than expected, ummmmm, can I ummm, can I get you anything?” Donatello looked into your eyes frantic and afraid of how much you had seen of his ‘plan’.
“hahaha hey Donnie, sorry for sneaking up on you, I didn’t mean to”.
There it was, that smile that made Donatello’s heart ignite with joy, it was time to put his plan into action.
“hey ummm y/n, can I ask you something?”
“of course Donnie, anything you need”. Oh gosh he’d done it now, no going back.
“well, I was ahhh, wondering if you would help me with an experiment?”
“Of course Donnie, you know I love helping you out”
“oh ummm okay alright, ummm I was just thinking to myself, hey what is the anatomical difference between my hand and yours, on account of myself having three fingers and you having five, if I could get some sketches and data I would really appreciate it”
“of course! here”; you grabbed Donatello’s hand in your own and placed the other in it. Donatello nervously gripped your hand, but his eyes were too focused on your face to even look down, he watched as you stared at your own hand in his before looking down and realising that he had taken you hand in both of his and was lightly stroking your palm with his thumb. He quickly stopped and looked up again at your face, there was that smile again accompanied with a rose flush on your cheeks. “hey Donnie, I want to tell you something, I kind of, ummm, well I think you’re pretty amazing and…” you were cut off by fingers interlocking with yours and a huge smile from the purple turtle, “I feel exactly the same way about you y/n”.

Mikey was slick, he was suave, he knew that he liked you and he was pretty sure you didn’t mind his consistent flirting, he was always touchy feely and would always find any excuse to hug you, be near you or just outright have some form of physical contact. But how he longed to be more than the jokester, the flirt that was never taken seriously, he wanted to hold your hand and have you know what he felt for you, he knew that with that one act you would know that his jokes, his comments that were always passed off as Mikey being Mikey were to him as serious as the last slice of pizza. He had made up his mind, today angelcakes would realise how he felt about you, and he hoped that you would feel the same. Right on schedule you arrived at the lair, unnaturally though today you were greeted not by Mikey but Raph sitting on the couch knitting, “Hey Raph, where is everyone?” “Leo’s practicing, Donnie is fixing the tv and Mikey is probably somewhere crying because the tv got busted” “oh okay, thanks”. Raph glanced up to see you wander towards Mikey’s room, Mikey had asked him for advice on you, which Raph had replied with a shoulder shrug and “tell her how you feel, if she likes you back then she likes you back”, Mikey hadn’t thought that advice was wonderful but took it on board anyway. As you reached Mikey’s room you realised the door was ajar, with a quiet hello you pushed it open to find Mikey talking to himself, he was mumbling so you couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but you assumed it was something about the tv. Mikey, noticing your sudden arrival beamed from ear to ear “Y/N! hey, sorry I didn’t quite hear you come in hehehe, but also I wanted to ask you a question about something, is that cool?”
“of course Mikey, whats on your mind?”
“well”, Mikey moved to his bed to sit down and patted the spot next to him. You moved to take a seat and before you realised what was happening Mikey had grasped your hand in his. “y/n, I really like you, a lot, even more than pizza, you’re special to me and I know you probably think of me as a big doofus, I really want you to know how I feel”. Mikey stared at your eyes before realising that you were squeezing his hand just as he was to yours, he looked down, then back up, only to be met with a huge smile. “I really like you too Mikey”, well that was it Mikey had left this plane of existence, his angelcakes liked him just as much as he liked you, and furthermore you were still gripping his hand, and Mikey was pretty sure that he never wanted to let go.
Imagine your favourite character subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

You're An Idiot: 2012 Leo X Reader

Requested: Anonymous asked: Hey! Could you please write something with 2012 Leo? Anything about being his bestfriend? Thank!☺️

Prompt: You and Leo are best friends, but after the big battle in New York City, you start to spiral into sadness due to his coma and many injuries. You spend day and night watching over him until Donnie tells you that you finally need to rest.

Word Count: 1,366

Warnings: Somewhat angst-y?

Author’s Note: I just want to say thank you for being my first request! That means a lot to me! Also, I feel this could’ve been done better

Your name: submit What is this?

You remembered meeting Leo when he and his brothers accidentally crashed through your parents’ shop at four in the morning. You didn’t exactly remember what you were doing down there so late at night, but you did recall your parents saying they got a fresh shipment of your favorite candy the day before. You remember screaming your lungs out before Leo clamped a hand over your mouth in sheer panic. The gigantic dog-like creature they were fighting heard you and used your as leverage to get to the turtles. After that it was all a blur, but you remembered waking up in Donatello’s lab and the turtles and Splinter having to explain everything to you. When you went home, Leo came to check up on you after that to make sure you were okay.

After that point, you two started hanging out more and became best friends. And as of now, you were biting back your quiet sobs as it was late at night and the others were sleeping. But you? You were too nervous to even close your eyes for more than two seconds.

You had stayed up late every night without letting the others notice your impending fatigue, making sure Leo was alright. Raph was right there with you, but he fell asleep a lot easier than you did. In the dead of night, you would tend to his wounds and contemplate how life had ended up this way now that you, April, Casey, and the turtles were all living on the outskirts of New York in April’s old summer home. It frightened you to think of what became of everyone you loved back home. You had a family, human friends, and a life back there. Now… now it was all left behind.

“Y/N?” You heard a soft, tired voice call from the hallway.

Your head turned towards the sound of the voice and you noticed Donatello standing in the doorway with a confused and sleepy look on his face. You knew what he was going to say, so you just looked down at your hands to avoid his gaze.

“It’s almost 2:30 in the morning. What are you doing up so late?” Donnie asked.

“I couldn’t sleep,” You replied. “Too busy thinking about things.”

“Y/N, I know what you’re doing. And if Leo was awake he’d-”

“But that’s the thing,” You said, cutting him off, finally looking up at him. “He’s not. And I can’t sleep knowing he’s like this.”

“Listen, I’m going to go off on a limb and say this isn’t the first time you’ve done this. Am I right?” You remained silent. “That’s what I thought. Your health is just as important as his, Y/N. You’ve barely even eaten lately and you need rest, especially after everything that happened in New York. Leo would say the same, and you know that.”’

You knew he was right, but you were too stubborn to tell him so. Instead, you stood from your seat next to Leo’s bed and slowly walked out of the room toward the one April told you that you could occupy. You didn’t bother getting changed, you just let your body fall onto the duty, unused bed, hoping that sleep would come to you soon. It took a while, but you eventually were able to clear your thoughts- something you learned from the occasional meditation session with Leo- and finally find peace in slumber.

You woke up the next morning hearing sounds of rejoice and celebration in another room. You peeled back your eyelids in confusion, only to receive a face full of sunlight coming from the open window beside your bed. You squinted for a moment, rubbed your eyes, and turned over so your back was facing the window. When the light wasn’t in view, you tuned in on the conversation. It was a bit hard to hear since everyone’s voices were overtop of one another, so you went out to look for yourself.

You noticed everyone crowded in the room Leo was sleeping in. And then you heard his voice… Leo’s voice… But it was different, lower, rougher.

Before you even stepped through the threshold you felt the tears form in your eyes. You stared in awe and shock as you noticed Leo leaning upward, talking to his brothers while April and Casey watched happily from the back.

“And Y/N, is she…?”

“I’m fine.” You said, barely above a whisper.

Everyone’s heads snapped towards you. You tilted your head down, shadows from your hair covering your face like a curtain to hide your eyes. Five out of the six who were already in the room could sense your lingering sadness at the sight of Leo, but only one was oblivious to your true feelings at that moment, and I’m sure everyone can figure out who it was.

“Y/N! Look, Leo’s awake!” Mikey shouted happily, bounding over to your side giddily, completely unaware of the tears you were struggling to hide. “Y/N?”

“Uh, Mikey, let’s go outside for a minute.” April offered, putting her hand on his shoulder in order to get him out of the room.

“What? Why?”

“Let’s just go, Mikey.” Raph said, dragging his younger brother outside of the room.

When you heard the door close, Leo finally spoke up. “Y/N, I-”

“Do you know how much I worried?” Your voice was soft and shaky, as if you were struggling to pull out the words. “When they found you… and I saw your limp body… I-I felt like hope was lost. I felt as though I had not only lost my city and my family… but that I lost my best friend. Do you have any idea how awful that feels?!”

Leo flinched when he heard how loud your voice had gotten. You got angry sometimes, sure, but never with him. Not like that. He had fought creatures and villains big and small, but seeing you in such despair almost frightened him. Seeing his best friend that way was something he never, ever wanted to see; but there you were, tears running down your face, leaving behind streaks of glistening saltwater in their path.

“I’m sorry.” Leo looked down at his bruised hands, so he didn’t have to look at you.

“Did you hope you could just play the hero card then? Did-Did you hope that going off on your own would make you invincible? Because guess what Leo? You’re not! I’m not invincible! Your brothers aren’t invincible! No one is! And you’re an idiot if you think that!”

He was silent, knowing that your words were only full of truth.

“Gosh, do you know what I’d do if I lost you?” You ran your finger through your hair as best you could with your trembling fingers. He finally looked back at you, his eyes wide with wonder. “I’d go insane. The one person who actually wants to listen to me and listens to what I have to say would be gone from my life. Could you imagine that? Because I don’t want to.”

“Neither do I.” Leo spoke.

“So promise me something.” You sat at the edge of Leo’s bed and looked him in the eye. “P-Promise me you won’t try to be the leader without your brothers. If you had gotten… well, you know… Point is, your friends need you. Your family needs you! Heck, I need you!”

“Y/N…” Leo was too awestruck to say anything. “I-I…”

“Promise.” You demanded.

“I promise.”

“Good.” You sighed.

“What happens now?” He asked.

“You heal and rest. Donnie told me before that you have a lot of severe injuries that’[ll take awhile to heal. So don’t leave this bed, okay? I mean it.” You said strictly.

“What did I do to get a best friend like you?”

“You crashed through the window of my parents’ shop, remember?” You laughed.

Just on the other side of the door, April and Raphael stood, listening intently through the wicker door with stupid grins on their faces.

“How long before they confess their feelings for each other?” April wondered. “I give it a month.”

“I give it two weeks.” Raph smirked.

The Boys' Search History

We all know that we would find porn eventually but what else would we find?

Leo: Katas, meditation techniques, order history from Teavana, DIY Weapon polishes, he likes to search for jewelry for his s/o (preferably sapphires), and he would also order some stuff for Master Splinter because he’s a good son.

Raph: Protein shake info, ways to calm down if you’re angry (he really is trying), Nicki Minaj music videos (his anaconda DO), crochet and knitting patterns for sweaters and scarves and hats for his s/o, and wood carving artsy stuff on Pinterest (don’t tell ANYONE).

Donnie: He already knows quite a bit, but I imagine Donnie being a good guy and helping out college kids on Yahoo answers. He’ll see a simple (in his mind) trig or physics problem and solve it with ease. He also googles new ways to improve his security feeds. Some are a bit buggy since the Shredder trashed the lair. But he also searches computer repairs and occasionally for some good music.

Mikey: EVERYTHING. Cat videos, dance routines, art tutorials, JOHN CENA MEMES. But believe it or not Mikey spends his internet time in 2 places mainly (3 if you count porn): YouTube and Gaming forums. He does like cat videos but he mostly looks up hip hop dances to learn. And Mikey LOVES games and is constantly finding cheats, so he shares his knowledge with the world. Good Gamer Mikey.

Sleepy Turtles

Sleepy Don: Snuggled on the couch in the wee hours of the morning with five empty coffee cups, glasses askew, reading till his eyes hurt. Lots of adorable yawning.

Sleepy Mikey: Cocooned in a blanket, refusing to go to bed until he beats this level. Keeps making sandwiches every half hour, wakes up covered in crumbs.

Sleepy Leo: Meditation isn’t a replacement for sleeping and he finds out the hard way via drifting off asleep in a uncomfortable and stupid pose that mikey totally has pics of.

Sleepy Raph: Nothing could stop him from napping. Ultimate nap man. Could fall asleep anywhere. Probably was found on the kitchen counter once and standing up asleep.