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When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help.

Leo Tolstoy

I continue to work on this every day.

When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.
—  Leo Tolstoy

Imagine your favouriteTurtle subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

Leo would always ask you to join him whenever he was doing anything, meditating, practicing in the dojo, reading, cooking, and it had allowed you both to grow closer and closer as friends. You loved how he always knew what to do when you were sad and was always there by your side when you needed him, you considered him to be the one person on earth you could share all of your secrets with. One day however, while Leo was meditating and you were sitting reading a book beside him, you noticed your one hand on the floor had pressure on it, another hand worth of pressure to be exact. You glanced down to find Leonardo’s hand atop yours, his hand was large and warm and his skin against yours was mesmerising. Slowly his fingers began to knit with your own and you couldn’t help but notice how loud your heart was beating, Leo was your best friend, but oh how you had wanted to hold his hand sooner, you had thought it ridiculous and that Leo was far too good of a friend, you had not wanted to screw anything up but here he was! Holding your hand as if it was second nature. When you finally managed to remove your eyes from your intertwined fingers and examine Leo’s face, he still appeared to be in deep meditation, although you could make out a hint of a smile and a light blush forming on his cheeks.

Raphael was not good at physical contact, he thought himself too big and cumbersome to even brush against you in fear he would hurt you, but oh did he want to hold you, your hands particularly, they were so small and delicate to him, he was a turtle obsessed, your hands would captivate him, when you were drawing, writing, anything! He would watch them practice their art hoping that you wouldn’t catch him in the act, until one day you did. You knew he was there, you had noticed when he sat down on the couch opposite you, at first you gathered he was watching the tv but as your eyes darted to and fro on your sketch book you would notice his head turned towards you. As you looked up from your work at Raphael he quickly turned his head to the tv, “would you like to see what im drawing? You keep looking over, you must be super curious”, “well, ummm yeah I guess”. Raphael moved over behind you to see your sketch, he watched as your hands moved to complete some shading on the work. Raphael couldn’t help himself, his hand moved to yours, as if to examine how something so small could create something so beautiful on a canvas, he realised far too late that he was in fact holding your hand and as he did his cheeks became red and heated, he quickly withdrew but you turned and slowly reached to reclaim his hand with your own, you too were scarlet red now but it felt nice, you sat for a while studying the other, the shear size difference was amazing, it wasn’t until you looked up that you noticed Raph had been starring at you for a while, you had known for a long while that the red clad turtle held your affections but the way his eyes bore into yours did you realise how hard you had fallen.

Donatello couldn’t believe you, you were beautiful, smart, and absolutely hilarious and not to mention that your smile was more magnificent than any invention he could ever come up with, you would always stroll directly towards his lab whenever you would visit the lair, always curious as to what inventions Donatello’s incredible brain had thought up today. You opened the door to the lab to find Donatello hunched over his desk scribbling notes furiously, you made your way over to Donnie and stretched on your tippy toes to see over his shoulder. You only managed to make out the words ‘Plan to hold’ before the papers were flipped and your line of sight was replaced with Donatello’s panicked eyes and a very rushed “y/n! Hey! hi! what’s going on? how are you? you’re here earlier than expected, ummmmm, can I ummm, can I get you anything?” Donatello looked into your eyes frantic and afraid of how much you had seen of his ‘plan’.
“hahaha hey Donnie, sorry for sneaking up on you, I didn’t mean to”.
There it was, that smile that made Donatello’s heart ignite with joy, it was time to put his plan into action.
“hey ummm y/n, can I ask you something?”
“of course Donnie, anything you need”. Oh gosh he’d done it now, no going back.
“well, I was ahhh, wondering if you would help me with an experiment?”
“Of course Donnie, you know I love helping you out”
“oh ummm okay alright, ummm I was just thinking to myself, hey what is the anatomical difference between my hand and yours, on account of myself having three fingers and you having five, if I could get some sketches and data I would really appreciate it”
“of course! here”; you grabbed Donatello’s hand in your own and placed the other in it. Donatello nervously gripped your hand, but his eyes were too focused on your face to even look down, he watched as you stared at your own hand in his before looking down and realising that he had taken you hand in both of his and was lightly stroking your palm with his thumb. He quickly stopped and looked up again at your face, there was that smile again accompanied with a rose flush on your cheeks. “hey Donnie, I want to tell you something, I kind of, ummm, well I think you’re pretty amazing and…” you were cut off by fingers interlocking with yours and a huge smile from the purple turtle, “I feel exactly the same way about you y/n”.

Mikey was slick, he was suave, he knew that he liked you and he was pretty sure you didn’t mind his consistent flirting, he was always touchy feely and would always find any excuse to hug you, be near you or just outright have some form of physical contact. But how he longed to be more than the jokester, the flirt that was never taken seriously, he wanted to hold your hand and have you know what he felt for you, he knew that with that one act you would know that his jokes, his comments that were always passed off as Mikey being Mikey were to him as serious as the last slice of pizza. He had made up his mind, today angelcakes would realise how he felt about you, and he hoped that you would feel the same. Right on schedule you arrived at the lair, unnaturally though today you were greeted not by Mikey but Raph sitting on the couch knitting, “Hey Raph, where is everyone?” “Leo’s practicing, Donnie is fixing the tv and Mikey is probably somewhere crying because the tv got busted” “oh okay, thanks”. Raph glanced up to see you wander towards Mikey’s room, Mikey had asked him for advice on you, which Raph had replied with a shoulder shrug and “tell her how you feel, if she likes you back then she likes you back”, Mikey hadn’t thought that advice was wonderful but took it on board anyway. As you reached Mikey’s room you realised the door was ajar, with a quiet hello you pushed it open to find Mikey talking to himself, he was mumbling so you couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but you assumed it was something about the tv. Mikey, noticing your sudden arrival beamed from ear to ear “Y/N! hey, sorry I didn’t quite hear you come in hehehe, but also I wanted to ask you a question about something, is that cool?”
“of course Mikey, whats on your mind?”
“well”, Mikey moved to his bed to sit down and patted the spot next to him. You moved to take a seat and before you realised what was happening Mikey had grasped your hand in his. “y/n, I really like you, a lot, even more than pizza, you’re special to me and I know you probably think of me as a big doofus, I really want you to know how I feel”. Mikey stared at your eyes before realising that you were squeezing his hand just as he was to yours, he looked down, then back up, only to be met with a huge smile. “I really like you too Mikey”, well that was it Mikey had left this plane of existence, his angelcakes liked him just as much as he liked you, and furthermore you were still gripping his hand, and Mikey was pretty sure that he never wanted to let go.
Imagine your favourite character subtly trying to get you to hold their hand, doing things like casually brushing their hand against yours in the hopes that you’ll respond in kind

The Boys' Search History

We all know that we would find porn eventually but what else would we find?

Leo: Katas, meditation techniques, order history from Teavana, DIY Weapon polishes, he likes to search for jewelry for his s/o (preferably sapphires), and he would also order some stuff for Master Splinter because he’s a good son.

Raph: Protein shake info, ways to calm down if you’re angry (he really is trying), Nicki Minaj music videos (his anaconda DO), crochet and knitting patterns for sweaters and scarves and hats for his s/o, and wood carving artsy stuff on Pinterest (don’t tell ANYONE).

Donnie: He already knows quite a bit, but I imagine Donnie being a good guy and helping out college kids on Yahoo answers. He’ll see a simple (in his mind) trig or physics problem and solve it with ease. He also googles new ways to improve his security feeds. Some are a bit buggy since the Shredder trashed the lair. But he also searches computer repairs and occasionally for some good music.

Mikey: EVERYTHING. Cat videos, dance routines, art tutorials, JOHN CENA MEMES. But believe it or not Mikey spends his internet time in 2 places mainly (3 if you count porn): YouTube and Gaming forums. He does like cat videos but he mostly looks up hip hop dances to learn. And Mikey LOVES games and is constantly finding cheats, so he shares his knowledge with the world. Good Gamer Mikey.

This took an incredibly long time to do, but here they are, all finished. The turtles corresponding sexuality gradients on the clan symbol. I’m considering getting the one I like most ( and correspond to) on t-shirt or a jacket or something. Maybe a nice jacket patch for when I get that motorcycle I keep saying I’m gonna have one day–but I digress. I’m off topic.

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What was and what is (ch3)


Two weeks, it had been two weeks since their youngest brother had reappeared. Two weeks since they’d beaten him so badly he had to be hospitalized. Sighing again Leo closed his eyes. In truth he hadn’t wanted to fight his brother. He’d hoped that Mikey being there had been a sign that the youngest brother had realized Splinter’s deception and had come to join them; and that maybe, just maybe they could go back to how things had once been. Even during the fight he’d spoken, trying to convince Mikey to stop. And yet…….

Doing his best to meditate Leo could not help but feel his mind pulled towards that night. When Mikey had thrown the bag on the ground and shown them what was inside ……Leo’s hearts had clenched in pain. After everything that had happened, after the lair had been destroyed and Leatherhead had been killed, and after having been on the run for years Mikey had still held onto those items. Again his heart clenched as he remembered the look of sadness that had filled Mikey’s face; his sorrow and pain illuminated by the fire that had slowly consumed those items he’d held so dear for so long.

In the back of his mind Leo could not help but also be a little mad at Raphael for having thrown the exploding kunai that had destroyed the bag and its contents. Even if Raph didn’t want his old sais back that didn’t mean that Donnie or he hadn’t wanted their items back. Working to regain his composer Leo felt his heart swell with pride as he remembered how Mikey had fought. Before, when they’d been younger Mikey’s fighting style seemed to be mostly cobbled together. A random and bazaar collection of attack, defense, and dodging that didn’t really fit into any true style of martial arts.

Yet as they’d fought in Shredder’s old hideout Mikey had shown a deep proficiency with his attacks and defense. He’d even surprised Leo at one point, managing to catch one of Leo’s downward slashes with his bare hands; mirroring the technique Leo had only seen great master’s use. But it wasn’t just his technique that had had impressed him. His stance was wider making it much more stable and secure. His attacks felt less comical; serious rather than the playful kicks, punches and jabs he’d used when he’d been younger. Mikey’s focus had improved immensely as well. During the fight Leo had been amazing at Mikey’s battle-focus and his ability to fight all three of them in rapid succession or even at the same time. Almost everything about Mikey had changed; he’d gone from being a comedian to a very serious fighter.

Abandoning his attempts at meditation Leo sighed and slowly stood up. as he moved a soft tone sounded through the room, coming from his left. Turning towards the sound Leo found that his tablet had received a message from Donnie, no doubt another report of Mikey’s condition. Reaching for the tablet Leo scanned the information Donnie had sent him.

Mikey’s recovery was going slowly, much slower than any of them had thought it would. The first thing Donnie had done was hook Mikey up to a series of IV bags to try and help replace the vitamins and nutrients that Mikey’s body had been lacking for so long. On paper this had seemed like a good and logical idea. In reality it had led to disastrous results. Mikey’s body had rejected the sudden surge of nutrition; sending the small turtle in a seizer that Donnie had struggled to contain. Now even weeks later Donnie was still unable to say exactly how the seizure had effected Mikey. The seizure had been bad and Donnie had made it very clear that it was possible Mikey might have brain damage from the episode, or it was entirely possible nothing had changed an Mikey would be fine. Until the smaller turtle woke up, there was no way to tell.

They’d moved slower after that, Donnie had severally diluted the IV drips, dramatically lowering their potency by mixing them with water. He’d also taken to manipulating Mikey’s body, bending and stretching his arms and legs so as to make sure they didn’t develop any kind of stiffness after not moving for so long.

It… was difficult. A few times Leo had gone to visit his youngest brother. He’d found the sight of Mikey lying in the bed, unresponsive and unconscious to be painful. Despite everything that had happened, Leo still cared for Mikey. But what hurt most of all was that he’d contributed and put Mikey in that hospital bed. Taking a deep breath le made up his mind. Setting his tablet down Leo began to get dressed, pulling on his normal black and red attire before leaving his bedroom and moving down the hallway. He was sick of this, sick of waiting for news and having no control over what happened. Yes Donnie may have been a genius but that didn’t mean he knew everything. And there was certainly one thing Leo could do for Mikey that Donnie wouldn’t be able to do. Outside Leo’s room the sun slowly began to set, casting rays of red and orange light across the sky.





Sitting in his chair Donnie could not help but wrestle with the feeling of helpless that he was experiencing at that moment. In front of him he watched as Mikey continued to breath slowly; the array of holoscreens behind the smaller turtle telling Donnie everything he needed to know about his brother; but not everything he wanted to know. In truth he was starting to become a bit panicked. Unless Mikey woke up soon, it was very possible that the seizure he had unintentionally inflicted on his brother might have done serious damage. Was this what it would be like from now on? Yes they’d ‘gotten’ their brother back but he would spend the rest of his life in a coma?

Taking a deep breath Donnie found that his hands were shaking slightly. Clasping his hands together Donnie forced himself to breath. Behind him he heard the doors to the lab hiss open before closing a moment later. Sighing to himself Donnie shifted. “Anna I swear if this is another progress report on the next batch of-”

But his voice trailed off as he found that it was not his assistant who had entered the room but instead Leo, who looked at him for a moment before speaking. “Expecting someone else?”

Sighing and shaking his head Donnie spoke. “It’s nothing. Anna keeps bugging me with progress reports about how the next batch of product is coming along.”

Leo raised an eyeridge. “Isn’t that kinda a big deal? I mean you are a chemist. It’s your to make sure it’s safe for consumption.”

Again Donnie shook his head. “Of course it’s safe. That’s why people are buying so much of it. Unlike the old drugs, the stuff my people make is 80X safer to use. Overdoses are almost impossible and it doesn’t leave the user in a dead-end fog for days on end. So long as my people follow the recipe everything will be fine. Anyways, what are you doing here?”

Leo gestured to their unconscious brother. “I wanna try and make contact with him.”

This time it was Donnie’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “How are you gunna do that? It doesn’t look like he’s gunna wake up anytime soon.”

Leo nodded and moved forward. “I know. But I’m not going to use science to contact him. I want to use meditation and try to reach him on a spiritual level.”

Donnie raised an eyebrow at Leo’s words. He knew his brother had a very different set of skills. And back when they’d trained under Splinter the old rat had talked about masters who were able to slow their hearts and breathing so much that they could ‘drift’ into the spirit realm and speak with others who were there. Could it really work? Blinking at Leo Donnie spoke. “How do you know Mikey will be there? Or that he’ll even be willing to listen?”

Leo shook his head while at the same time pulling a chair closer to Mikey’s bedside. “I don’t. But I want to at least try. I’m tired of just waiting around for something to happen.”

Taking a deep breath Donnie felt a small ache shoot through his temples. He’d been sitting here for hours. What harm could there be in letting Leo try? Slowly Donnie got to his feet, all the while rubbing his suddenly sore eyes. “Ok. Do whatever you want. I’m gunna go splash some water on my face and maybe get a little food.”

Leo nodded, watching as Donnie stood shakily. “You haven’t been eating?”

Donnie shrugged. “A bit here and there. Not full meals.”

Sighing for a moment Leo moved, stepping forward before reaching out to put his hands on Donnie’s shoulders. “Donnie, go and eat something. Once I’m done trying to contact Mikey I’m going go to bed. I’d like it if you joined me.”

A faint smirk flickered across Donnie’s face. “Feeling lonely and wanting some ‘company’ in that giant bed of yours? It has been a while since we’ve tangled your sheets. So long as you wear that collar I like, I’ll-”

But Leo shook his head. “NO.” he spoke firmly; making sure Donnie understood this was not about sex or romance in anyway. “I’m worried about you. And I’d feel a bit better if I knew you’d gotten at least a few hours of sleep.”

Donnie’s smirk faded. “I’m fine Leo. I don’t ne-”

But Leo growled cutting him off. “That wasn’t a request Donnie. You WILL come and sleep with me when I go to bed. That’s an order. Is that clear?”

Donnie prickled slightly at Leo’s words. They weren’t children anymore. Technically Leo wasn’t his boss anymore; even if Saki had declared Leo as his heir. For a few seconds he thought about arguing. But that feeling vanished as he looked at Leo’s face. Yes there was a slight his of ‘command’ in his brothers facial expression; but there was also love and concern. Sighing Donnie nodded. “Fine.”

Leo nodded. “Good. Now go and eat something. I’ll be here when you’re done.”

He watched as Donnie shifted, glancing back at their unconscious brother. Speaking softer Leo continued. “He’ll be ok Donnie. We all know how tough he is. A few broken bones won’t keep him down.”

Donnie huffed slightly. “it was a lot more than ‘a few’.”

Releasing his brother’s arms Leo watched as Donnie took a deep breath before looking back at him. “Let me know if you find out anything. Ok?”

Leo nodded. “Of course.”

A moment later Donnie moved, remaining still to give Mikey one last look before turning and walking out of the lab before being cut off from view by the door. Sighing to himself Leo could not help but still worry about his brother. It was no surprise Donnie was pushing himself so hard. He had been the closest to Mikey after all. The two of them had always been close; probably a result of them always being paired up together during training or missions. So it was no surprise that having Mikey here; lying unconscious and unresponsive was pushing Donnie and stressing him harder than normal.

Sighing deeply Leo shifted, grabbing a chair before moving it closer to Mikey’s bed. Taking a seat Leo took a deep breath before closing his eyes. Continuing to slow his breathing Leo shifted, reaching out so he could place his fingers against Mikey’s forehead so as to better make contact with Mikey’s spirit. Slowly Leo worked to clear his mind, emptying his thoughts until he was completely at ease. Slowly he began to change; his breathing falling in rhythm with Mikey’s. In…..and out…….in……and out.

He was starting to feel it now. The small tingles in the back of his mind. Taking a deep breath Leo acted; allowing his mind to expand until he was sure Mikey would sense him if he tried to make contact. Relaxing for a moment Leo called out. “Mikey?

For a moment he got no response. The plane around him was void and empty with no response. He tried again, calling out to his brother’s spirit and hoping he’d get a response. “Mikey?”

This time there was a change. The air around him shifted, becoming warmer for a brief moment. “L-leo?”

Doing his best to keep calm and suppress the hope that had sprung up in his chest; Leo allowed his mind to move, drifting closer to the source of the voice that had called out to him. He was starting to see things now; shadowy figures with vague outlines. This was Mikey’s mind; and right now he was only just starting to make contact. He fell silent, focusing and working so as to strengthen the connection; allowing the blurry and fuzzy shapes he was seeing to take a sharper appearance.

He watched, a faint feeling of nostalgia washing over him as several blurry forms took on the shape of him, Donnie and Raph. Remaining silent Leo felt the ‘world’ around him change. “LEO?

He could feel it now. Mikey’s awareness of him was growing. All around him shadowy half formed memories wafted passed. Some were simple; Mikey working in the kitchen, reading comic books, or watching TV. But others……Leo watched as images appeared in front of him, obscuring his whole field of vision for a split second before vanishing or fading away. Them, back when they’d been a family; training, going on missions, lounging around after a hard day’s work. Leo felt his breath hitch in his chest at the final memory; all four of them huddled and snuggling under a large blanket.

He remembered that time. It had been wonderful. For months he Donnie and Raph had wracked their brains about how to talk to Mikey about their……relationship. In the end Donnie had broken the ice, pulling Mikey aside after training and speaking with him. At first the youngest turtle had been uncertain of how to react. He’d only just turned 18 after all. But then slowly……in the weeks that had followed; they’d all seen it. A gaze that lasted longer than it needed to. A gentle nuzzling of them when they were sparring or helping to bandage each other up. Slowly Mikey had come to terms with is desires; and one night…..


The world around him changed. The images he’d been seeing vanished, instead replaced by a single form; Mikey, standing several feet away from him. Taking a deep breath Leo spoke. “I…….I was trying to contact you. You’ve been in a comma for two weeks.

Mikey didn’t move. “Not surprising considering the beating you all gave me. Sure seemed like you were actually trying to hurt me.

He tried to move, to take a step forward and explain to his brother what had happened. But the moment the thought occurred to him the world shifted, the ‘floor’ falling away into an abyss; leaving him standing on a single square while Mikey stood across from him on the other side of the abyss. “You know……for a long time I thought it was a nightmare. After the farm…….I tried so hard to wake up. I lost everyone I cared about. My brothers, Leatherhead, April and Casey, even……..”

The world seemed to shudder for a moment; morphing around them. For a fraction of a second Leo felt something, a sense of loss; greater and deeper than anything had ever felt. It grabbed at him, dragged him to his knees as it rose up around him; threatening to drown him in its swirling dark waters. Somewhere beyond the swirling inky black water he could hear Michelangelo’s voice crying out; pleading. “NO! NO YOU CANT DIE! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE DON’T GO!”

And then it was gone; and he was standing on the platform again looking at his brother. Taking a breath Leo found that he was shaking. Cupping his hands together Leo spoke. “It’s ok Mikey. We’re here now. I’m-

But Mikey cut him off. “You’re not my brother’s anymore. You killed my brothers. Leave me alone Leo. Get out of my head.”

Leo bit his lip, he could feel Mikey’s mind starting to become hostile; feeling as though the temperature was starting to rise. Leo felt the platform he was on shudder. “WE TRIED TO FIND YOU! WE TRIED TO BRING YOU BACK HERE SO WE COULD ALL BE TOGETHER AGAIN! WE NEVER STOPPED LOVE-“

Instantly he knew he’d said the wrong thing. In front of him Mikey vanished; as he did so a high wind seemed to blast at Leo from all around. He grunted, struggling to remain on the platform he was standing on and not be blown off by the winds. Using his hands to shield his face Leo called out. “MIKEY!”

Mikey’s voice responded. “You’re not my brother anymore. Get out.

Leo shook his head. “N-No! Not until-

But Mikey’s voice but him off; blasting from all around him like thunder. “GET OUT!

Leo’s entire body jerked, a moment later he yelped in fear as the platform he was standing on collapsed sending him down into the voice. A heartbeat later his body reacted automatically. Leo’s eyes snapped open, his hand jerking away from his brother’s head. But the jerk had sent him off balance. For one horrible sickening moment he tittered there; the feeling of falling tearing at his brain.

He hit the floor in a heap, a loud thud echoing as he landed. He struggled; trying to find something to tell him which way was up and which way was down.


A moment later hands were touching him. His head snapped up in the direction of the voice. Donnie was there now, his face filled with concern as he grabbed Leo’s shoulders. As he did so Donnie’s eyes widened in shock; Leo was shaking badly. He watched as Leo moved, his fingers wrapping tightly around Donnie’s wrists.

“H-h-help me…..up.”

He moved slowly, helping Leo to stand before half carrying him and half guiding him towards a nearby chair. Donnie could tell Leo was shaken. With each step he took Leo’s legs wobbled and shook. His breathing was ragged and Donnie would see that color seemed to have drained from his brother’s face; making him appear pale and ghostly. Once Leo was firmly seated Donnie spoke. “What happened? Are…..are you ok?”

He watched as Leo took several deep breathes, his hands coming up to cup his face for a moment before speaking. “Mikey……pushed me out of his mind.”

Donnie shook his head. “What do you mean? You made contact?”

Leo nodded slowly, forcing himself to take deep breathes. “Yeah. I was able to contact him. But…….he’s angry at us. I tried to talk to him but……he pushed me out. It was……..scary.”

Donnie shifted, his gaze moving from Leo to Mikey. He’d been eating when his remote monitor had gone off; squawking ad chirping an alarm as Mikey’s EKG reading had skyrocketed. He’d hoped Mikey was waking up. But when he’d gotten here he’d found Leo on the floor, dazed and very confused. Looking back at Leo Donnie watched as Leo took several deep breaths. “Are you ok? Do you need anything?”

Leo remained silent for a moment. In truth he was far from ok. Even if it had only been in his mind the feeling of falling was still running wild through his body. No matter how hard he tried he could not stop his hands from shaking and his breathing felt labored and rough. For a moment Leo’s mind went back; back to the ocean of inky black water, and to Mikey’s voice begging and pleading not to be left alone. He’d never felt anything like that before. Not during any of his spiritwalks had he encountered-


Blinking for a moment Leo found that Donnie had grabbed his shoulders and was holding onto him firmly. Looking at his brother Leo watched as Donnie spoke. “That’s it. We’re going. You need bed rest.”

Turning to look over his shoulder Donnie spoke out loud, calling to the system he’d programmed into the building. “have a car brought around front for me and my brother. We’re going back to his home.”

The building responded a moment later, a cool female voice vaguely reminiscent of April confirming what he’d said. Turning back to look at his brother Donnie watched as Leo’s eyes flickered back to Mikey. After a moment Leo looked back at him. “I……..I felt something……but…….I can’t explain it. It… was sadness……and pain…..but…….it was enormous. Like an ocean of pain and suffering. I’ve never felt anything like it before.”

Donnie nodded slowly. “We’ll keep an eye on him when he wakes up. I promise. But for now we need to get you to bed. Ok?”

Leo nodded slowly struggling to his feet. As he moved, allowing Donnie to guide him from the room he could not help but look back at his still unconscious brother. What had happened to him to cause that? Yes he’d expected to find pain but… entire ocean’s worth of pain and suffering……..

A moment later Donnie pulled him from the room.

Camping with the Turtles: Leonardo.

Camping with the turtles would be as fun as it sounds. You’re all out at the farmhouse for the summer when Mikey brings up camping. Tents in the backyard, a fire roaring as you roast marshmallows, ghost stories in the dark. Of course everyone agrees! Leo would be getting everything together. Setting up the tents, collecting sticks for the fire. He would ask for help outright but would accept any offer. During the day, he would be meditating when he’s notice you reading quietly underneath a tree. He’s walk over and sit down next to you. He’d discus your book with you for a while before inviting on a walk. You’d accept and explore the woods with him, talking and laughing together. He shows you places he’s explored before and tell you stories of their previous summer adventures. The sun begins to set and the two of you decided to head back. While everyone is roasting dinner over the open fire, he sits close to you and you talk quietly, giggling at his jokes. Mikey would be telling a story when he reached down and took your hand in his. You smile and hope that the glow of the fire hides your blush. Everyone takes turn telling ghost stories and Leo tells an old Japanese legend That sends shivers down your spine. That night, you’re all picking tents and Leo turns to you and asks if you would mind sharing a tent with him. You tell him that you’d like to and his brothers start booting and teasing as you both walk away. “Ignore them, they’re idiots.” Leo says. Inside the tents, you’re writing in your journal as Leo meditates before bed. “Leo?” “Hmmm?” “Thanks for bringing me along. This was nice.” “Yeah? Because there’s a lot of interesting things I haven’t shown you. We could go out again tomorrow.” “That’s be nice.” He turns off the lantern and you both climb into your sleeping bags. “Y/N?” “Yeah, Leo?” “I’m happy you came.” You lean over and kiss his cheek gently. “Me too.”

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the signs as gem stones
  • aries: Malachite- Power, success, inspiration, releasing pain/anger, concentration, healing, inspiration, overcoming negativity
  • taurus: Opal- joy, inner beauty, loyalty, spontaneity, clarity, healing, passion, eloquence, faithfulness, self-confidence, wisdom, and beauty.
  • gemini: Ruby- Wealth, passion, protection from negativity, power, joy, courage, enthusiasm, generosity, will power, contentment
  • cancer: Blue Lace Agate- Peace, calm, patience, happiness, warmth, gentleness, domestic harmony, and tenderness.
  • leo: Emerald- meditation, insight, tranquility, peace, love, friendship, protection from evil, memory, recognition, faith, serenity, romance
  • virgo: Sodalite- Alleviates fear, clears the mind, calms inner conflict, truth, stress, relief, peace, harmony, wisdom, relaxation, communication, dispels guilt, merges logic & spirituality
  • libra: Zoisite- Health, strength, entusiasm, poise, and composure
  • scorpio: Pearl- protection, intuition, chastity, wisdom, youth, purity, serenity, truth, innocence, money, prosperity, friendship, emotional clarity, and concentration.
  • sagittarius: Peridot- balance, compassion, protection against nightmares, anger management, overcoming nervousness, friendship
  • capricorn: Labradorite- Earth magic, faith, patience, imagination, introspection, strength, sleep, protection, stress, relief, calming, divination, strengthening convictions, courage
  • aquarius: Citrine- luck, creativity, protection, self-esteem, magical power, optimism, mental focus, endurance
  • pisces: Ametrine- Astral travel, magickal power, meditation, and removing negativity.
How the Signs deal with stress
  • Aries: Pretends not to be stressed but deteriorates inside
  • Taurus: Constantly fiddles with things for distractions
  • Gemini: There's nothing music can't fix
  • Cancer: Meditates
  • Leo: Gets frustrated and cries but eventually figures it out
  • Virgo: Calls up an old friend and vents about their problems
  • Libra: Caffeine works wonders
  • Scorpio: *looks at work* *takes a bubble bath or nap instead*
  • Sagittarius: Takes a break and waits to get inspired again
  • Capricorn: Deals with it and just doesn't give a shit anymore
  • Aquarius: Plays with the nearest animal
  • Pisces: Hyperventilates to suppress tears of aggravation

A blue moon is going to happen in a few days i am extremely excited about it bc it only happens roughly every three years or “once in a blue moon” lol. It is going to be a very powerful night and probably the reason why so many of us are having a hard time or experiencing intense emotions. Its supposed to be the time where the dimension barriers are the weakest and when the past entwines into the future and time becomes non existent. For any witch craft lovers upon that night would be the opportune time to cast any spells or bless any crystals you own or to just bathe yourself in the moons energy. It is the perfect time for cleansing meditation and grounding. If you are a leo tread with care bc its leo season but be blessed that you have the ability to experience this bc it might not even happen again in ur sign in this lifetime.

Horoscope for April 19th, 2016
  • Aries: Today you could feel overwhelmed with obligations and commitments to others. There isn't a moment free for yourself, not even for a bathroom break! Clearly, something's out of balance. It's time to take charge of your life. It's wonderful that you have such a giving, generous spirit, but you do no one any favors if you burn out from exhaustion. Take some time to refill the well of your soul.
  • Taurus: Those who know the real you find your lack of confidence frustrating. Your talents are startling to mere mortals, yet you rarely take credit for all your abilities. Today you get an opportunity to participate in a project that could make or break your career. You may hesitate, weigh your capabilities in your mind, and come up short. Not only can you do this, you can do it better than anyone else!
  • Gemini: You may be in a quiet, reflective mood today. You could receive a communication from an old friend that sets you remembering the good old days of your youth. You can't help but look at some of your pivotal decisions and wonder how your life would have been different had you made other choices. It's pointless to play that game. Don't wonder about "what if.” Embrace what you have.
  • Cancer: Today, forget socializing, working, and answering the phone. Stay home and cuddle in a blanket by the fire. Get out your old yearbooks or photo albums and have fun reflecting on good times from your past. Enjoy being quiet and still. Listen to the ticking of the clock and the wind outside. Measure time by the shadows moving across the room. Give yourself this day of meditation.
  • Leo: Don't be surprised if neighbors come to your door asking for a favor – and not just to borrow a cup of sugar! While your initial response will be to say yes (it's your nature, after all), think twice. This "favor" could involve a major time commitment. Is this what you want to do? You can put your needs ahead of your friends' and still be a good neighbor. Don't worry, they'll understand.
  • Virgo: You're likely to wake up today with a compulsion to clean or organize something. This may be rather unlike you. If we didn't know better we'd say that you were feeling a parental urge, and your nesting instinct is kicking in. Indulge your domestic desires today. Tomorrow you're probably going to be in quite a different frame of mind!
  • Libra: Today should be a "no holds barred" day as you strategize your next career move. If you were in the army, you'd be a five-star general by now - your tactical sense is that good. Unfortunately, your office isn't handing out stars. You'll have to be satisfied with a raise and promotion - the least they can offer after all your hard work. If no such offer is forthcoming, go and ask for it!
  • Scorpio: Today might be largely devoted to household tasks. It isn't exactly the most glamorous assignment, but you take a certain pleasure in attending to daily necessities. Pay some bills, throw in a few loads of laundry, do some yard work and cooking. Your partner or family will appreciate your efforts. It's even more fun if it isn't expected of you. And who knows? Maybe they'll reciprocate.
  • Sagittarius: This is going to be a rather busy day for you, and you're likely to love every minute of it. You can expect to meet many people as you go about your day. There will be side trips and detours that you weren't anticipating, but they're all the more delightful because of their spontaneity, like the unexpected lunch with a friend. Such stolen moments enrich your life.
  • Capricorn: You've been working hard lately and deserve the professional acclaim that comes your way. As a result of your efforts, it's likely you've received or will soon receive a bonus, raise, or promotion of some kind. Celebrate, but just one night. If you let the party continue indefinitely, the bill could be too large even for you! Be frugal and work hard. That's your real ticket to the good life.
  • Aquarius: This is likely to be a day geared to fulfilling the needs of family. Lesser persons would resent the obligation, but not you. You have a nurturing spirit. As long as you feel appreciated, you're happy to go the extra mile (or two). You can expect to feel loved by those around you. You have a willing, giving nature, and it shows in your aura like a beacon for all to see.
  • Pisces: Guilt can be a powerful motivator, but it isn't a pure one. Today you could feel obligated to help a family member with something you'd prefer to take no part in. There are times, like this, when familial duty trumps personal desires. Do your best to be helpful and gracious even though it could be a trying time for you. You'll feel good about yourself once it's all done.