[yoga pose of the week] butterfly pose

First thing in the morning when your hips may be very tight try this yoga pose.

You can really tell how much tension or tightness you hold in your lower back, hips and hamstrings with this one. Good to do every day if you’re working on your flexibility (like me!)

Sitting with the soles of your feet touching and keeping your back straight, flap your legs up and down and breathe in and out (like a butterfly does its wings). Try and bring your feet to your groin if you can and lean forward to increase the stretch, stop and breathe or breathe and stop, when you feel that spot that feels tight.

‪Butterfly pose opens up and stretches the hips, thighs, and knees, improving flexibility in those bits. helps to get the bowels going too, if you know what I mean! 

if you’ve been on your feet or very active all day, this one will give you a well needed relief and its good for lady pains too